Why dozens of North American bird species are getting new names: Every name tells a story

This winter, tens of thousands of birders will survey winter bird populations for the National Audubon Society's Christmas Bird Count, part of an international bird census, powered by volunteers, that has taken place every year since 1900......»»

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Bluetti launches SwapSolar power station & portable fridge, with Super Early Bird pricing

Bluetti is building off its game-changing success on Indiegogo with the launch of SwapSolar, which includes the brand-new MultiCooler and hot-swappable portable power station AC180T.Introducing Bluetti SwapSolar on Indiegogo.The Bluetti SwapSolar eco.....»»

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100s of Pirate Sites Go Dark as .TV Domains Placed on ServerHold

At the time of writing, at least dozens but most likely hundreds of pirate sites are effectively down due to a domain issue at a single registrar. The problem seems to be isolated to sites using .TV domains registered at Sarek Oy in Finland, a regist.....»»

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The Tax Loophole That Helps Temu and Shein Keep Prices So Low

Temu and Shein are undercutting American businesses through a tax loophole known as de minimis. Can Congress do anything about it? On Super Bowl Sunday, the e-commerce giant Temu flaunted their alluringly low prices in multiple ad s.....»»

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Job Interviews with a Robot: Why A.I. is Not Ready to Take Over the Hiring Process

Hilke Schellmann, author of “The Algorithm,” argues that AI-based tools aren’t ready for use in the hiring process. Yet, many large American companies already rely upon them. Hilke Schellmann, author of “The Alg.....»»

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Ethan Coen and Tricia Cooke know critics may not get "Drive-Away Dolls"

The married "Drive-Away Dolls" writers/directors/editors/producers discuss their road trip comedy's origins and its trashy nature. Interview. For decades, the Coen Bros (Ethan and Joel) collaborated on a wild and heralded array of American film.....»»

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"Dune: Part Two" review: Denis Villeneuve"s sci-fi masterpiece soars, then screams to a halt

"Dune: Part Two," starring Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya, goes even bigger than "Dune" and hits epic, if imperfect, highs. Review. Few things make me happier than Dune becoming an inescapable pop cultural phenomenon. Here is a story of psyched.....»»

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The best robot vacuum deals this week include 50% off one of the smartest Roombas

Get the Roomba j7 with small obstacle avoidance for $297.99 or the mopping and self-emptying Roborock Q5 Pro+ for $499, plus more of the best robot vacuum deals as of Feb. 21. UPDATE: Feb. 21, 2024, 12:45 p.m. EST This story has been update.....»»

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Centuries-long analysis suggests biodiversity is differentiating and homogenizing to a comparable extent

The tendency of communities and the species within them to become more similar or more distinct across landscapes—biotic homogenization and differentiation—are approximately balanced, according to a new study published in Science Advances......»»

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A plan to protect the biodiversity of US waters

Marine biodiversity is in crisis around the globe. Climate change, overfishing, habitat destruction and other extractive industries are causing species losses at an alarming rate. Scientists, managers, and governments are taking steps to protect mari.....»»

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Climate change could push bowhead whales to cross paths with shipping traffic

The population of bowhead whales that migrates between the Bering and Beaufort Seas each year is a conservation success story, with today's population nearing—if not exceeding—pre-commercial whaling numbers. But climate change is shifting the wha.....»»

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J.D. Power sale contemplated by parent company for $8 billion, report says

J.D. Power, with its numerous annual reports such as the Initial Quality Study, is one of the most trusted names in the auto industry among manufacturers and consumers......»»

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View from Washington: Mercedes-Benz unit takes on U.S. charging deficit

Andrew Cornelia, CEO of Mercedes-Benz High-Power Charging North America, says more EV chargers are needed to support the vehicles on the road......»»

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NADA names new advocacy staff leaders

The National Automobile Dealers Association has created a new leadership position, with many executives changing positions......»»

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Do immigrant deaths at the border influence white and Latinx Americans" belief in the American dream?

The American dream narrative posits that anyone who works hard can become successful in the US, whereas the systemic racism narrative argues that the US is a racist country where minorities are systemically held back......»»

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Why are fish getting smaller as waters warm? It"s not their gills, finds study

A collaborative team of scientists led by the University of Massachusetts Amherst recently found that there is no physiological evidence supporting a leading theory—which involves the surface area of fish gills—as to why many fish species are "sh.....»»

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Contamination around Fort Story base is under control, Navy"s five-year review says

The Navy released recently a five-year review of an environmental restoration program at Virginia's Joint Expeditionary Base Fort Story, finding that environmental contamination of industrial solvents and arsenic at two sites is under control......»»

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U.S. lunar mission readies for crucial maneuver

An American space mission that’s vying to make history is about to instruct its spacecraft to perform a crucial maneuver for its upcoming lunar landing......»»

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Subscription streaming spend of average American hits almost $1,000/year

The subscription streaming spend of the average American is now close to a thousand dollars per year, according to a new report. While more than half of subscribers have responded to recent steep price increases by cancelling at least one of their.....»»

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"The future is fungal": New research finds that fungi that live in healthy plants are sensitive to climate change

Spruce, pine, fir and other trees tower across the frigid swaths of land that span North America, northern Europe and Russia in a great ring around the world. These boreal forests constitute the largest land ecosystem and the northernmost forests on.....»»

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The 400-year-old story of oaks: From cultural icons to invaders and victims

The nearly 400-year-old history of oaks in South Africa may be coming to an end, forever changing the treescape of towns and cities such as Cape Town, George, Paarl, Stellenbosch, and Swellendam......»»

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