A new third-party MacBook repair tool is good for Right to Repair

A tool has been created to help independent repair outfits fix a common issue with the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, one that would normally be fixed by Apple because of software elements.Fixing a sleep sensor issue [YouTube/Louis Rossmann]Apple has b.....»»

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iPhone 16 Pro Max: latest news, rumors and everything we know so far

There's already a lot of conversation about rumored features that didn't make the 15 Pro series, so which will instead arrive on the iPhone 16 Pro Max?.....»»

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Get Apple"s new USB-C AirPods Pro 2 for $199.99, a $50 discount off retail

Apple may have just released AirPods Pro 2 with a USB-C charging case, but a price war has already erupted, driving the cost down to $199.99.You can pick up the latest AirPods Pro 2 with USB-C at and for $199.99, reflecting a $.....»»

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Quordle today - hints and answers for Saturday, September 23 (game #607)

Looking for Quordle clues? We can help. Plus get the answers to Quordle today and past solutions......»»

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Vodafone successfully made a phone call to space using a normal smartphone

Space call is another step towards better connectivity around the globe, says Vodafone......»»

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Intel developing its own stacked cache tech to compete with AMD 3D V-Cache

Intel is working on its own version of stacked cache pioneered by rival AMD, though it looks to be a couple of generations away at least......»»

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Amazon Echo Hub: everything we know about Amazon"s new smart home hub

The 8-inch Amazon Echo Hub is an entirely new product from Amazon, and it'll let you manage your smart home devices in a whole new way. Here's everything you need to know......»»

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Amazon"s Echo Frames update just might make you finally wear smart glasses

Amazon takes another shot at the smart glasses market with lighter, longer, lasting Echo Frames.....»»

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Here’s everything Amazon revealed at its September hardware event: Echo Show 8, eero Max 7, Fire TV Soundbar, more

Amazon today is returning to the physical stage for its annual fall hardware event. As the company tends to do every September, we’ll be seeing a batch of new devices across the likes of the Echo lineup, Fire TV catalog, and its arsenal of Ring sec.....»»

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Apple Watch Ultra now a better value at $700, first FineWoven MagSafe Wallet deals at $56, more

Don’t need the new Ultra 2? A discount on last year’s Apple Watch Ultra at $700 makes for a far better value to headline all of today’s best deals. It’s joined by the first discounts on Apple’s all-new FineWoven MagSafe Wallet at $56, as we.....»»

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iPhone 15 launch in France may be impacted by retail worker strike

September has been an odd month for Apple in France. First there’s the whole iPhone 12 radiation kerfuffle. Now it appears that Apple Store employees in France will strike for the first 48 hours of the iPhone 15 launch. more….....»»

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How to turn on double tap-like gesture control on almost any Apple Watch

One of the main new features of the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 is something called “double tap” which lets users control the wearable by pinching their thumb and pointer finger. While the full functionality and new UI of the feature are ind.....»»

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Two ways to optimize Apple’s redesigned iMessage apps experience in iOS 17

One of the more noticeable design changes in iOS 17 is in the Messages app. Apple has revamped the interface and moved access to iMessage apps and shortcuts to a new pop-up menu. Here’s a closer look at these changes, with a trick to get one-tap ac.....»»

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Tempo now lets you add custom scheduled workouts to the Apple Watch Workout app

One of the wonderful things about relying on indie developers to make great apps is the fact that they almost always adopt new features on day one. Take Tempo 5 for example. Apple just released iOS 17 and watchOS 10 with a new custom workout feature.....»»

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Poll: How do you plan to use the Action button on iPhone 15 Pro?

iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max hit stores on Friday, and one added feature is the new Action button. Now that we know what all the Action button can do, we’re curious how you think you’ll use the customizable launcher. more….....»»

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Apple @ Work Podcast: A Passwordless Check-in

Apple @ Work is brought to you by Mosyle, the only Apple Unified Platform. Mosyle is the only solution that fully integrates 5 different applications on a single Apple-only platform, allowing Businesses to easily and automatically deploy, manage & p.....»»

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Arizona TSMC plant: Governor claims it might be upgraded from a ‘paperweight’

After an analyst described the Arizona TSMC plant as a “paperweight” – due to the fact that all the chips it makes will have to be sent to Taiwan for the final stage of production – the state’s governor has claimed that this might change......»»

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The new iOS 17 notification sound is quieter, and there’s no way to change it back

Alongside the dozens of new iPhone features found in iOS 17, Apple also took the opportunity to update the collection of ringtone and alert sounds. There’s a bunch of new tones to choose from in the Sounds setting for incoming alerts, text alerts a.....»»

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TikTok ban: 18 states back Montana, as company cites 1st Amendment

While we’re still waiting to hear whether a federal TikTok ban will be imposed, some 18 state attorneys general are backing Montana’s state-level ban on the short video app. The ban is due to take effect on January 1, 2024. TikTok is seeking t.....»»

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iPhone versus Huawei battle back on; US National Security Advisor comments

The iPhone versus Huawei battle is back on in China, following the launch of the Mate 60 Pro (yeah, that’s not an iPod, despite appearances). Sales of the Chinese company’s smartphones plummeted last year, after US tech sanctions blocked it from.....»»

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