Kena Bridge Of Spirits Platinum Trophy Reportedly Takes 20-25 Hours To Obtain

Kena Bridge of Spirits reportedly takes 20-25 hours to Platinum, according to a report. The post Kena Bridge Of Spirits Platinum Trophy Reportedly Takes 20-25 Hours To Obtain appeared first on PlayStation Universe. Kena: Bridge of Spirits will r.....»»

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Elephants benefit from having older siblings, especially sisters

A study of semi-captive Asian elephants in Myanmar has found that calves benefit from having older sisters more than older brothers. The findings are published in the British Ecological Society's Journal of Animal Ecology......»»

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Rates of infectious disease linked to authoritarian attitudes and governance: study

According to psychologists, in addition to our physiological immune system we also have a behavioral one: an unconscious code of conduct that helps us stay disease-free, including a fear and avoidance of unfamiliar—and so possibly infected—people.....»»

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Nobody hurt but much damage in Spanish volcano eruption

Giant rivers of lava tumbled slowly but relentlessly toward the sea Monday after a volcano erupted on a Spanish island off northwest Africa, with prompt evacuations helping to avoid casualties......»»

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Battling to "replant" Albania"s threatened marine forests

In the bay of Vlora on central Albania's coast, crystal clear waters sparkle in the sun but under the surface, it is a desert......»»

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Firefighters race to protect giant sequoias in California fires

Hundreds of firefighters were battling to protect several groves of giant sequoias in the United States on Monday, warning the enormous ancient trees were at risk from out-of-control blazes......»»

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NASA selects Moon site for ice-hunting rover

NASA on Monday announced it would land an ice-seeking rover on a region of the Moon's south pole called the Nobile Crater in 2023......»»

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New Greece fire breaks out, prompting evacuations

A wildfire broke out in a Greek seaside town northeast of Athens on Monday, burning through brush and pine trees and causing precautionary evacuations, firefighters said......»»

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Human whistled languages may offer model for how to study dolphin communication

Whistling while you work isn't just a distraction for some people. More than 80 cultures employ a whistled form of their native language to communicate over long distances. A multidisciplinary team of scientists believe that some of these whistled la.....»»

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Trailblazing tourist trip to orbit ends with splashdown

Four space tourists safely ended their trailblazing trip to orbit Saturday with a splashdown in the Atlantic off the Florida coast......»»

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"Hard" science provides no salary advantages compared to "soft" science at any career stage

HSE University economists question whether Russian STEM specialists are better paid than non-STEM specialists. They compare wages of professionals with STEM and no STEM majors, and those working in STEM and no STEM jobs and explore how the gap evolve.....»»

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Digital evidence at risk of being missed because of fragmented police training and coordination, study warns

There is a risk of crucial digital evidence being missed or misinterpreted because of a shortage of adequate skills and knowledge in police forces, a new study warns......»»

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Ancient DNA rewrites early Japanese history—modern day populations have tripartite genetic origin

Ancient DNA extracted from human bones has rewritten early Japanese history by underlining that modern day populations in Japan have a tripartite genetic origin—a finding that refines previously accepted views of a dual genomic ancestry......»»

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How do cells acquire their shapes? A new mechanism identified

Working with light to activate processes within genetically modified fission yeast cells is among the research performed by the experimental biologists in the Martin Lab at the University of Lausanne, led by faculty member Sophie Martin. Team members.....»»

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Soundblasting a satellite: Time-lapse of testing

Verifying that a satellite will resist the sheer noise of the rocket launching it into orbit is a very important test that every mission must successfully pass......»»

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Path set for commercial communications around the moon

ESA confirmed a contract signature yesterday with Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) to be the main customer for their Lunar Pathfinder satellite launching in 2024 that will provide communications services around the moon......»»

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Study: California homicides spiked during pandemic

New research released today by the nonpartisan California Policy Lab (CPL) shows that as the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted daily lives, crime in California and across the country also changed in dramatic ways. CPL analyzed data on violent and property.....»»

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Facebook has known for a year and a half that Instagram is bad for teens despite claiming otherwise

Facebook officials had internal research in March 2020 showing that Instagram—the social media platform most used by adolescents—is harmful to teen girls' body image and well-being but swept those findings under the rug to continue conducting bus.....»»

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Pandemic exposes gaps in social supports

Neighborhood supports for Londoners in poverty have been pressed to the limits during the 18 months of the pandemic, a new Western-led report says......»»

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Study points out evolution of peer review in academic publishing, problems and alternatives

Ben Merriman has experienced all sides of academic publishing as an author, journal editor and reviewer. That experience, coupled with his research in administrative structures' role in resolving policy conflicts, led the University of Kansas assista.....»»

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