The Paradox That"s Supercharging Climate Change

Humanity needs to burn less fossil fuels. But that means fewer aerosols to help cool the planet—and a potential acceleration of global warming......»»

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It Takes Guts to Fix Wind Turbines for a Living

Want one of the fastest-growing jobs in the US? Get used to being high......»»

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The Next Frontier for Brain Implants Is Artificial Vision

Elon Musk’s Neuralink and others are developing devices that could provide blind people with a crude sense of sight......»»

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The Quest to Map the Inside of the Proton

Long-anticipated experiments that use light to mimic gravity are revealing the distribution of energies, forces, and pressures inside a subatomic particle for the first time......»»

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Space Force Is Planning a Military Exercise in Orbit

Two satellites will engage in a “realistic threat response scenario” when Victus Haze gets underway......»»

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Toronto Wants to Manage Storms and Floods—With a Rain Tax

Outcry reached such a crescendo last week that the city canceled public hearings on the tax, which is intended to help offset the hundreds of millions spent managing stormwater and basement flooding......»»

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Can You Really Run on Top of a Train, Like in the Movies?

To pull off this classic Hollywood stunt, you gotta know your physics!.....»»

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Bird Flu Is Spreading in Alarming New Ways

H5N1 has infected cattle across the US and jumped from a mammal to a human for the first time. Experts fear it may someday evolve to spread among humans......»»

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This Woman Will Decide Which Babies Are Born

Noor Siddiqui founded Orchid so people could “have healthy babies.” Now she’s using the company’s gene technology on herself—and talking about it for the first time......»»

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Mexico City’s Metro System Is Sinking Fast. Yours Could Be Next

Subsidence is causing parts of Mexico City to sink, and it’s happening at an uneven rate. That’s bad news for its sprawling public transportation system......»»

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The Honeybees Versus the Murder Hornets

Under threat from murder hornets, climate change, and habitat loss, UK honeybees are getting help from AI-enabled apiculturists tracking everything from foraging patterns to foreign invaders......»»

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Elon Musk’s Latest Mars Pitch Has Potential

SpaceX has made significant progress toward what once seemed an unattainable goal......»»

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Europe Rules That Insufficient Climate Change Action Is a Human Rights Violation

In a landmark ruling, the European Court of Human Rights found that Switzerland had not done enough to protect its citizens from climate change—blowing open the door for further cases against governments......»»

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The Best Total Solar Eclipse Photos (2024)

Whether you’re in the path of the totality or keeping track from afar, these are the best total solar eclipse photos we’ve found......»»

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Total Solar Eclipse of April 8, 2024: Watch Online, What Time, Path of Totality

Here’s how to view the total solar eclipse on April 8 as the moon casts a slender shadow across Mexico, the United States, and eastern Canada......»»

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A Popular Alien-Hunting Technique Is Increasingly in Doubt

Recent controversies bode ill for the effort to detect life on other planets by analyzing the gases in their atmospheres......»»

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Searching for "Forever Chemicals" From an Endless Landfill Fire

Alabama residents are considering blood or urine tests to see if “forever chemicals” have resulted from a nearby landfill fire that has burned since 2022......»»

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How Will the Solar Eclipse Affect Animals? NASA Needs Your Help to Find Out

NASA’s Eclipse Soundscapes project will collect observations and soundscapes recorded by the public during the April 8 total solar eclipse......»»

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Why the East Coast Earthquake Covered So Much Ground

Friday morning's earthquake was felt from New York City all the way to Washington, DC. Blame ancient fault lines and bedrock for the jolt......»»

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He Got a Pig Kidney Transplant. Now Doctors Need to Keep It Working

Researchers think a combination of genetic edits and an experimental immunosuppressive drug could make the first pig kidney transplant a long-term success......»»

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