20 cybersecurity projects on GitHub you should check out

Open-source GitHub cybersecurity projects, developed and maintained by dedicated contributors, provide valuable tools, frameworks, and resources to enhance security practices. From vulnerability scanning and network monitoring to encryption and incid.....»»

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AI: Interpreting regulation and implementing good practice

Businesses have been using artificial intelligence for years, and while machine learning (ML) models have often been taken from open-source repositories and built into business-specific systems, model provenance and assurance have not always necessar.....»»

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CIOs prioritize new technologies over tech stack optimization

Despite economic headwinds and IT budget challenges, the world’s CIOs are bullish about the power of technology to deliver value for their organizations, according to Lenovo. Innovation investment concerns among CIOs Despite their optimism, the ris.....»»

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Top factors driving enterprise demand for new cybersecurity technology

Despite prevailing economic headwinds, the market for cybersecurity products and services remains buoyant, according to CCgroup. The study found that 78% of enterprises in the U.S. and 58% in the UK have increased cybersecurity investment in the last.....»»

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The evolution of DDoS attacks in 2023

In this Help Net Security video, Mattias Fridström, Chief Evangelist at Arelion, talks about the DDoS threat landscape during 2023. DDoS attacks reflect significant geo-political challenges and social tensions and have become an increasingly importa.....»»

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Wipro partners with Cisco to accelerate enterprise digital transformation

Wipro launched a managed private 5G-as-a-Service solution in partnership with Cisco. The new offering enables enterprise customers to achieve better business outcomes through the seamless integration of private 5G with their existing LAN/WAN/Cloud in.....»»

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Elevate Security’s Cisco integrations provide visibility and protection against user risk

Elevate Security has unveiled the release of integrations with Cisco Duo, Secure Email, Secure Endpoint, and Umbrella. These integrations add Elevate’s high-confidence user risk quantification and management capabilities to Cisco’s core cyber sec.....»»

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Sentra ChatDLP Anonymizer redacts sensitive information from ChatGPT and Google Bard prompts

Sentra announced Sentra ChatDLP Anonymizer, a new feature that redacts Personal Identifiable Information (PII) from ChatGPT and Google Bard prompts. ChatDLP enhances organizations’ data security by minimizing the vulnerability of critical data,.....»»

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Cyera integrates OpenAI to accelerate data security, privacy, and governance

Cyera’s integration with Azure OpenAI enables Cyera customers to make faster, more informed decisions about data security, privacy, and governance. Cyera’s data security platform empowers security teams to take action by automatically der.....»»

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Tines develops Cases to optimize automation and improve operational efficiency across the enterprise

With Tines Cases, security and IT teams can manage and track incidents, investigate security breaches, and manage response activities. The new solution extends the strength of the Tines platform by empowering teams to collaborate on anomalies and bui.....»»

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Wind River introduces Security Scanning Service for Linux CVEs

Wind River has introduced Wind River Studio Linux Security Scanning Service that provides professional-grade scanning to identify Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs). Tuned to the unique needs of embedded Linux development, it also indicates.....»»

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Commvault announces new security capabilities to help businesses combat cyber threats

Commvault announced new security capabilities across its entire portfolio. Signaling the next phase in its evolution, Commvault is helping businesses secure, defend, and recover their data to meet increasingly sophisticated cyberthreats head on. As p.....»»

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Immersive Labs and Accenture join forces to address the cybersecurity talent deficit

Immersive Labs and Accenture are working together to launch the Cyber Million program that aims to solve the cybersecurity talent deficit by increasing access to one million entry-level cybersecurity operations jobs over the next decade. The beta ver.....»»

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CoSoSys offers same-day support for Apple’s macOS Sonoma

CoSoSys announced that it will provide same-day support for the upcoming macOS Sonoma release. MacOS Sonoma (macOS 14) is scheduled for release later in 2023. CoSoSys customers using its Endpoint Protector solution for Device Control and DLP, will be.....»»

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Velotix releases modular architecture for its data security platform

Velotix has released a three-tiered architecture for its security platform that enables enterprises to transition towards fully automated data access. By beginning with data discovery and auto-tagging, and then evolving towards AI powered data access.....»»

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Cisco Full-Stack Observability Platform brings data together from multiple domains

Cisco launched a Full-Stack Observability Platform—a vendor-agnostic solution that harnesses the power of the company’s full portfolio. It delivers contextual, correlated, and predictive insights that allow customers to resolve issues more qu.....»»

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Island’s password manager helps users eliminate password abuse

Island announced the first password manager natively built into an enterprise browser, providing IT teams and employees with powerful new capabilities to eliminate password abuse, help ensure organizational custody of corporate passwords, and embrace.....»»

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SAIC Trust Resilience boosts zero trust strategy plans for government agencies

SAIC launched Trust Resilience, a holistic approach to support government agencies adopting the mandated zero trust architecture. “Trust Resilience builds security into IT modernization, delivering protection and compliance of mission-critical reso.....»»

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0mega ransomware gang changes tactics

A number of ransomware gangs have stopped using malware to encrypt targets’ files and have switched to a data theft/extortion approach to get paid; 0mega – a low-profile and seemingly not very active threat actor – seems to be among.....»»

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High-risk vulnerabilities patched in ABB Aspect building management system

Prism Infosec has identified two high-risk vulnerabilities within the Aspect Control Engine building management system (BMS) developed by ABB. ABB’s Aspect BMS enables users to monitor a building’s performance and combines real-time integrated co.....»»

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