BOXX Insurance raises $14.4 million to help customers stay ahead of cyber threats

BOXX Insurance has unveiled a US$14.4 million Series B funding round, bringing the total amount raised from investors to US$24.5 million in the last 16 months. The latest investment was led by Zurich Insurance Company (Zurich). BOXX also unveiled tha.....»»

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Red Hat and Oracle expand collaboration to standardize cloud operations

Red Hat and Oracle have unveiled a multi-stage alliance to offer customers a greater choice of operating systems to run on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The strategic collaboration starts with Red Hat Enterprise Linux running on OCI as a support.....»»

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Attackers used malicious “verified” OAuth apps to infiltrate organizations’ O365 email accounts

Malicious third-party OAuth apps with an evident “Publisher identity verified” badge have been used by unknown attackers to target organizations in the UK and Ireland, Microsoft has shared. The attacks were first spotted by Proofpoint res.....»»

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Critical QNAP NAS vulnerability fixed, update your device ASAP! (CVE-2022-27596)

QNAP Systems has fixed a critical vulnerability (CVE-2022-27596) affecting QNAP network-attached storage (NAS) devices, which could be exploited by remote attackers to inject malicious code into a vulnerable system. Luckily for QNAP NAS owners, there.....»»

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Budget constraints force cybersecurity teams to do more with less

49% of organizations have sufficient budget to fully meet their current cybersecurity needs, and 11% can, at best, protect only their most critical assets, according to a survey by the Neustar International Security Council. Despite the rapidly chang.....»»

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Is President Biden’s National Cybersecurity Strategy a good idea?

In this Help Net Security video, Kurtis Minder, CEO of GroupSense, discusses President Biden’s National Cybersecurity Strategy, designed to take the nation’s cybersecurity posture to the next level. While the strategy promises to make it much.....»»

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DigiCert releases new unified approach to trust management

New solution brings together full stack of CA-agnostic certificate lifecycle management, PKI services and tightly integrated public trust issuance. We rarely consciously think about the fact that, in this Information Age, many aspects of our private.....»»

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3 ways to stop cybersecurity concerns from hindering utility infrastructure modernization efforts

Utility infrastructure is in dire need of modernization. In many parts of the world, the infrastructure delivering power and water to consumers is not ready to withstand natural disasters and rising energy demands. Integrating real-time data analytic.....»»

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ShardSecure partners with Entrust to address data security challenges

ShardSecure has forged a strategic technology alliance with Entrust to provide cloud data protection to a growing market of enterprise companies and medium-sized businesses. The ShardSecure-Entrust partnership, part of the Entrust Ready Technology Pa.....»»

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Perimeter 81 collaborates with AVANT to expand access to SASE solutions

A Zero Trust Networking Access (ZTNA) security posture is quickly becoming an industry standard worldwide. More than 85% of organizations across the globe have allocated a moderate or, in some cases, a significant year-over-year increase in budget fo.....»»

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KELA launches cyber intelligence platform to empower proactive digital crime prevention

KELA launched a new and consolidated cyber intelligence platform, consisting of a new intuitive user interface and four complementary modules: Threat Landscape, Monitor, Hunt, and Tactical Intelligence. The platform provides real, actionable intellig.....»»

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OneSpan acquires ProvenDB to address customers’ secure vaulting needs

OneSpan has agreed to acquire ProvenDB to provide a trust model for high assurance contracts and documents. ProvenDB will extend the capabilities of OneSpan’s Transaction Cloud Platform to both public and private blockchains and serve as a modern t.....»»

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Mirantis acquires Shipa to extend management capabilities beyond containers to applications

Mirantis has acquired Shipa to add automated application discovery, operations, security, and observability to the Lens Kubernetes Platform. Lens helps eliminate Kubernetes complexity – accelerating mainstream developer adoption – and empowers us.....»»

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Week in review: ChatGPT cybersecurity, critical RCE vulnerabilities found in git, Riot Games breached

Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news, articles, interviews and videos: BSidesZG 2023: Strengthening the infosec community in Croatia’s capital In March 2023, Zagreb will be added to the (already long) list of cities w.....»»

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Arkose Labs unveils SMS Toll Fraud online ROI calculator

Arkose Labs has launched a new SMS Toll Fraud online ROI calculator that enables CISOs to estimate the cost savings associated with stopping SMS Toll Fraud, a serious operational and financial threat to enterprises. SMS Toll Fraud, also known as Inte.....»»

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Insider attacks becoming more frequent, more difficult to detect

Insider threats are a top concern at organizations of all kinds; only 3% of respondents surveyed are not concerned with insider risk, according to Gurucul. With responses from more than 325 cybersecurity professionals, the report explores the latest.....»»

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ICS vulnerabilities: Insights from advisories, how CVEs are reported

SynSaber recently released its second Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Vulnerabilities & CVEs Report. In this Help Net Security video, Ronnie Fabela, CTO at SynSaber, talks about the key findings: For the CVEs reported in the second half of 2022, 35%.....»»

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Mounting cybersecurity pressure is creating headaches in railway boardrooms

The expansion of potential cyber threats has increased due to the integration of connected devices, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the convergence of IT and OT in railway operations. In this Help Net Security interview, Dimitri van Zantvliet is th.....»»

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How organizations can keep themselves secure whilst cutting IT spending

It is the immediate natural reaction of most organizations to cut costs during an economic downturn. But the economy will return and cutting back too far can be damaging in the long term. Complex situations such as a global recession often make crimi.....»»

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Critical OpenEMR vulnerabilities may allow attackers to access patients’ health records

Critical vulnerabilities discovered in OpenEMR can be chained to gain code execution on a server running a vulnerable version of the popular open-source electronic health record system. Discovered, privately reported and now publicly documented by re.....»»

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