US President-Elect Biden Starts New Twitter Account, Criticizes Policy on POTUS Account

"This will be the account for my official duties as President," tweeted U.S. president-elect Joe Biden on Thursday — but from a new account at @PresElectBiden (which will transition to @POTUS after Wednesday's inauguration). But Bloomberg repo.....»»

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Joe Biden Promotes "Science Advisor" to US Cabinet-Level Position

"President-elect Joe Biden announced Friday that he has chosen a pioneer in mapping the human genome — the so-called 'book of life' — to be his chief science adviser," reports the Associated Press, "and is elevating the top science job to.....»»

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EFF, Cory Doctorow Warn About the Dangers of De-Platforming and Censorship

Last week Cory Doctorow shared his own answer for what Apple and Google should've done about Parler: They should remove it, and tell users, "We removed Parler because we think it is a politically odious attempt to foment violence. Our judgment is sub.....»»

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CES is a fantasyland of futuristic products. But this year it was dominated by our bleak present

CES, the closely-watched annual consumer electronics show, often sets the tone for the tech trends of the year — but little did I realize how true that would be last year......»»

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Microsoft, Oracle and and other tech giants team up Covid-19 vaccine "passports"

With coronavirus vaccines now rolling out across the United States, businesses and schools are considering how, and what it will take, to safely resume in-person operations......»»

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CES 2021: "Wearable tech that’s like using the Force’

Omar Mehtab tries a wristband that allows you to control your laptop and a smart fitness ring......»»

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Ford to run ads stressing unity following Capitol riot

The spots, called "Builders," will debut Saturday during college basketball on Fox. The spot is the latest in Ford's "Built for America" series of commercials that began running last year......»»

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The local politics of AirBNB’s ban on DC rentals

Traumatized residents, city officials fear a repeat of January 6 insurrection. Enlarge / Airbnb said it will refund guests who had booked stays in Washington next week and reimburse hosts for lost income. (credit: Bonnie Jo Mount | Washington Po.....»»

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Quixotic Californian Crusade To Officially Recognize the Hellabyte

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Register: In 2010, Austin Sendek, then a physics student at UC Davis, created a petition seeking recognition for prefix "hella-" as an official International System of Units (SI) measurement representing 1.....»»

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Fiat Chrysler and PSA complete merger to become Stellantis

Analysts and investors are turning their focus to how the merged company plans to address the huge challenges facing the group – from excess production capacity to a poor performance in China......»»

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Out-of-control Australian bushfire threatens Perth homes

Australian firefighters said they expect to battle an out-of-control bushfire well into the night on Saturday, as the blaze threatens lives and homes in the west coast city of Perth......»»

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World migration down 30 percent due to pandemic: UN

The coronavirus pandemic has slowed global migration by nearly 30 percent, with around two million fewer people than predicted migrating between 2019 and 2020, according to a UN report released on Friday......»»

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FAA Approves Fully Automated Commercial Drone Flights

A Massachusetts company has been granted approval to operate commercial drone flights without a person directing the machine and keeping it in sight. It's the first time that the Federal Aviation Administration has allowed fully automated commercial.....»»

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Seagrass "Neptune Balls" Sieve Millions of Plastic Particles From Water, Study Finds

Underwater seagrass in coastal areas appear to trap plastic pollution in natural bundles of fiber known as "Neptune balls," researchers have found. The Guardian reports: With no help from humans, the swaying plants -- anchored to shallow seabeds -- m.....»»

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Report: Xbox’s “instant on” feature could consume 4 billion kWh by 2025 [Updated]

NRDC: Series S/X option will result in 3 million tons of CO2 in five years. Enlarge / A lot of neon green power potentially (credit: Aurich Lawson / Getty Images) [Update (8:45 ET): A Microsoft spokesperson provided Ars with the following stat.....»»

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WhatsApp changes: Signal messaging platform stops working as downloads surge

Signal has been downloaded millions of times since WhatsApp unveiled new privacy terms last week......»»

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This Keurig coffee maker is $40 off at Best Buy – now’s your chance!

It’s designed to disappear into your kitchen or into the office. At just 5 inches wide, it fits anywhere......»»

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This insane QLED TV deal at Walmart will gives you $100 off a super cheap 4K TV!

Upgrade your home theater in the new year.  Buy the RCA 50-inch QLED TV today from Walmart for just $248......»»

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The 50 best movies on Amazon Prime right now

Put a stop to the endless scroll for something to watch with our regularly-updated list of the best movies on Amazon Prime Video right now......»»

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This cheap desktop monitor just got cheaper with this great deal at Dell

The Dell 24 Monitor is a fantastic looking desktop monitor that will make your images look fantastic too......»»

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