Microsoft Released an Out-of-Band Update to Rollback January Patch"s VPN Issues

"Microsoft's first Patch Tuesday for 2022 was a rocky start to the year, giving admins and users numerous headaches to deal with..." reports ZDNet. "The Windows Update on January 11 was intended to address 96 security flaws but also brought a load of.....»»

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Martian dust storm delays next flight of Ingenuity helicopter

Earth isn't the only place where bad weather affects space flights. The weather on Mars can also be tricky, causing problems for the Ingenuity helicopter......»»

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Swift Observatory in safe mode as NASA investigates issue

An issue with NASA's Swift Observatory has forced it to suspend science operations and enter safe mode while the team investigates......»»

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The best smart light switches for 2022

Smart light switches are wise investments for a home, adding programmable control to even the most basic bulbs. Here are our picks for the best of 2022......»»

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Amazon Activist"s Firing Deemed Illegal by Labor Board Officials

America's National Labor Relations Board is an independent agency of the federal government that enforces U.S. labor law. And its prosecutors "plan to formally accuse of illegally firing an activist who was trying to unionize its New Yor.....»»

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Hairy Nanocrystals Capture Chemo Drugs

Researchers at Penn State working with collaborators have developed a nanomaterial that can ‘mop up’ chemotherapeutics in the bloodstream, helping to reduce off-target effects. The technology is intended for use in situations where a chemotherape.....»»

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Optical Biopsy to Spot Tumors Among Healthy Tissue

Researchers at Orel State University in Russia have developed a biopsy system that can distinguish between healthy and cancerous tissue in many clinical cases. The device is designed to address the difficulties that clinicians may experience when try.....»»

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Magnetic-Plasmonic Hybrid Nanoparticles Isolate Lysosomes from Cells

Researchers at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have developed a method to isolate intact lysosomes from cells. The technique is rapid and produces samples of high purity. Lysosomes are the garbage-disposal organelles within a c.....»»

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Wearable Sensors Track Hand Use in Amputees

Researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia have developed a system to track hand use in people with a hand prosthesis or patients who have undergone a hand transplant. The technology tracks movement in the hands and arms, and helps to monitor.....»»

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Protein Coating Protects Nanoparticles from Immune Attack

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine have created a new coating for nanoparticles that can help to protect them from attacks by the immune system. The approach, which uses naturally occurring proteins that can inhibit the.....»»

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Shape-Shifting Microbot to Repair Bones

Researchers at Linköping University in Sweden and Okayama University in Japan developed a shape-shifting microrobot that can self-create a bone-like material under the right conditions. The electroactive material responds to low voltage electric cur.....»»

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Wearable Air Sampler to Assess SARS-CoV-2 Exposure

Researchers at Yale University created a wearable air sampler clip that can be worn on clothing and which can bind aerosols present in the environment. The clip can later be analyzed to determine the level of SARS-CoV-2 exposure while it was worn. Th.....»»

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Maestro Laparoscopy Assistance Platform: Interview with Anne Osdoit, CEO of Moon Surgical

Moon Surgical (formerly MastOR), is a medtech startup based in France. The company has developed the Maestro laparoscopy assistance platform, a two-armed robotic surgical assistant that can hold and manipulate standard laparoscopic instruments. The d.....»»

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Automatic Blood Smear Preparation for Reliable Malaria Diagnosis

Researchers at Cambridge and Bath universities in the UK, along with colleagues at the Ifakara Health Institute in Tanzania, have created two devices, called autohaem, that assist in creating blood smears, a common technique for diagnosing malaria. A.....»»

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Nanotherapy for Immunosuppression May Lead to Diabetes Treatment

Researchers at Northwestern University developed a nanoparticle delivery system for a common immunosuppressant drug that increases the potential of pancreatic islet transplantation as a viable long-term treatment for Type I diabetes. The technology t.....»»

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Wearable Helmet for Non-Invasive Optical Brain Imaging

Kernel, a medtech company based in California, has developed the Kernel Flow, a wearable helmet that can perform time domain functional near-infrared spectroscopy (TD-fNIRS) imaging of the brain. The system has a smaller footprint, is less expensive.....»»

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Apple About to Ditch Another Useful Port: The Lightning Port

Apple Inc has removed multiple useful ports from its MacBooks and iPhones over the years. Now, the iPhone’s lightning port is next on the chopping block, according to a report from Bloomberg. In 2015, the company removed all ports from its MacBooks.....»»

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League of Legends Twitch Channel Hits 1Bn Views

Riot Games’ Twitch channel, has hit the 1-billion-viewer mark. The channel, which primarily streams League of Legends matches, is the first of its kind to have so many views. Unlike YouTube channels, Twitch channels show the number of users watch.....»»

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Instagram’s Value Jumped to $100 Billion in 6 Years

Instagram is now worth over $100 billion. When Facebook bought the photo-sharing company in 2012 it was worth 100 times less. Instagram now has 1 billion users every month. Bloomberg analysts expect the company to further grow this year by an extra $.....»»

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Facebook Could Soon Notify You on the Time Spent on the Facebook App

TechCrunch sources claim that Facebook is working on a new feature that could keep track of your time spent on the Facebook app. The feature dubbed “Your Time on Facebook” will enable you to manage your time spent online. Jane Manchun Wo.....»»

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