How to watch Tesla’s AI Day today and what to expect

Tesla is holding its second AI Day on September 30, and a prototype of its humanoid robot is expected to make an appearance......»»

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Framed today, September 30: Answer and hints for the movie of the day (Friday)

Attempting to solve today's Framed for September 30 and need some help? We've got you covered. Check out our hints that can help you win today's game......»»

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Report: Women gained fewer US company board seats in 2022

U.S. companies have added women to their boards of director at a slower pace this year compared with last year as the pandemic and a difficult economy shift priorities, according to a new report released Thursday......»»

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US proposal would permit eagle deaths as renewables expand

The Biden administration on Thursday proposed a new permitting program for wind energy turbines, power lines and other projects that kill eagles, amid growing concern among scientists that the rapid expansion of renewable energy in the U.S. West coul.....»»

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Floods trap many in Florida as Ian heads to South Carolina

Rescue crews piloted boats and waded through inundated streets Thursday to save thousands of Floridians trapped amid flooded homes and shattered buildings left by Hurricane Ian, which crossed into the Atlantic Ocean and churned toward South Carolina......»»

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Study finds that climate change added 10% to Ian"s rainfall

Climate change added at least 10% more rain to Hurricane Ian, a study prepared immediately after the storm shows......»»

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Hurricane Ian "street shark" video defies belief

Photos and videos of sharks and other marine life swimming in suburban floodwaters make for popular hoaxes during massive storms. But a cellphone video filmed during Hurricane Ian's assault on southwest Florida isn't just another fish story......»»

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Methane blast in Baltic Sea highlights global problem

As serious as the methane escaping from ruptured pipelines on the floor of the Baltic Sea may be, there are alarming incidents of massive methane releases around the world frequently......»»

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Virus kills 100,000 cattle in India, threatens livelihoods

A viral disease has killed nearly 100,000 cows and buffaloes in India and sickened over 2 million more......»»

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NASA, SpaceX study boosting Hubble to extend its lifespan

NASA and SpaceX have agreed to study the feasibility of awarding Elon Musk's company a contract to boost the Hubble Space Telescope to a higher orbit, with a goal of extending its lifespan, the US space agency said Thursday......»»

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Rich nations to face climate pressure at pre-COP27 talks in DR Congo

Environment ministers from some 50 countries gather in DR Congo on Monday for the pre-COP27 climate talks, with rich countries expected to come under pressure to contribute more to fight global warming......»»

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Hurricane Ian wreaks havoc on Florida, regains steam in Atlantic

Hurricane Ian unleashed "historic" devastation in Florida, leaving a yet unknown number of dead in its wake, officials said Thursday, as the storm restrengthened in the Atlantic on a path toward the Carolinas......»»

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Environmental bodies concerned by new UK government"s climate comments

Initial comments by British Prime Minister Liz Truss's conservative government have raised concerns about her climate policy in a country which is increasingly feeling the effects of global warming but is going through an unprecedented energy crisis......»»

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SMIC breaks ground for new 12-inch fab in Tianjin

China's top pure-play foundry Semiconductor Manufacturing International (SMIC) has recently broken ground for a new 12-inch wafer fab in Tianjin, expecting to have a monthly capacity of 100,000 wafers, according to industry sources......»»

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GigaDevice launches DDR3L memory, to be built with 17nm process

China-based GigaDevice Semiconductor has launched its in-house developed DDR3L memory available in densities of 2Gb and 4Gb, which are ready for commercial production at ChangXin Memory Technologies (CXMT) using 17nm process, according to industry so.....»»

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Heardle today, September 30: Answer, hints, and help for song of the day (Friday)

Are you struggling to guess the Heardle for September 30? Would you like an assist? Read our clues to help guess today's song......»»

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SpaceX eyes mission to extend life of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope

SpaceX is working with NASA to explore the possibility of using its Dragon spacecraft to extend the life of the Hubble Space Telescope mission......»»

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Zoom is about to lot more useful and powerful

Zoom One, in particular, will be getting new features like Whiteboard Plus and updated UI for Zoom Rooms......»»

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Maker Faire Zagreb Lights Up The Tesla Museum

This weekend Maker Faire Zagreb lights up the Tesla Technical Museum as it returns for its 4th edition with projects from all over the map, technically and geographically - as well as the love of our favorite robot band. The post Maker Faire Zagreb.....»»

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"Love hormone" is revealed to have heart healing properties

The neurohormone oxytocin is well-known for promoting social bonds and generating pleasurable feelings, for example from art, exercise, or sex. But the hormone has many other functions, such as the regulation of lactation and uterine contractions in.....»»

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