Unimicron to build new IC substrate plant for AI applications

Taiwan's leading IC substrate maker Unimicron Technology will invest NT$30 billion (US$981.03 million) to set up a new plant in Taiwan dedicated to production of IC substrates with high layer count and large area to cash in on the ever-expanding AI a.....»»

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Successful optical biosensing using dual optical combs: High sensitivity and rapid detection of biomolecules

Bio-sensors are biomolecular sensors that leverage or mimic the sophisticated molecular recognition capabilities of living organisms. They find widespread applications in fields such as health care, food, and the environment......»»

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Why build megastructures? Just move planets around to make habitable worlds

In 1960, Freeman Dyson proposed how advanced civilizations could create megastructures that enclosed their system, allowing them to harness all of their star's energy and multiplying the habitable space they could occupy. In 2015, the astronomical co.....»»

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Researchers build and test a framework for achieving climate resilience across diverse fisheries

What makes for a successful climate-resilient fishery, one that sustainably produces resources for human benefit despite increasing climate stressors and human impacts? It's a question that faces present and future fisheries, their practitioners and.....»»

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Single sideband modulation technique can relax the bandwidth restriction

As an ultra-wideband microwave signal, amplitude shift keying (ASK) can be used in many applications, such as electronic warfare, wireless communications and modern radar systems. Initially, ASK microwave signals are generated based on radio frequenc.....»»

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Genomics detective work reveals pest moth travels

The fall armyworm moth (Spodoptera frugiperda) is a notorious pest in agriculture. It devastates essential food crops and threatens global food security. It has been reported to feed on more than 350 plant species, ranging from maize to cotton and ve.....»»

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UAW slams Ford for halting work on $3.5 billion EV battery plant in Michigan

Ford said it's limiting spending on BlueOval Battery Park Michigan "until we're confident about our ability to competitively operate the plant." The UAW called it "a shameful, barely-veiled threat by Ford to cut jobs.".....»»

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Assessing the safety and suitability of using cat-attracting plants for olfactory enrichment

In a study published in iScience, a research team first examined the effects of silver vine on cats by comparing single exposure and long-term exposure to plant extracts. The cats were given access to the extract for four hours. At first, they showed.....»»

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NASA is seeking help to crash the space station at the end of its life

NASA is seeking help to build a space tug that will be deployed to safely deorbit the International Space Station at the end of its life in 2031......»»

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Customer FineWoven complaints lead to threadbare response from Apple

An internal memo from Apple to retail employees offers little help regarding iPhone FineWoven case material complaints over durability and build quality.Apple's FineWoven caseApple has moved away from leather products in favor of a more sustainable F.....»»

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Ford halts work on $3.5 billion EV battery plant in Michigan

Ford said it's limiting spending on BlueOval Battery Park Michigan "until we're confident about our ability to competitively operate the plant.".....»»

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Despite being properly treated and highly diluted, wastewater still impacts river ecosystem, finds study

An experiment using water from a large wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) carried out by the Stream Ecology group has shown that this water continues to affect river diversity and the trophic web (food web) despite being properly treated and highly di.....»»

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Novel plant pathogen discovered on world"s northernmost island

Ellesmere Island (76°N–83°N) is one of the northernmost islands in the world, along with Greenland and Spitsbergen Island. More than 100 species of vascular plants are distributed across this island in the ice-free areas in summer. However, there.....»»

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Okefenokee Natl. Wildlife Refuge to be nominated as World Heritage Site

Georgia's Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, the largest intact blackwater swamp in North America and a critical home to thousands of plant and animal species, will be proposed for listing as a World Heritage Site, the federal government announced.....»»

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Fire halts iPhone production at Pegatron"s Indian plant

Pegatron suspended assembly of iPhones at its Chennai, India plant on Sunday, September 24, 2023, following what's been described as a "fire incident."Pegatron facility (Source: Pegatron)Pegatron has been leasing space in Chennai since 2021 for its m.....»»

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iPhone 15 setup bug leads to Apple logo of death, iOS 17.0.2 update required

If you’re unboxing your new iPhone 15 today, you might run into a bug during the setup process, as we first reported this morning. Apple says that all iPhone 15 models ship with a build of iOS 17 that may prevent you from transferring data from you.....»»

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Contrast Security integrates with AWS Security Hub to help organizations mitigate threats

Contrast Security, the code security platform built for developers and trusted by security, today announced its integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Hub to offer full-spectrum security visibility, from infrastructure to applications. A.....»»

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The World’s Largest—and Stinkiest—Flower Is in Danger of Extinction

The 42 known species of the parasitic plant Rafflesia, known as the corpse flower, are endangered due to the destruction of forest habitats......»»

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Calif. plant signals Toyota"s path in fight against carbon

Toyota is a key player in a pilot project that uses biogas to produce clean electricity, hydrogen and water for use by the automaker for vehicles coming off ships from Japan......»»

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Mercedes production continues in Ala. despite UAW strike against ZF axle plant

German supplier giant ZF Group has been able to keep up production of axles at its Tuscaloosa, Ala., factory in the two days since UAW workers began striking there, allowing nearby production of key Mercedes-Benz models to continue......»»

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Experimental garden study uses AI to show how plants respond to environmental changes

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help plant scientists collect and analyze unprecedented volumes of data, which would not be possible using conventional methods. Researchers at the University of Zurich (UZH) have now used big data, machine learning a.....»»

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