GrapheneLab developing CVD graphene film technology

South Korea-based GrapheneLab has been developing CVD (chemical vapor deposition) graphene film technology, according to Maeil Business Newspaper......»»

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Japan-based Taiheiyo Cement in R&D of LFMP batteries

Japan-based Taiheiyo Cement has been in R&D of LFMP (lithium-iron-manganese-phosphate) batteries of which energy density is 40-50% higher than that for LFP (lithium iron phosphate) batteries, and plans to start commercial production in 2025, accordin.....»»

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Taiwan PC monitor shipments decreased by over 17% in 3Q22, says DIGITIMES Research

Taiwan's PC monitor shipments went down 17.5% sequentially and 18.1% on year to arrive at only 19 million units in the third quarter and the volumes will slip further in the fourth quarter, rounding out the annual volumes in 2022 to 132 million units.....»»

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Toyota global output slows from record as challenges persist

Toyota Motor Corp. produced 771,382 vehicles in October, down from a record of 887,733 the previous month, and warned of an uncertain outlook due to Covid and semiconductor shortages......»»

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Apple to lose 6 million iPhone Pros from tumult at China plant

Turmoil at Apple Inc.'s key manufacturing hub of Zhengzhou is likely to result in a production shortfall of close to 6 million iPhone Pro units this year, according to a person familiar with assembly operations......»»

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Europe falling behind US and China in industry transformation, says VW brand CEO

Fundamental changes happened in the global industrial landscape in recent years as electrification and geopolitical conflicts arose. Volkswagen brand CEO Thomas Shafer raised a concern that Germany and the EU are losing competitiveness on the world s.....»»

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Micron to ramp up 1-beta DRAM shipments, eyeing market rebound in 2024

Micron Technology is already delivering qualification samples of DRAM chips built at its 1-beta node to select smartphone manufacturers, and will kick off commercial production of the process by the end of 202, about one year ahead of its main compet.....»»

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Rumored Tesla-Annex Semiconductor JV probably not real

Reports on Tesla forming a semiconductor joint venture with a Switzerland-based semiconductor company in China have circulated online (some are now deleted). For this matter, EV media electrek has made investigation, but DIGITIMES has dug deeper......»»

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Baidu"s Kunlun Xin mass produces 7nm XPU-R chips for autonomous driving

China-based Kunlun Xin (Kunlun Semionductor) said it is developing 3G and 4G chips with an open platform. The high-performance chips will be highly compatible with high-end autonomous driving applications......»»

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Chinese car makers yet to match US$30,000 goldilocks EV price

Recent Tesla discounts in China have put its EV prices in the range of CNY200,000-350,000 (US$27,856-48748), which is around the US$30,000 price point that is considered the crossover point for EVs to finally replace ICE (internal combustion engine).....»»

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Rohm to mass produce SiC power semiconductors in December, challenging incumbent leaders

Rohm Semiconductor will be mass-producing SiC power semiconductors starting in December 2022, mainly for inverter application. It makes power consumption more efficient and can add around 10% of additional mileage when equipped on EVs......»»

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Amazon closes three services in India amid global economic uncertainties

Amid macroeconomic uncertainties worldwide, India, one of the largest and fast-growing internet markets, is not immune to Amazon's downsizing effort for cost reduction......»»

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Efun develops niche-market membrane products

Optical film specialist Efun Technology has moved to develop high-value-added membrane products, eyeing new business opportunities, according to company president Ying-Tsung Lu......»»

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Rising 3nm quotes at TSMC opening doors for Samsung?

With TSMC's unit wafer prices for 3nm FINFET process topping US$20,000 and likely to rise further in 2023, Samsung Electronics may be able to obtain orders from major clients for its 3nm GAAFET process, according to Korean-language iNews 24......»»

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India"s low labor costs may not be an advantage for smartphone EMS

With its ample and young workforce, India is set to benefit from the China-plus-one strategy. However, India still faces structural challenges to become a global production hub, experts say......»»

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Suppliers gearing up for shipments of Wi-Fi 7 devices

Suppliers engaged in the supply chain for Wi-Fi 7 products are gearing up for shipments starting in the second half of 2023, according to industry sources......»»

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Everlight files patent infringement lawsuit in Taiwan

LED packaging service provider Everlight Electronics has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against two fellow LED makers in Taiwan......»»

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How Silicon Valley looks at the Taiwan miracle (4): Boosting defense budget?

Most people don't think China will attack Taiwan in the next two years, but many believe the next 3-5 years during the third term of Chinese president Xi Jinping will be a high-risk period. But is Taiwan ready? Taiwan's annual defense spending is abo.....»»

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SMIC unveils 12-inch fab expansion project over next 5-7 years

China foundry leader Semiconductor Manufacturing International (SMIC) recently revealed that a monthly capacity of 340,000 12-inch wafers would be generated when its new fabs come online......»»

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Semiconductor sales to drop 5% in 2023, says IC Insights

Worldwide semiconductor sales are forecast to drop 5% in 2023 after hitting a record high in 2022, according to IC Insights......»»

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