UC Reactor Makes Martian Fuel

Engineers at the University of Cincinnati are developing new ways to convert greenhouse gases to fuel to address climate change and get astronauts home from Mars. UC: UC College of Engineering and Applied Science assistant professor Jingjie Wu and hi.....»»

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How to make climate action popular

Ambitious action is needed to stop average global temperatures rising above 1.5°C. But some measures to cut fossil fuel use and develop alternative industries have provoked resistance. Wind farms can be a common source of public ire, and so can carb.....»»

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Study: Fossil fuel plans would far overshoot climate goals

The world needs to cut by more than half its production of coal, oil and gas in the coming decade to maintain a chance of keeping global warming from reaching dangerous levels, according to a U.N.-backed study released Wednesday......»»

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99.9% of Scientists Agree Climate Emergency Caused by Humans

knaapie writes: It may still be fuel for hot debate on social media, but 99.9% of scientist actually agree on the fact that humans are altering the climate. The Guardian reports that the degree of scientific certainty about the impact of greenhouse g.....»»

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Coal bucks 15-year decline in US with 22% increase as natural gas prices rise

Record fossil fuel prices are contributing to inflation across the economy. Enlarge / Heavy equipment moves coal into piles at PacifiCorp's Hunter coal-fired power plant outside of Castle Dale, Utah. (credit: GEORGE FREY / AFP).....»»

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Wasteful steel-and-glass buildings fuel global climate injustice, says climate expert

Architects, contractors, planners and construction clients must consider building projects from a moral standpoint based on their lifetime carbon impact, a leading design and climate expert has suggested......»»

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There is more than one way to accelerate decarbonization

While West Virginia's Senator Joe Manchin is doing his best to block climate policy and save his state's dying fossil fuel industry, there is no reason to believe that the proposed "Clean Electricity Program" policy design is the only way to accelera.....»»

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Radiant Aims To Replace Diesel Generators With Small Nuclear Reactors

An anonymous reader quotes a report from New Atlas: California company Radiant has secured funding to develop a compact, portable, "low-cost" one-megawatt nuclear micro-reactor that fits in a shipping container, powers about 1,000 homes and uses a he.....»»

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Hear sounds captured from Mars by NASA"s Perseverance rover

Thanks to two microphones aboard NASA's Perseverance rover, the mission has recorded nearly five hours of Martian wind gusts, rover wheels crunching over gravel, and motors whirring as the spacecraft moves its arm. These sounds allow scientists and e.....»»

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"Running out of time": Asia struggles to kick coal addiction

Smokestacks belch noxious fumes into the air from a massive coal-fired power plant on the Indonesian coast, a stark illustration of Asia's addiction to the fossil fuel which is threatening climate targets......»»

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Martian Image: the ridges of "South Séítah"

NASA's Perseverance rover captures a geologic feature with details that offer clues to the area's mysterious past......»»

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Plant-based jet fuel could reduce emissions by 68%

Replacing petroleum-based aviation fuel with sustainable aviation fuel derived from a type of mustard plant can reduce carbon emissions by up to 68%, according to new research from University of Georgia scientist Puneet Dwivedi......»»

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Scientists develop fully solar-driven autonomous chemical mini-plant

Professor Timothy Noël and co-workers in the Flow Chemistry group of the University of Amsterdam's Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences have developed a fully operational standalone solar-powered mini-reactor which offers the potential for t.....»»

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Why banning financing for fossil fuel projects in Africa isn"t a climate solution

Today's global energy inequities are staggering......»»

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A new single-atom catalyst can produce hydrogen from urea at an exceptional rate

While hydrogen is widely suggested as an alternative fuel with zero carbon emission, the majority of commercial hydrogen fuel production is obtained from the refining of fossils fuels. The limited reservoir of fossils fuels and their negative impact.....»»

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Image: Tethered satellites for propulsion without fuel

How to propel a spacecraft without propellant? Use electrodynamic tethers. These are long, strong conductors connecting two spacecraft. When direct current is applied to the tether, the tether exerts a force on the spacecraft, causing it to either ac.....»»

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G344.7-0.1: When a stable star explodes

White dwarfs are among the most stable of stars. Left on their own, these stars that have exhausted most of their nuclear fuel—while still typically as massive as the Sun—and shrunk to a relatively small size can last for billions or even trillio.....»»

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With first Martian samples packed, Perseverance initiates remarkable sample return mission

NASA, along with the European Space Agency, is developing a campaign to return the Martian samples to Earth......»»

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Lebanon"s National Electricity Grid Collapses

"Lebanon's electricity network collapsed on Saturday," reports the Washington Post, "after the two most important power stations ran out of fuel, leaving private generators as the only source of power." The state-owned electricity company has been p.....»»

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Rover’s pictures show long history of rivers flowing into Martian crater

Jezero Crater's river delta left behind a distinct geometry we can see in photos. Enlarge / The rocks of Kodiak Butte record a lot of the history of Jezero Crater. (credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU/MSSS) Normally, it takes some ti.....»»

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New rotating liquid reactor design solves issues with current reactors

Intensified reactors are used in a variety of chemical processes. One such reactor is the rotating packed bed (RPB) reactor which uses high centrifugal forces to accelerate chemical reactions between constituents. However, the RPB reactor has a numbe.....»»

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