The digital dark matter clouding AI in genome analysis

Artificial intelligence has entered our daily lives. First, it was ChatGPT. Now, it's AI-generated pizza and beer commercials. While we can't trust AI to be perfect, it turns out that sometimes we can't trust ourselves with AI either......»»

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Data from MAXI J1820+070 shows Einstein was right about how matter plunges into a black hole

A team of astrophysicists from the University of Oxford, Newcastle University and the Institute of Astronomy, all in the U.K., working with a colleague from the University of Virginia, in the U.S., has found evidence showing that Albert Einstein was.....»»

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Researchers calculate the carbon footprint of building a wooden house in Japan

Researchers at Kyushu University have published a comprehensive analysis on the carbon footprint of constructing a wooden house in Japan. The study covered the total amount of emissions produced, taking into consideration the entire supply chain incl.....»»

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Proteomic analysis reveals how phosphite contributes to the fight against chemically resistant dieback

Having previously confirmed dieback is resistant to chemical control on crops such as avocados, stone fruits and pines, Curtin University researchers have gained new insights into how phosphite works against the fungus-like disease, in a potential br.....»»

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Utilizing scanning SQUID microscopy to investigate local magnetic response of Bi2212

Phase transitions in different states of matter, such as the condensation of gases into liquids or the transition from a normal metal to a superconducting state, can be described using Ginzburg-Landau symmetry-breaking theory. However, such a theory.....»»

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Concerns over addicted kids spur probe into Meta and its use of dark patterns

EU is concerned Meta isn't doing enough to protect children using its apps. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Chesnot ) Brussels has opened an in-depth probe into Meta over concerns it is failing to do enough to protect ch.....»»

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How to use Startup security in macOS to protect your Mac

There are several utilities you can use on your Mac to secure it at startup. Here's how to use them to keep your Mac and data safe.There are ways to shore up startup security in macOS. Computer security is an important topic in today's digital world.....»»

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RealVNC is dropping its “Home” plan and barely noting its free “Lite” option

Some pretty dark patterns make free version of remote desktop tool hard to find. Enlarge (credit: RealVNC) RealVNC will soon end its "Home" plan that's free to use for up to three users and five devices. If you still wan.....»»

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Monitoring strategies of suspended matter after natural and deep-sea mining disturbances

"Dust clouds" at the bottom of the deep sea, that will be created by deep-sea mining activities, descend at a short distance for the most part. That is shown by Ph.D. research of NIOZ marine geologist Sabine Haalboom, on the bottom of the Pacific Oce.....»»

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Scientists raise minimum magnetic field of a single measurement to sub-femtotesla level

A research team has, for the first time, realized the quantum amplification of an extremely weak magnetic field by using dark spin, with the magnetic field magnification exceeding a factor of 5,000 and the single magnetic field measurement accuracy r.....»»

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Cybersecurity analysis exposes high-risk assets in power and healthcare sectors

Traditional approaches to vulnerability management result in a narrow focus of the enterprise attack surface area that overlooks a considerable amount of risk, according to Claroty. Organizations must take a holistic approach to exposure management T.....»»

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Sauron’s dark rise is front and center in The Rings of Power S2 teaser

Plus a bonus behind-the-scenes featurette catching us up on all the characters. Charlie Vicker's Sauron is front and center in the teaser for S2 of Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. Amazon's Prime Video made a major investment.....»»

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How to ensure biodiversity data are FAIR, linked, open and future-proof

Within the Biodiversity Community Integrated Knowledge Library (BiCIKL) project, 14 European institutions from ten countries, spent the last three years elaborating on services and high-tech digital tools, in order to improve the findability, accessi.....»»

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Some clever ways to search for primordial black holes

Primordial black holes (PBHs) have recently received much attention in the physics community. One of the primary reasons is the potential link to dark matter. In effect, if PBHs can be proven to exist, there's a very good chance that they are what da.....»»

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The hunt for rare bitcoin is nearing an end

Rare bitcoin fragments are worth many times their face value. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Andriy Onufriyenko) Billy Restey is a digital artist who runs a studio in Seattle. But after hours, he hunts for rare chunks o.....»»

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Beethoven likely didn’t die from lead poisoning, new hair analysis reveals

There was also mercury and arsenic but none of the toxins likely caused composer's death. Enlarge / Portrait of Beethoven by Joseph Karl Stieler, 1820. Toxocology analysis of the composer's locks of hair showed high levels of lea.....»»

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Scientists create an "optical conveyor belt" for quasiparticles

Using interference between two lasers, a research group led by scientists from RIKEN and NTT Research have created an "optical conveyor belt" that can move polaritons—a type of light-matter hybrid particle—in semiconductor-based microcavities. Th.....»»

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Logic Pro for iPad is now out with AI Stem Splitter and Session Players

The update to Logic Pro for iPad 2 announced at Apple's "Let Loose" event is now available on the App Store, as is the matching Mac app.Logic Pro for iPad 2 is now available on the App StoreLogic Pro for iPad was already an exceptional Digital Audio.....»»

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iOS 17.5 is now available: Here’s everything you need to know

9to5Mac is supported by Incogni: Keep Your Private Data Off The Dark Web with Incogni. Help protect yourself from identity theft, scams, and spam calls. Use the code “Apple55” for -55% off the annual plan. Apple has officially released iOS 17.....»»

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Experts address gaps in Canada"s proposed flood insurance program

A pair of University of Waterloo flood disaster experts have published an analysis on the federal government's national flood insurance program that finds the proposed plan can do more to make insurance abundant and affordable for Canadian taxpayers......»»

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iOS 17.5 is here with Repair State & EU Web Distribution

Apple's EU DMA compliance is the focus of iOS 17.5, which adds Web Distribution as a method of sideloading apps — available now.iOS 17.5 has been releasedThe initial compliance with the Digital Markets Act in the EU only allowed users to obtain ap.....»»

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