The digital dark matter clouding AI in genome analysis

Artificial intelligence has entered our daily lives. First, it was ChatGPT. Now, it's AI-generated pizza and beer commercials. While we can't trust AI to be perfect, it turns out that sometimes we can't trust ourselves with AI either......»»

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Research estimates that a mere 2% of all chemical exposure has been identified

What chemicals are we exposed to on a daily basis? That is the central question of "non-targeted analysis" or NTA, an emerging field of analytical science that aims to identify all chemicals around us. A daunting task, because how can you be sure to.....»»

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First contact could turn out well for humanity

You've heard this story before. An advanced alien race comes to Earth. They offer peace and prosperity, but they hold a dark secret. One that could destroy humanity. That dark secret has varied over the years, from stealing our water, books on culina.....»»

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Towards a better understanding of early human embryonic development

The onset of embryo-specific gene transcription, also known as embryonic genome activation (EGA), is a crucial step in the developmental journey of an organism. Although EGA has been studied to some extent in mice, human EGA remains largely unexplore.....»»

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Everything You Need to Know About Getting Your Genome Sequenced

DNA sequencing can assess your risk of developing certain diseases. It could even help provide medicines personalized to your genes one day. Governments want you to get involved......»»

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Parasitic plant convinces hosts to grow into its own flesh—it"s also an extreme example of genome shrinkage

If you happen to come across plants of the Balanophoraceae family in a corner of a forest, you might easily mistake them for fungi growing around tree roots. Their mushroom-like structures are actually inflorescences, composed of minute flowers......»»

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Researchers" analysis of perching birds points to new answers in evolutionary diversification

When Charles Darwin traveled to the Galapagos Islands almost 200 years ago as a gentleman naturalist, he used the power of observation to develop his theory that species evolve over time......»»

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Fujifilm’s new Instax Pal camera is fun but pricey

Fujifilm has just unveiled the Instax Pal camera, a diminutive digital device targeted at teens who might want to print their pictures, too......»»

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Realistic analysis of excavation damaged zone trends in an underground research lab in Japan

To ensure the effectiveness of high-level radioactive waste (HLW) disposal facilities, the distribution of hydraulic and mechanical properties within the surrounding rock mass, acting as a natural barrier, should be evaluated......»»

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Looks matter—handsome bank CEOs can earn a million more than their less attractive colleagues

Appearance significantly influences the compensation of chief executive officers in the banking sector. In American banks, CEOs with more attractive facial features earn, on average, one million dollars more per year than their less appealing colleag.....»»

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Dingoes found to have more harmful mutations than most inbred dog breeds

Genome sequencing comparisons with wolves, strays and dogs across the world has found Australia's dingoes have the highest loads of harmful mutations—and diversity levels that are 36% lower than the most inbred dogs......»»

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US political donations are associated with policy issues prioritized in congressional speeches

The first comprehensive analysis of the relationship between campaign donations and the issues legislators prioritize with congressional speech is published in the open access journal PLOS ONE this week......»»

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Ancient Amazonians intentionally created fertile "dark earth"

The Amazon river basin is known for its immense and lush tropical forests, so one might assume that the Amazon's land is equally rich. In fact, the soils underlying the forested vegetation, particularly in the hilly uplands, are surprisingly infertil.....»»

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New Mars gravity analysis improves understanding of possible ancient ocean

The first use of a novel method of analyzing Mars' gravitational force supports the idea that the planet once had an extensive northern ocean......»»

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Philips Hue Matter support finally rolling out to existing bridges

Philips Hue Matter support was first promised by March of this year, before quietly admitting to a delay just a few days ahead of the deadline. Whatever caused that delay has now been addressed, and Matter integration is now available within the H.....»»

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Philips Hue adds Matter support to existing bridges

The delayed addition of Matter to the Philips Hue range of smart home products is reportedly now live in an update available to the company's bridge devices.Hue Guide LightsMatter is intended to become a kind of superset of smart home devices, with p.....»»

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WhatsApp adds rival in-app payment options in India commerce push

WhatsApp said on Wednesday that it will offer credit card payments and services from rival digital payment providers within its app in India, the latest bet by the Meta-owned service to boost commerce offerings in its biggest market......»»

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How bats evolved to avoid cancer

A new paper titled "Long-read sequencing reveals rapid evolution of immunity and cancer-related genes in bats" in Genome Biology and Evolution shows that rapid evolution in bats may account for the animals' extraordinary ability to both host and surv.....»»

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Virtual influencers: Meet AI-generated figures posing as your new online friends—as they try to sell you stuff

The future of influence is here: a digital avatar that captivates millions of adoring fans while offering unparalleled customisation and round-the-clock availability......»»

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"Digital necromancy": Why bringing people back from the dead with AI is just an extension of our grieving practices

Generative AI—which encompasses large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT but also image and video generators like DALL·E 2—supercharges what has come to be known as "digital necromancy," the conjuring of the dead from the digital traces they le.....»»

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Tivoli Audio’s Model Two Digital speaker abandons terrestrial radio

Tivoli Audio's Model Two Digital is a wireless-only tabletop speaker that can be oriented horizontally or vertically......»»

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