The BBC is advising staff to remove TikTok from work phones

Though the BBC still has a TikTok channel, it is advising staff to delete the app from their work phones over China fears.TikTokAs a TikTok ban edges closer in the US, the UK's British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) seeks to remove it from corporate.....»»

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EPA to remove proposed EV volumes from biofuel blending rule

Scrapping the plan pushes the administration further away from allowing EVs to generate nearly 2 billion credits under the U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard over the next two years......»»

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Retirement reinvented: How to find fulfilment later in life

Retirement can feel like a strange time for many people. Gone is the routine of work, your time is your own—in theory. How to stop chores from taking over can become a tricky balance. Some people retreat and return to work. Often, those that persev.....»»

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Linda Yaccarino finishes first day as Twitter CEO

Linda Yaccarino has stepped into the role earlier than expected, though that's probably because there's much work to be done......»»

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Apple avoids “AI” hype at WWDC keynote by baking ML into products

Apple prefers using "machine learning," or just having AI work in the background. Enlarge / Someone scans their face using Apple's "most advanced machine learning techniques" with the Apple Vision Pro during a WWDC 2023 keynote d.....»»

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CRISPR/Cas9 reveals a key gene involved in the evolution of coral skeleton formation

New work led by Carnegie's Phillip Cleves uses cutting-edge CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing tools to reveal a gene that's critical to stony corals' ability to build their reef architectures. It is published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Scienc.....»»

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Work requirements may not work for domestic violence survivors, but they rarely get waivers for cash assistance

Very few people who have survived domestic violence are getting Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) waivers from the work requirements and time limits tied to those benefits—even though they're eligible for them, according to our new res.....»»

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Carbon-based stimuli-responsive nanomaterials: Their classification and application

Carbon-based stimuli-responsive nanomaterials are gaining much attention due to their versatility, including disease diagnosis and treatment. They work under endogenous (pH, temperature, enzyme, and redox) or exogenous (temperature, light, magnetic f.....»»

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There’s a huge sale on the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro happening today

The Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are both great phones and they're available at fantastic prices right now at Amazon......»»

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Motorola made one of the year’s best phones — but it’s not enough

The fantastic Edge Plus (2023) is the first Motorola phone we've fully recommended for a long time, and the company needs to see it as a new start......»»

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MOVEit hack: BBC, BA and Boots among cyber attack victims

Staff at multiple organisations are warned of a payroll data breach after an IT supplier is hacked......»»

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NHTSA aims to cut 24K road injuries a year

Under the proposal, automakers would be required to equip all new vehicles with automatic emergency braking systems that can prevent or mitigate frontal crashes at higher speeds, detect pedestrians and work effectively in the dark......»»

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Parents unite in smartphone ban for children

Parents in a town in Ireland have come together in a bid to remove the temptations of smartphones from their children’s daily life......»»

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The value of AI infrastructure

The cost of machine learning applications will come down as a result of semiconductors improving computing power. The lower cost will naturally result in a sharp rise in the number of users. Using AI will become a daily routine in work and private li.....»»

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What a Therapist Wants You to Know About Remote Therapy

Covid-19 changed how therapists work, for good and ill. Here's how you can adapt, whether you're a patient or a practitioner......»»

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Huanuo lap desk review: Comfort and convenience for MacBook users

If you're a MacBook user, the Huanuo lap desk could allow you to work comfortably from your couch or bed, providing a convenient alternative to sitting at a traditional desk.Review: Huanuo lap deskWhile working on your MacBook from a couch or bed may.....»»

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Buzzworthy: Honeybee health blooming at federal facilities across the country

While judges, lawyers and support staff at the federal courthouse in Concord, New Hampshire, keep the American justice system buzzing, thousands of humble honeybees on the building's roof are playing their part in a more important task—feeding the.....»»

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The best phones in 2023: our 14 favorite smartphones you can buy

Here are the best smartphones on the market today. From the iPhone 14 Pro to the Galaxy S23; if you're shopping for a new phone, we're here for you......»»

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Kia, Hyundai anti-theft software fixes a work in progress

Kia and Hyundai have notified dealers that there are problems with a software fix that's being offered as a way to prevent vehicles from being hot-wired......»»

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Why EA Sports and Nike think gaming NFTs can really work this time

New partnership could tap into interest from a dedicated sneakerhead market. Enlarge / You could soon be able to wear this kind of NFT sneaker in future EA Sports titles. (credit: Nike) After a lot of hype from game make.....»»

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Best laptop deals: new laptop for work or play from $169

Looking for some of the best laptop deals today? We've gathered a list of the top laptop sales happening right now......»»

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