The Artificial Intelligence Era Faces a Threat from Directed Energy Weapons

Autonomous and AI-enabled systems increasingly rely on optical and radio frequency sensors and significant computer power. They face growing vulnerabilities from directed-energy laser and microwave weapons.....»»

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“Energy-smart” bricks need less power to make, are better insulation

Cutting the energy used while firing the bricks means big savings at scale. Enlarge / Some of the waste material that ends up part of these bricks. (credit: Seamus Daniel, RMIT University) Researchers at the Royal Melbou.....»»

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Is generative AI really going to “wreak havoc” on the power grid?

AI is just one small part of data centers’ soaring energy use. Enlarge / Someone just asked what it would look like if their girlfriend was a Smurf. Better add another rack of servers! (credit: Getty Images) Late last.....»»

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Extreme wildfires are on the rise globally, powered by the climate crisis

Wildfires are the new "polar bear," routinely used by the media to epitomize the climate crisis and the threat of major natural hazards. This is despite most fire on Earth being harmless, even ecologically beneficial......»»

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Multidrug-resistant fungi found in commercial soil, compost, flower bulbs

Named a critical public health threat by WHO, Aspergillus fumigatus is potentially deadly to immunocompromised.....»»

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Detecting intelligent life that"s light years away: Greenhouse gases could signal alien activity

If aliens modified a planet in their solar system to make it warmer, we'd be able to tell. A new UC Riverside study identifies the artificial greenhouse gases that would be giveaways of a terraformed planet......»»

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Using supercomputer researchers discover new clues to improving fusion confinement

Nuclear fusion—when two nuclei combine to form a new nucleus, thereby releasing energy—may be the clean, reliable, limitless power source of the future. But first, scientists must learn how to control its production......»»

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"Out of control fires" in Brazil wetlands spark state of emergency

Regional authorities in Brazil on Monday declared a state of emergency as the Pantanal, the world's largest tropical wetlands, faces "out of control fires," according to a decree......»»

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Apple Intelligence goes against the entire Apple ethos — in a good way

Apple's walled garden is getting upended by its more open approach to AI partnerships......»»

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Boeing"s Starliner Faces an Indefinite Wait in Space While NASA Investigates Its Faults

The space agency has pushed back the spacecraft’s return to an unspecified date in July, to give it more time to look into the problems that beset the vehicle on its journey into orbit......»»

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Speeding through the microcosm: Insights into ultrafast electron and lattice dynamics

A study has unlocked new dimensions in understanding the ultrafast processes of charge and energy transfer at the microscale. The research delves into the dynamics of microscopic particles, providing insights that could revolutionize semiconductor an.....»»

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5 great weapons you should try in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree expansion has plenty of great weapons to use, but these are some top picks we think are really worth the effort to find......»»

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Struggling Our Next Energy enters strategic partnership with Foxconn

Electric vehicle battery startup Our Next Energy has entered a strategic partnership with Foxconn to keep the financially struggling startup afloat. Our Next Energy recently told employees about the partnership with the Taiwan-headquartered manufa.....»»

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macOS Sequoia Top Features – awesome new Macintosh wallpaper, window tiling, and more [Video]

I recently did a deep dive into the macOS 15 Sequoia beta. Some of the headline features, like iPhone Mirroring, and Apple Intelligence, have yet to launch, but we can expect iPhone Mirroring to arrive with today’s release of beta 2. Yet, even with.....»»

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Your wig could be poisoning you: Study finds pesticides and other toxic chemicals in synthetic hair in Nigeria

Well-groomed hair is a symbol of beauty for many black African women. Natural hair requires special care and attention, though, which can be time consuming. Wigs (human or synthetic hair), weave-ons and other artificial hair extensions offer women an.....»»

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Facial recognition linked to close social bonds, not social butterflies

Do you have trouble recognizing faces, or do you never forget a face? The better you are at facial recognition, the more supportive relationships you are likely to have, regardless of your personality type......»»

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Could we put data centers in space?

Artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm lately. It also requires loads of band-end computing capability to do the near-miraculous things that it does. So far, that "compute," as it's known in the tech industry, has been based entirely on.....»»

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Why Apple Intelligence won’t run on older iPhones, or Vision Pro

When asked why Apple Intelligence won’t be available on older iPhones, the company has so far said that the chips simply weren’t sufficiently powerful to provide a good experience. Responses would take too long on older chips. But many have sa.....»»

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Open-source Rafel RAT steals info, locks Android devices, asks for ransom

The open-source Rafel RAT is being leveraged by multiple threat actors to compromise Android devices and, in some cases, to lock them, encrypt their contents, and demand money to restore the device to its original state. Check Point researchers have.....»»

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Wedbush: Apple will lead consumer AI amidst iPhone 16 super cycle

The new Apple Intelligence is so powerful, analysts at Wedbush are claiming that Apple has put itself at the forefront of artificial intelligence with it, and it will launch an iPhone 16 upgrader super cycle.iPhone 16 Pro is expected to benefit from.....»»

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iPhone 16 leaks and rumors explained: what to expect in the fall of 2024

While not as flashy as the iPhone 16 Pro, Apple's fall debut of the iPhone 16 is important due to the addition of Apple Intelligence. Here are the top features that will make a difference for those in the market for an upgrade.Renders of what the iPh.....»»

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