Qubits put new spin on magnetism: Boosting applications of quantum computers

Research using a quantum computer as the physical platform for quantum experiments has found a way to design and characterize tailor-made magnetic objects using quantum bits, or qubits. That opens up a new approach to develop new materials and robust.....»»

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Researchers develop platform to probe, control qubits in silicon for quantum networks

The quantum internet would be a lot easier to build if we could use existing telecommunications technologies and infrastructure. Over the past few years, researchers have discovered defects in silicon—a ubiquitous semiconductor material—that coul.....»»

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Boosting the synthesis of stable sugar compounds with a novel nature-inspired approach

Researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have developed a new biomimetic concept to convert naturally occurring sugars into diverse classes of stable glycosides and glycoproteins without using protecting-group chemistry. This innov.....»»

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Quantum Xchange expands Phio TX platform to offer secure site-to-site and remote access VPN

Quantum Xchange launched version 4.0 of its quantum-safe key delivery platform Phio TX, featuring Phio VPN, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to combine AI-native networking with quantum-safe key management and delivery. The Phio VPN builds on the uniq.....»»

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Cybersecurity jobs available right now: June 19, 2024

Application Penetration Tester ShiftCode Analytics | USA | On-site – View job details As an Application Penetration Tester, you will perform Ethical Application Penetration Testing (EAPT) on web applications and APIs. Provide the vuln.....»»

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New HomePod coming soon? What Apple Intelligence means for the smart speaker’s future

The biggest star of WWDC this year was undoubtedly Apple Intelligence. Apple spent nearly half its presentation explaining the philosophy behind its own spin on AI, the features it would make possible, and the bright future ahead thanks to AI’s cap.....»»

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Researchers observe a large anomalous Hall effect triggered by spin-fluctuating devil"s staircase

A research group from University of Tsukuba has discovered that fluctuations of electron spins in magnetic materials trigger a large anomalous Hall effect during phase transition known as the devil's staircase magnetic transition......»»

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Datadog App Builder helps accelerate issue remediation

Datadog launched Datadog App Builder, a low-code development tool that helps teams create self-service applications and integrate them securely into their monitoring stacks. These customized apps help accelerate issue remediation at scale by enabling.....»»

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Study proposes new constraints on exotic spin-spin-velocity-dependent interactions between electron spins

A research team has utilized solid-state spin quantum sensors to scrutinize exotic spin-spin-velocity-dependent interactions (SSIVDs) at short force ranges, reporting new experimental results between electron spins. Their work has been published in P.....»»

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Preparing for a post-quantum future

Post-quantum cryptography (PQC) is a hot topic. A recent paper from Tsinghua University raised doubts about lattice-based cryptography for PQC, though an error was found. This has sparked questions about the strength of soon-to-be-standardized PQC al.....»»

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Physicists confirm quantum entanglement persists between top quarks, the heaviest known fundamental particles

An experiment by a group of physicists led by University of Rochester physics professor Regina Demina has produced a significant result related to quantum entanglement—an effect that Albert Einstein called "spooky action at a distance.".....»»

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When quantum dots meet blue phase liquid crystal elastomers

Circularly polarized luminescence (CPL) materials have attracted tremendous attention for their potential applications in many fields, such as molecular sensors, information encryption, and optical storage. So far, using cholesteric liquid crystals (.....»»

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Quantum entangled photons react to Earth"s spin

A team of researchers led by Philip Walther at the University of Vienna carried out a pioneering experiment where they measured the effect of the rotation of Earth on quantum entangled photons. The work, published in Science Advances, represents a si.....»»

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SailPoint introduces AI-powered application onboarding capability

SailPoint launches innovative AI-powered application onboarding capability. This new capability will be seamlessly integrated into SailPoint Identity Security Cloud and will simplify the process of integrating critical business applications. By autom.....»»

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Liquid crystal source of photon pairs opens path to new generation of quantum sources

Spontaneous parametric down-conversion (SPDC), as a source of entangled photons, is of great interest for quantum physics and quantum technology, but so far it could be only implemented in solids......»»

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Researchers leverage inkjet printing to make a portable multispectral 3D camera

Researchers have used inkjet printing to create a compact multispectral version of a light field camera. The camera, which fits in the palm of the hand, could be useful for many applications including autonomous driving, classification of recycled ma.....»»

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Silicon carbide/carbon microspheres maintain performance in harsh environments

With the rapid development of electronic information technology, electromagnetic wave absorption materials play a crucial role in military applications such as electromagnetic protection and stealth devices, as well as in the defense industry......»»

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Honor’s new AI-powered portrait mode made me feel like a movie star

I took the Honor 200 Pro's new AI-powered portrait mode for a spin at Studio Harcourt in Paris......»»

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A route to scalable Majorana qubits

Researchers at QuTech have found a way to make Majorana particles in a two-dimensional plane. This was achieved by creating devices that exploit the combined material properties of superconductors and semiconductors. The inherent flexibility of this.....»»

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Lego Horizon Adventures will turn your kids into PlayStation fans

We took Lego Horizon Adventures for a spin at Summer Game Fest and got insight into why Sony is bringing it to Nintendo Switch......»»

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New theory links quantum geometry to electron-phonon coupling

A new study published in Nature Physics introduces a theory of electron-phonon coupling that is affected by the quantum geometry of the electronic wavefunctions......»»

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