Pooping on the Moon Is a Messy Business

If humans are to return to the moon, space agencies and governments need to figure out the legal, ethical, and practical dimensions of extraterrestrial waste management......»»

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Dealerships lost $1.02B in business after CDK cyberattack, updated AEG study says

Anderson Economic Group estimated auto dealerships lost 56,200 new-vehicle sales and more than $1 billion between June 19 and July 15 because of the CDK Global cyberattacks and subsequent software outages.  .....»»

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A hopping robot could explore Europa using locally harvested water

Various forms of hopping robots have crept into development for use in different space exploration missions. We've reported on their use on asteroids and even our own moon. But a study funded by NASA's Institute for Advanced Concepts (NIAC) in 2018 p.....»»

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Dirty diaper resold on Amazon ruined a family business, report says

Amazon's process for inspecting returned items is "broken," consultant says. Enlarge (credit: AlexBard | iStock / Getty Images Plus) A feces-encrusted swim diaper tanked a family business after Amazon re-sold it as new,.....»»

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Could resources on Mars support human explorers?

In the coming decades, multiple space agencies and private companies plan to establish outposts on the moon and Mars. These outposts will allow for long-duration stays, astrobiological research, and facilitate future solar system exploration. However.....»»

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Juice"s lunar-Earth flyby: All you need to know

ESA's Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (Juice) will return to Earth on 19–20 August, with flight controllers guiding the spacecraft first past the moon and then past Earth itself. This "braking" maneuver will take Juice on a shortcut to Jupiter via Venus.....»»

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Apple"s India business surges by 33% as iPhone sales grow

Apple's sales in India have jumped up considerably over the last year, a move aided by the iPhone maker's moves to encourage consumer demand in the market.Mumbai, IndiaIndia is an important developing market for many companies, including Apple. With.....»»

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Like Fly Me to the Moon? Then watch these 3 great movies now

If you loved Scarlett Johansson's latest rom-com, Fly Me to the Moon, then make sure to watch these three movies that share similar themes and tones......»»

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Fly Me to the Moon review: charming, bubbly fun

Scarlett Johansson brings her full star power to the sparkly, crowd-pleasing new screwball space movie, Fly Me to the Moon......»»

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NASA’s flagship mission to Europa has a problem: Vulnerability to radiation

"What keeps me awake right now is the uncertainty." Enlarge / An artist's illustration of the Europa Clipper spacecraft during a flyby close to Jupiter's icy moon. (credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech) The launch date for the Europ.....»»

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WhatsApp Business is changing messgaing rate to cut down on spam

WhatsApp knows you’re fed up of receiving marketing messages, so it’s charging businesses more to send them......»»

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Managing cyberattack fallout: Financial and operational damage

In this Help Net Security, Ashley Harrington, Director of Cybersecurity at Aspida, discusses the impact of cyberattack on business operations and financial health. Beyond immediate disruptions and financial burdens, cyber incident can severely damage.....»»

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How AI helps decode cybercriminal strategies

With terms like “AI washing” making their way into mainstream business consciousness, the hype surrounding AI is making it harder to differentiate between the true applications and empty promises of the technology. The quest for tangible business.....»»

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The first Apple TV+ summer blockbuster, Brad Pitt’s Formula 1 film, is titled ’F1’

Ever since getting into original film production, Apple’s focus with Apple TV+ has been set on award-contending titles. Oscar bait like Killers of the Flower Moon, CODA, Napoleon, and its new best-reviewed movie yet. But for years, the company h.....»»

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Using microwave sintering to produce "space brick" for a future moon base

The recent discovery of energy resources on the moon, such as water ice, has refocused interest on its potential as a sustainable hub for space exploration. NASA has also announced the Artemis mission, aiming for long-term human presence on the lunar.....»»

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Gateway: The first lunar space station

An interplay of light and shadows cast the docking ports for Gateway, humanity's first space station around the moon, into sharp relief......»»

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Feds who forced Ukrainian investor to sell rocket company backtrack years later

"I hope you now are happy. History will judge all of you guys." Enlarge / Firefly Aerospace's board of directors in the late 2010s: Tom Markusic, Max Polyakov, and Mark Watt. (credit: Firefly) A long, messy affair betwe.....»»

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When it comes to sustainability reporting, it depends on how serious companies are about making change

Companies are facing pressure to become more open about how they do business. With income inequality, governance failures and the mismanagement of natural resource capital threatening both society and the environment, there are growing calls for more.....»»

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NASA moon rocket stage for Artemis II moved, prepped for shipment

NASA is preparing the SLS (Space Launch System) rocket core stage that will help power the first crewed mission of NASA's Artemis campaign for shipment. On July 6, NASA and Boeing, the core stage lead contractor, moved the Artemis II rocket stage to.....»»

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The Intuit QuickBooks Summer Savings sale is so good we may never see it again

The Intuit QuickBooks Summer Savings sale discounts QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Payroll to unprecedented lows. If you own a business, you need to see them......»»

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Returning Steve Jobs took over Apple 27 years ago

In July of 1997, five months after Apple bought NeXT and brought him back into the fold, Steve Jobs became Apple's de facto interim CEO, kicking off the most successful comeback by an executive in the history of American business.Steve Jobs (left) an.....»»

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