NHTSA investigates 50,000 VW ID4 recall for unexpected door opening

U.S. auto safety regulators are investigating Volkswagen Group's handling of a 2023 recall after reports of doors opening while vehicles were in motion......»»

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Hyundai, Amazon amp up pilot, ready launch

Hyundai Motor America is opening its program to its whole dealer body ahead of its late-2024 launch, but stipulates that Amazon lacks capacity to onboard everyone right away......»»

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This smart lock deadbolt has a huge discount at Best Buy — today only!

Add extra peace of mind to your front door with the Level Lock+ Connect. For a limited time, this awesome smart lock is marked down to $300 at Best Buy......»»

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HomeKit Weekly: A HomeKit door sensor is one of the most underrated devices

When looking to automate your home, a lot of the hype revolves around motion sensors and other devices, but I believe HomeKit door sensors are still some of the best devices to add to your Home app-backed home. I love the , as the device supports Thr.....»»

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Apple announces new, expanded Milton Keynes store in the UK

The current Apple Milton Keynes store in the UK is about close ahead of a new, expanded one opening on June 29, 2024.Apple's new Milton Keynes store is currently under wraps (Source: Midsummer Place shopping mall)Milton Keynes is in Buckinghamshire,.....»»

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Microdosing candy-linked illnesses double; possible recall in “discussions”

Of the 26 cases identified so far, 25 sought medical care and 16 were hospitalized. Enlarge (credit: Diamond Shruumz) Cases of illnesses linked to microdosing candies have more than doubled, with reports of seizures and.....»»

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Apple Store TRX in Kuala Lumpur looks as cool inside as out

We got a partial look at the outside of the Apple Store TRX in Kuala Lumpur a few weeks ago, and the tiered pyramid design looked pretty spectacular. Apple has now shared photos of the inside of the store, ahead of Saturday’s opening, and it doe.....»»

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Apple reveals first Malaysian store ahead of opening

Apple The Exchange TRX is to open in Kuala Lumpur on June 22, 2024, and the company has announced a program of Today at Apple special events.Apple The Exchange TRXAs previously announced, Apple's first store in Malaysia is opening in Kuala Lumpur's T.....»»

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Consumer Reports sends petition to NHTSA asking to reevaluate flammability test

Consumer Reports sent a petition to NHTSA requesting it update its flammability test following findings that chemicals used to meet those standards might be carcinogenic......»»

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Study reveals stable soil moisture variability within fields, opens door for satellite remote sensing

A multi-institutional study led by University of Illinois and Agroecosystem Sustainability Center (ASC) scientists concluded that, although soil moisture varies significantly both within a single field and from field to field due to varying soil prop.....»»

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Hope from an unexpected source in the global race to stop wheat blast

An important breakthrough in efforts to halt the advance of wheat blast, an emerging threat to international food security, has come from a surprising source......»»

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Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon laptop chip is slower than Apple M3 in single-core, and less power efficient

Qualcomm has been touting the performance characteristics of its new Snapdragon X Elite series of ARM chips for a while, which finally debuted this week inside the new Copilot+ PC’s (albeit without the fancy AI Recall feature, which has been delaye.....»»

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NatGeo documents salvage of Tuskegee Airman’s lost WWII plane wreckage

The Real Red Tails investigates the fatal crash of 2nd Lt. Frank Moody in 1944. Enlarge / Michigan's State Maritime Archaeologist Wayne R. Lusardi takes notes underwater at the Lake Huron WWII wreckage of 2nd Lt. Frank Moody's P-.....»»

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Samsung claims the next era of DRAM will be a ‘breakthrough’

Samsung is introducing 3D packaging services to GPUs and CPUs, opening the door to a whole new level of performance......»»

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What is Recall? Window’s controversial new AI feature, explained

Microsoft has announced a new AI Windows feature called Recall that has the potential to completely change how we use PCs......»»

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Stellantis recalls nearly 1.2 million vehicles in North America for rearview camera issue

Stellantis has issued 30 recalls in the U.S. so far this year affecting about 2.2 million vehicles, NHTSA data shows......»»

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Lady in the Lake trailer: Natalie Portman investigates a murder in Apple TV+ series

Apple TV+ released the official trailer for Lady in the Lake, an upcoming limited series starring Natalie Portman and Moses Ingram......»»

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New development opens the door to more studies of protein movements

A new way to study protein movements has been developed by researchers at Umeå University and the MAX IV Laboratory in Lund. The method enables significantly more experiments than before and allows us to learn more about vital processes in the cells.....»»

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You’ve never seen an iPhone like this before

Have you ever seen an iPhone without a camera on the back? If not, here's your chance, and a lesson on why someone may perform this unexpected modification......»»

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Improving soil health yields unexpected benefits for farmers

In the U.S., as farmers wrestle with extreme heat and drought, heavy rainfall and flooding, and erosion—all factors of climate change which can take a toll on crops—there's been a lot of buzz over regenerative agriculture over the past few years,.....»»

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Antarctic cold spells shatter records amid global heat waves in late winter 2023

While 2023 is noted for breaking global temperature records (State of the Global Climate 2023), the year also brought an unexpected twist with extreme cold events in Antarctica. A new study published in Advances in Atmospheric Sciences reveals the su.....»»

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