It Takes Guts to Fix Wind Turbines for a Living

Want one of the fastest-growing jobs in the US? Get used to being high......»»

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US Offshore Wind Farms Are Being Strangled With Red Tape

This year has seen wind farm costs rise and many projects canceled as developers struggle with opaque regulations and determined opposition—but the industry is far from dead......»»

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Black holes are firing beams of particles, changing targets over time

Black holes seem to provide endless fascination to astronomers. This is at least partly due to the extreme physics that takes place in and around them, but sometimes, it might harken back to cultural touchpoints that made them interested in astronomy.....»»

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Over 300 million young people have experienced online sexual abuse, exploitation, finds metastudy

It takes a lot to shock Kelvin Lay. My friend and colleague was responsible for setting up Africa's first dedicated child exploitation and human trafficking units, and for many years he was a senior investigating officer for the Child Exploitation On.....»»

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US"s Yellen expresses concern over rising living costs, FT says

US"s Yellen expresses concern over rising living costs, FT says.....»»

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What Is Wind Shear, and How Does It Shape Hurricanes?

An atmospheric scientist explains what wind shear is and how it influences hurricanes.....»»

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Giving koalas a fair shot at survival

Clinging to a teddy bear that dwarfs her, Tim Tam takes in her surrounds with shiny-eyed wonder and awe from the safety of her crib......»»

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Observing mammalian cells with superfast soft X-rays

Researchers have developed a new technique to view living mammalian cells. The team used a powerful laser, called a soft X-ray free electron laser, to emit ultrafast pulses of illumination at the speed of femtoseconds, or quadrillionths of a second......»»

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Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga review: a thrilling new trip down Fury Road

George Miller takes Mad Max out of Mad Max, but there are thrills aplenty in his astonishing spinoff prequel Furiosa......»»

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Droplets that swim toward dissolution could inspire fluid microbots

Researchers discovered that microscopic liquid droplets swim toward solvent conditions that favor their dissolution. This mechanism may underlie some transport processes within living cells, and could be exploited to develop fluid micro robots......»»

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Researchers reveal evolutionary origins of appetite by studying simple nervous system of Hydra

Over the course of evolution, living organisms have gradually developed more complex nervous systems in order to coordinate increasingly complex sensory, motor and cognitive functions and to control the associated behavior......»»

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Big bear takes a stroll through Northeast Ohio yard

Big bear takes a stroll through Northeast Ohio yard.....»»

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Heat wave cancels lessons for half Pakistan"s schoolchildren

Half of Pakistan's pupils will be shut out of schools for a week as the nation takes crisis measures to lessen the effect of a series of heat waves, officials said Thursday......»»

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Could alien solar panels be technosignatures?

If alien technological civilizations exist, they almost certainly use solar energy. Along with wind, it's the cleanest, most accessible form of energy, at least here on Earth. Driven by technological advances and mass production, solar energy on Eart.....»»

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New insights into the interaction of femtosecond lasers with living tissue

Nonlinear light microscopy has revolutionized our ability to observe and understand complex biological processes. However, light can also damage living matter. Yet, the mechanism behind the irreversible perturbation of cellular processes by intense l.....»»

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A merger of microbes: Study shows low-nutrient conditions alter viral infection

This much we know: When viruses infect bacteria—a common occurrence in oceans, soils, even human guts—the interaction results in the creation of entirely new organisms called "virocells." But scientists are still learning about how this merger of.....»»

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West Coast seabird study shows how they might one day share the air with wind turbines

One day, wind turbines may float off the coasts of California and southern Oregon, providing clean, renewable energy to millions of homes. But before construction can start, researchers are studying how to minimize the potential wind farms' impact on.....»»

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Beach erosion will make Southern California coastal living five times more expensive by 2050, study predicts

Rising sea levels and urban development are accelerating coastal erosion at an alarming rate in Southern California with significant ripple effects on the region's economy, a USC study reveals......»»

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Sonos takes aim at the AirPods Max with the Sonos Ace

Sonos has officially taken the wraps off their first-ever pair of headphones in the form of the Sonos Ace, but it doesn’t come cheap. The post Sonos takes aim at the AirPods Max with the Sonos Ace appeared first on Phandroid. For the lon.....»»

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Windows’ new Recall feature: A privacy and security nightmare?

Microsoft has announced the Copilot+ line of Windows 11-powered PCs that, among other things, will have Recall, a feature that takes screenshots every few seconds, encrypts them, saves them, and leverages AI to allow users to search through them for.....»»

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Double-pulse LIBS technology provides environmentally friendly analysis of deep-sea materials

The seabed contains large quantities of valuable minerals and metals that are urgently needed for modern technologies such as electric cars and wind turbines. However, discovering these deposits has so far been complicated. Diving robots use grippers.....»»

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