iPad mini remains the best for people who want a portable tablet

The iPad lineup has grown considerably in recent years. If you go to an Apple Store (or just open Apple’s website) now, you’ll find six different models available, ranging from the entry-level 9th generation iPad to the expensive 12.9-inch iPad.....»»

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Air pollution from fires hits world"s poorest hardest: study

People in poorer countries are disproportionately suffering from air pollution spewed from the increasing scourge of fires in forests and fields around the world, according to new research published Wednesday......»»

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Dealers alert to strike impact on showroom, service

Dealers said new-car inventory remains mostly stable in the second week of the UAW strike. But some are readying for a wider range of vehicles to become unavailable if the strike persists and expands to other assembly plants......»»

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Apple updates iWork with iOS 17, macOS Sonoma features

Newly updated iWork 13.2 with Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for the Mac, iPad, and iPad, has now been launched to take advantage of Apple's new operating system updates.Image Credit: AppleAll three iWork apps have added support for USDZ format, which.....»»

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How to recover from iPhone 15 stuck on Apple logo

Apple is warning that when moving data to a new iPhone with iOS 17, it's possible to stay stuck on the Apple logo screen. Here's what to do.Mockup of an iPhone stuck on the Apple logoThe issue is with iOS 17, so it can affect people moving to any new.....»»

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Daily deals Sept. 22: $20 off Apple Watch Ultra 2, Apple Watch Series 9 $389, $90 off iPad 9th Generation, more

Today's top deals include an Apple Watch Series 5 from $160, a FlexiSpot electric standing desk for $150, 30% off a Baseus magnetic power bank battery pack, CyberPower battery backup systems from $60, 60% off a Samsung wireless party speaker, and mor.....»»

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Was the freak "medicane" storm that devastated Libya a glimpse of North Africa"s future?

Storm Daniel landed on the Libyan coastal town of Toukrah in the early hours of September 10 and started moving east. Soon the wind was rising and heavy rain falling, forcing people to stay indoors. By afternoon the rain was clearly out of the ordina.....»»

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iPhone 15 hits shelves around the world. Here"s what you need to know

Apple's iPhone 15 lineup hit stores Friday as people waited in long lines across China, Europe and the US to be among the first to get their hands on one of the company's next-generation smartphones......»»

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iOS 16.7 arrives for older iPhones and people who don’t want to upgrade

Apple also updated iOS 15 recently, though it's unclear how long that will last. Enlarge / iPhones running iOS 16. (credit: Apple) Apple has released iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 (and their first minor patch, version 17.0.1) to.....»»

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Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop Go 3 is officially no longer a budget PC

The Surface Go tablet also gets an update, but only for business customers. Enlarge / Meet the Surface Laptop Go 3. It looks a lot like the Laptop Go 2. NEW YORK—Microsoft is updating two of the cheapest, cutest Sur.....»»

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Understanding the role of pareidolia in early human cave art

A psychological phenomenon where people see meaningful forms in random patterns, such as seeing faces in clouds, may have stimulated early humans to make cave art......»»

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Five golden rules for effective science communication: Perspectives from a documentary maker

Over the past three years, people from all walks of life have learned a great deal about different branches of science. The COVID-19 pandemic introduced many of us to information about virology and vaccine production. Environmental disasters in every.....»»

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Curiosity about religion is viewed as morally virtuous, new research finds

People from diverse religious backgrounds in the United States view curiosity about religion as morally virtuous, according to new research published in Social Psychological and Personality Science. Atheists also view this curiosity as moral, althoug.....»»

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Global study reveals extensive impact of metal mining contamination on rivers and floodplains

A study, published in Science, has provided new insights into the extensive impact of metal mining contamination on rivers and floodplains across the world, with an estimated 23 million people believed to be affected by potentially dangerous concentr.....»»

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Towards a better understanding of early human embryonic development

The onset of embryo-specific gene transcription, also known as embryonic genome activation (EGA), is a crucial step in the developmental journey of an organism. Although EGA has been studied to some extent in mice, human EGA remains largely unexplore.....»»

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Big businesses say they are helping to restore ecosystems, but proof remains elusive

We're witnessing first-hand an alarming decline of the world's ecosystems, which is having a devastating impact on the people who rely on them. In many cases, it's no longer enough to just protect what remains—degraded ecosystems must be restored......»»

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Why it is so difficult for people to come forward with sexual assault allegations

When writer E. Jean Carroll was asked why she finally went public—after more than 25 years—to accuse then U.S. president Donald Trump of sexual assault, her response was something that countless others have thought: "Think of how many women have.....»»

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How to download iPadOS 17 on your iPad

Apple's latest iPadOS 17 release is available now for everyone who wants to check it out. Here's how to download it today!.....»»

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Apple Watch Series 9 vs 8 and earlier: What’s different?

Apple Watch Series 9 is the latest version of the world’s most popular wearable. While much remains the same between Series 9 and its predecessors, there are a number of upgrades. Follow along for Apple Watch Series 9 vs 8 as we look at everything.....»»

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iPhone 15 provides more details on battery health and lets users limit charge to 80%

Right after Apple released iOS 17 RC to developers and beta users last week, 9to5Mac found code references to a new option to limit the maximum battery charge on the iPhone in order to better preserve it. As some people already have iPhone 15 in thei.....»»

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YouTube Music for iPhone gets permanent miniplayer with AirPlay, swipe controls

Following Android in June, YouTube Music on the iPhone (and iPad) has been updated with a permanent miniplayer that cannot be removed and adds AirPlay by removing “next song” in favor of swipe controls. more….....»»

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