Indonesia needs sales momentum to boost local content manufacturing

Indonesia's EV subsidies are taking effect today on March 20. As the program was announced earlier this month, the government is providing purchase subsidies to achieve sales goals of more than 200,000 units of electric scooters and 359,000 units of.....»»

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Electric fields boost graphene"s potential, study shows

Researchers at the National Graphene Institute have made a discovery that could revolutionize energy harnessing and information computing. Their study, published in Nature, reveals how electric field effects can selectively accelerate coupled electro.....»»

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Digital public archaeology: Excavating data from digs done decades ago and connecting with today"s communities

The ancestors of Alaska Native people began using local copper sources to craft intricate tools roughly 1,000 years ago. Over one-third of all copper objects archaeologists have found in this region were excavated at a single spot, named the Gulkana.....»»

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Travelers urged to keep it local in the name of sustainable tourism

From rolling vineyards to stunning beaches, there's no shortage of beauty to discover in our own backyards......»»

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Caffeine may be a useful marker of wastewater leaks in storm drain systems

In developed countries such as Japan, wastewater systems designed to keep harmful pollutants out of storm drainage are aging and deteriorating, sending contaminants into local bodies of water. Finding the source of a leak in wastewater systems that a.....»»

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Ferrari"s first EV to cost more than $500,000, report says

Ferrari is preparing to open a plant in Italy to make the full-electric model that is due to launch next year. It is expected that new EV could help boost the brand’s production by up to a third, Reuters reported......»»

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Observations explore stellar content of nearby young open cluster Berkeley 59

Astronomers from India and Thailand have observed a young nearby open cluster known as Berkeley 59. Results of the observational campaign, published June 12 on the pre-print server arXiv, deliver essential information regarding low-mass stellar and s.....»»

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Ford said to plan further job cuts in Europe amid sales slump

Ford plans more restructuring in key European markets amid slumping sales and the loss of its top executive in the region to VW......»»

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Javan rhino clings to survival after Indonesia poaching wave

In 2023, a newborn Javan rhino in Indonesia raised hopes for the highly endangered species. Now, conservationists fear poachers have killed up to a third of the surviving population, possibly with inside help......»»

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Study explores how local firms should adopt market, nonmarket strategies in the face of foreign direct investment

Studies have shown how inward foreign direct investment (FDI) increases the productivity or innovation of local firms in emerging markets, but little research has explored how local firms have to strategically cope with this competition......»»

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XREAL’s Beam Pro is a Phone that’s Made for AR Content

XREAL wants to take mobile AR hardware to the next level. The post XREAL’s Beam Pro is a Phone that’s Made for AR Content appeared first on Phandroid. While a lot of the augmented reality (AR) products that we’ve seen so.....»»

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How tight-knit communities might prevent environmental progress

New research indicates that strong community bonds could hinder rather than help environmental initiatives. The study, led by researchers at the University of Sydney's School of Project Management, examined communities where robust local ties lead to.....»»

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Team of biologists discover fluorescence in 27 marine creatures

A team of zoologists and marine biologists affiliated with several institutions in Indonesia, working with a colleague from Germany, has discovered previously unknown instances of fluorescence in 27 marine creatures......»»

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Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree review: triumphant DLC feels like a sequel

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree has so much new content that it nearly feels like a compact sequel......»»

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Mercedes denied right of first refusal request by Ill. vehicle board

Mercedes-Benz cannot exercise a purported right of first refusal to demand an Illinois dealer apportion the sales price of a three-franchise dealership he's selling, the state Motor Vehicle Review Board ruled......»»

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How to set up dual monitors in Windows

Dual monitors are a great way to boost your productivity and multitasking capabilities. Here's how to set them up......»»

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Larry Hinkle, who was world"s largest Jeep dealer, dies at 92

The South Carolina dealer set Jeep sales records during the brand's American Motors days and led customers on annual pilgrimages to the Smoky Mountains......»»

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Polar bears could vanish from Canada"s Hudson Bay if temperatures rise 2C

An international team of scientists said Thursday that polar bears faced local extinction in Canada's Hudson Bay by mid-century if global warming exceeds limits set under the Paris climate accords......»»

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Foreign-born pandas join China"s efforts to boost wild population

After years of charming millions of people around the world with their furry bodies and clumsy antics, foreign-born giant pandas are adapting to new lives in China......»»

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Here are all the shows and movies coming this summer to Apple TV+

Apple TV+ may not have the output of new content that a service like Netflix does, but it’s always getting new releases nonetheless. This summer, Apple has made a large collection of movies available to TV+ subscribers for a limited time, and it.....»»

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Stellantis cuts costs rather than turn defensive as Chinese threat grows

CEO Carlos Tavares said Stellantis would stick to its "asset light" strategy in China, mainly focused on exporting to the country rather than manufacturing there.  .....»»

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