Immune Cells That Remember Inflammation Could Offer Treatment Targets for Atherosclerosis

A type of immune-cell priming called trained immunity is helping researchers to understand the disease mechanisms behind the buildup of fatty deposits in arteries -- Read more on»»

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This 75-inch 4K TV is only $600 — perfect timing for the Super Bowl

With Super Bowl LVI less than a month away, you should take advantage of Best Buy's offer for the 75-inch TCL 4 Series 4K TV now if you want to get it in time......»»

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iPad Air 5 getting upgraded camera, chip, and 5G in 2022

The fifth-gen iPad Air might look the same as its predecessor, but it is said to offer 5G support, the new A15 Bionic chip, and an upgraded 12-megapixel camera......»»

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Smart soil bugs offer farmers an ecofriendly route to controlling crop diseases

An innovative method of controlling a range of damaging crop diseases using native, beneficial soil bacteria has emerged from a research-industry collaboration......»»

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Mini electricity generator made from quantum dots

Machines and electronic devices often generate waste heat that is difficult to utilize. If electricity could be generated from this waste heat, it would offer a means for a clean and sustainable power production: Such a technology would be ideally su.....»»

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ExxonMobil targets "net zero" emissions at operations by 2050

ExxonMobil pledged Tuesday to reach "net zero" greenhouse gas emissions in its operations by 2050, but stopped short of extending the promise to products it sells throughout the global economy......»»

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The best gaming smartphones for 2022

We all know which phones offer the best cameras and the most gorgeous looks -- but here are some of the best phones if mobile gaming is your top priority......»»

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Respiratory viruses that hijack immune mechanisms may have Achilles" heel

One viral protein could provide information to deter pneumonia causing the body's exaggerated inflammatory response to respiratory viruses, including the virus that causes COVID-19......»»

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Nanotherapy offers new hope for the treatment of Type 1 diabetes

Individuals living with Type 1 diabetes must carefully follow prescribed insulin regimens every day, receiving injections of the hormone via syringe, insulin pump or some other device. And without viable long-term treatments, this course of treatment.....»»

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Partnerships vital as India"s Hero Electric targets multi-million output

To promote growth, the electric vehicle (EV) industry requires partnerships more than the traditional auto industry does, because of the nature of EV technology, according to Hero Electric, one of India's premier EV two-wheeler companies that's aimin.....»»

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Amazon Great Republic Day Sale: Check out today"s offer on phones

Amazon's first sale of the year, the Great Republic Day Sale, is scheduled from January 17 to 20 and will bring in offers across smartphones and electronics......»»

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Despite Cannabinoids Study, "Odds Aren"t Fantastic" It Will Ever Treat Covid

While a recent study found that cannabinoids protected cells in a petri dish from SARS-CoV-2 infection, "working in a petri dish is a relatively low bar for a drug to clear," Slate points out. "The conventional wisdom in pharmaceutical sciences hol.....»»

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The 93 best shows on Hulu right now

It can be overwhelming to navigate Hulu's robust library of TV shows, but this list is continually updated to bring you the best shows that Hulu has to offer......»»

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Wi-Fi 6 routers: the best Wi-Fi 6 routers you can buy in 2022

Now that Wi-Fi 6 has finally arrived, we went ahead and gathered up all the best Wi-Fi 6 routers 2022 has to offer......»»

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Being in space destroys more red blood cells

A world-first study has revealed how space travel can cause lower red blood cell counts, known as space anemia. Analysis of 14 astronauts showed their bodies destroyed 54 percent more red blood cells in space than they normally would on Earth, accor.....»»

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Examining tiny cells surrounding the smallest blood vessels in the brain

One of the laboratories at the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences houses equipment worth many millions of kroners. Few research groups have the resources to buy an electron microscope when conducting scientific research. Using an electron microscope.....»»

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Microsoft bids farewell to Windows 8-era brightness and volume indicators in the latest Windows 11 Insider Build

The rounded corners treatment is coming to Windows 11’s hardware indicators, replacing the Windows 8-era vertical black bar for controlling things like volume and brightness that we've been used to for almost a decade......»»

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Light could boost performance of fuel cells, lithium batteries and other devices

Engineers from MIT and Kyushu University in Japan have demonstrated for the first time that light can be used to significantly improve the performance of fuel cells, lithium batteries and other devices that are based on the movement of charged atoms,.....»»

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How pathogens can turn off mitochondrial defense mechanisms

Mitochondria are known as energy suppliers for our cells, but they also play an important role in the defense against pathogens. They can initiate immune responses, and deprive pathogens of the nutrients they need to grow. A research team led by Lena.....»»

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Technological solutions to droughts

Perennial water shortages in California will likely only grow worse due to climate change. But emerging technologies offer hope—if Californians can stop taking water for granted, says David Feldman, UCI professor of urban planning & public policy a.....»»

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Generous paid sick leave provisions boost company productivity and profitability

New research from Bayes Business School (formerly Cass) shows companies that offer effective paid sick leave entitlement can significantly increase employee productivity and become more profitable......»»

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