Here’s where NASA will land astronauts on the moon

A new image of the moon's far side shows the region selected for the landing of NASA's Artemis III mission, which aims to return humans to the lunar surface......»»

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How to watch the Starliner spacecraft’s historic crewed homecoming

NASA is making preparations for the first crewed flight home involving Boeing Space's Starliner spacecraft, which is currently docked at the ISS......»»

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New training programs will prepare astronauts to perform medicine while thousands of miles away from Earth

In the coming decade, more people will go to space than ever before as human spaceflight enters a new era. NASA, the European Space Agency and other governmental agencies are partnering to develop crewed missions beyond the moon. At the same time, th.....»»

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NASA releases Hubble image taken in new pointing mode

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has taken its first new images since changing to an alternate operating mode that uses one gyro......»»

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Researchers investigate the impacts of space travel on astronauts" eye health

As space travel becomes more common, it is important to consider the impacts of space flight and altered gravity on the human body. Led by Dr. Ana Diaz Artiles, researchers at Texas A&M University are studying some of those impacts, specifically effe.....»»

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Researchers find wave activity on Titan may be strong enough to erode the coastlines of lakes and seas

Titan, Saturn's largest moon, is the only other planetary body in the solar system that currently hosts active rivers, lakes, and seas. These otherworldly river systems are thought to be filled with liquid methane and ethane that flows into wide lake.....»»

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NASA confirms first spacewalk of 2024 after last week’s cancellation

Following last week's spacewalk cancellation due to a spacesuit issue, two NASA astronauts are now making final preparations for a walk next week......»»

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NASA selects new date for Starliner’s crewed return

NASA has revealed a new date for the departure of Boeing Space’s Starliner crew capsule from the International Space Station......»»

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Boeing Starliner return to Earth set for June 26

NASA and Boeing are targeting a June 26 return to Earth of the Boeing Starliner from the International Space Station, officials said Tuesday......»»

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City sprawl is now large enough to sway global warming over land

Just how much heat does city sprawl add to large-scale warming? That's one longstanding question researchers sought to answer in a new study recently published in the journal One Earth......»»

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NASA planes fly over Baltimore power plants and landfills measuring air pollution, greenhouse gases

Planes are circling over power plants, landfills and airports around Baltimore collecting data for NASA on air pollutants and greenhouse gases......»»

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Look to women for sustainable livestock farming bordering the Amazon rainforest, says study

When trees and livestock compete for land, the trees usually lose. It doesn't have to be this way. But centrally designed plans to implement tree-livestock coexistence in deforested areas don't always work on faraway farmland......»»

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NASA delays Starliner return a few more days to study data

“I would not characterize it as frustration. I would characterize it as learning.” Enlarge / Boeing's Starliner spacecraft approaches the International Space Station on Thursday. (credit: NASA TV) NASA and Boeing wil.....»»

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Respectful canoeing means acknowledging Indigenous authority over the land and water

In a satirical look at canoeing in Canada, Ojibway comedian and author Drew Hayden Taylor once joked that "every time a non-native person whitewater canoes down the Madawaska River, or goes kayaking off Tobermory, they should first take an Aboriginal.....»»

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Nations realize they need to take risks or lose the race to the moon

The NASA-led Artemis-3 mission will place the first human boots on the surface of the moon since Apollo 17's Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt left the lunar surface in December 1972......»»

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Laying the foundation for lunar base construction: Elucidating lunar soil-microwave interactions

NASA aims to construct a lunar base through the Artemis program, a manned lunar exploration initiative. However, the practical reality of what the general public envisions for the space base differs somewhat from well-known science fiction movies. To.....»»

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Satellites find that snow didn"t offset southwestern US groundwater loss

Record snowfall in recent years has not been enough to offset long-term drying conditions and increasing groundwater demands in the U.S. Southwest, according to a new analysis of NASA satellite data......»»

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NASA"s LRO spots China"s Chang"e 6 spacecraft on lunar far side

NASA's LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) imaged China's Chang'e 6 sample return spacecraft on the far side of the moon on June 7. Chang'e 6 landed on June 1, and when LRO passed over the landing site almost a week later, it acquired an image showing.....»»

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Black holes formed quasars less than a billion years after Big Bang

A surprisingly normal looking quasar when the Universe was 750 million years old. Enlarge (credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, Joseph Olmsted (STScI)) Supermassive black holes appear to be present at the center of every galaxy, goin.....»»

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NASA"s Voyager 1, the most distant spacecraft from Earth, is doing science again after problem

NASA's Voyager 1, the most distant spacecraft from Earth, is sending science data again......»»

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Retired engineer discovers 55-year-old bug in Lunar Lander computer game code

A physics simulation flaw in text-based 1969 computer game went unnoticed until today. Enlarge / Illustration of the Apollo lunar lander Eagle over the Moon. (credit: Getty Images) On Friday, a retired software engineer.....»»

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