Get your clothes off the ground with new hangers

If you're mulling over clothing storage options, you've come to the right place. The best ironing boards help you keep wrinkles at bay, but that requires work, and sometimes lots of it. You can also keep clothes wrinkle-free and organized with the be.....»»

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Roblox keeps gaining ground, from Minecraft competitor to metaverse builder

With full cross-platform support and a growing library of worlds to choose from, Roblox is one of the most popular free gaming platforms right now. Download it here for Android, Windows and macOS......»»

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Permafrost in Daisetsu Mountains in Japan projected to decrease significantly

Areas with ground temperatures that remain below 0 degrees Celsius for more than two years are referred to as permafrost, and approximately one-quarter of the Northern Hemisphere and 17% of the Earth's exposed land surface is permafrost. Permafrost i.....»»

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Ground system for NASA"s Roman Space Telescope moves into development

When it launches in the mid-2020s, NASA's Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope will revolutionize astronomy by building on the science discoveries and technological leaps of the Hubble, Spitzer, and Webb space telescopes. The mission's wide field of vi.....»»

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How crushed rocks can help capture carbon dioxide

IIASA researchers and international colleagues explored the potential of using finely ground rock to help with the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere on the road to achieving net-zero emissions and keeping global warming below 1.5°C......»»

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New Linux Kernel, Btrfs in Novell openSUSE 11.3

The community Linux distribution gets a slew of enhancements, like new support for a filesystem that's gaining ground among major Linux players......»»

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China Unveils "Fastest Ground Vehicle In the World"

China has unveiled its new maglev train that's being touted as the fastest ground vehicle in the world with a maximum speed of 372 mph (600 kph). USA Today reports: The train uses electro-magnetic force, making it "float" so there is no contact betwe.....»»

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The West"s Punishing Summer Heat Dries Out Thunderstorms and Fuels Raging Wildfires.

Another scorching summer heat wave was set to peak across portions of the western United States early this week, with air so dry that rain from thunderstorms evaporated before reaching the ground and smoke from wildfires delayed hundreds of flights a.....»»

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How to set up boundaries and virtual barriers for robot vacuums and mops

Robot vacuum getting stuck on clothes or curtains, or spilling the dog's water? Here's how to create no-go zones in your home......»»

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Freeze drying, oral health experiments make speedy return from space station aboard SpaceX Dragon

A suite of International Space Station scientific experiments soon journey back to Earth aboard the 22nd SpaceX commercial resupply services mission for NASA. Scientists on the ground look forward to having their experiments back within hours, an adv.....»»

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Unsustainable Arctic shipping risks accelerating damage to the Arctic environment

The economic and environmental pros and cons of melting Arctic ice creating shorter shipping routes through the polar region are weighed up in ground-breaking research from UCL experts in energy and transport......»»

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Everything we know about the Steam Deck

Valve's new handheld game system, the Steam Deck, is built from the ground up to work with Steam's platform and cross-play with your PC. Here's what to know......»»

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NASA tracks heat wave over US southwest

While one science instrument mapped the dome of high pressure that settled over the southwestern U.S. in early July, another captured ground surface temperatures......»»

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Elgato Facecam is a new webcam designed just for content creators

Launching today is the Elgato Facecam, a Full HD 1080p webcam built from the ground up with tons of features designed just for content creators. .....»»

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What pairs with beetle? Startups seek to make bugs tasty

Tiziana Di Costanzo makes pizza dough from scratch, mixing together flour, yeast, a pinch of salt, a dash of olive oil and something a bit more unusual—ground acheta domesticus, better known as cricket powder......»»

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To track elephants, scientists keep an ear to the ground

The "mini earthquakes" that elephants make by both walking and vocalizing are not only a way to communicate with each other but can be used to track their movements, according to a study published Wednesday......»»

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Gogo in-flight internet has been renamed Intelsat

Jessica Conditt Contributor Share on Twitter Jessica Conditt is a senior editor at Engadget. The next time you’re on a plane, searching for a Wi-Fi connection while soaring thousands of feet above the ground, don’t look for the Gogo name......»»

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Mathematicians develop ground-breaking modeling toolkit to predict local COVID-19 impact

Mathematicians have created a new modeling toolkit which predicts the impact of COVID-19 at a local level with unprecedented accuracy......»»

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EPA Approved Toxic Chemicals For Fracking a Decade Ago, New Files Show

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The New York Times: For much of the past decade, oil companies engaged in drilling and fracking have been allowed to pump into the ground chemicals that, over time, can break down into toxic substances known a.....»»

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Dovetail, the venture studio that has worked with startups like Afterpay, is raising a new fund

Based in Sydney and Auckland, Dovetail is a full-service venture studio that works closely with founders who have a great idea, but may lack technical backgrounds. Dovetail helps them build companies from the ground up, preparing them for growth and.....»»

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Model predicts when rivers that cross faults will change course

As tectonic plates slip past each other, the rivers that cross fault lines change shape. The shifting ground stretches the river channels until the water breaks its course and flows onto new paths......»»

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