Formation-flying spacecraft could probe the solar system for new physics

It's an exciting time for the fields of astronomy, astrophysics, and cosmology. Thanks to cutting-edge observatories, instruments, and new techniques, scientists are getting closer to experimentally verifying theories that remain largely untested. Th.....»»

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Researcher finds iOS exploit that lets developers create animated app icons

It’s been a while since Apple let developers provide alternative icons for their apps, so that users can change them whenever they want. However, except for Apple’s Clock and Calendar apps, the system has no animated or interactive icons – but.....»»

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The Auroras Should Be Spectacular This Summer, Thanks to Solar Maximum

Increasing solar activity over the next year could bring more opportunities to see fantastic displays of the northern lights......»»

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Video: Unraveling the mysteries of clouds

Clouds are one of the biggest mysteries in the climate system. They play a key role in regulating the temperature of our atmosphere. But we don't know how their behavior will change over time as Earth's atmosphere gets warmer. This is where EarthCARE.....»»

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Black holes are firing beams of particles, changing targets over time

Black holes seem to provide endless fascination to astronomers. This is at least partly due to the extreme physics that takes place in and around them, but sometimes, it might harken back to cultural touchpoints that made them interested in astronomy.....»»

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NASA"s Europa Clipper makes cross-country flight to Florida

Assembled at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California, the spacecraft arrived at the agency's Kennedy Space Center in Florida on May 23 for launch preparations......»»

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The Earth"s changing, irregular magnetic field is causing headaches for polar navigation

The Earth's liquid molten outer core, composed mostly of iron and nickel, exerts an electromagnetic field extending from the north and south pole that protects the planet from harmful solar particle radiation......»»

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My unique wireless keyboard-with-trackpad is now just $22

The Logitech K400 Plus is a sleeper hit for entertainment system keyboards. It's just $22 now......»»

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Ukrainian strike on Russian nuclear radar system causes alarm in West

Ukrainian strike on Russian nuclear radar system causes alarm in West.....»»

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EarthCARE satellite to probe how clouds affect climate

Will clouds help cool or warm our world in the years ahead? The EarthCARE satellite will soon blast off on a mission to find out, aiming to investigate what role clouds could play in the fight against climate change......»»

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This EcoFlow solar portable power station bundle is $1,000 off

Amazon is selling a bundle that includes the EcoFlow Delta Max 2000 portable power station and a 220W solar panel with a $1,000 discount for a limited time......»»

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This 58-inch TV is discounted to $258, and it’s flying off the shelves

The 58-inch Hisense R6 Series 4K TV with the Roku platform is currently on sale from Walmart with a $40 discount, making it even more affordable at just $258......»»

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First proof that "plunging regions" exist around black holes in space

An international team led by researchers at Oxford University Physics have proved Einstein was correct about a key prediction concerning black holes. Using X-ray data to test Einstein's theory of gravity, their study gives the first observational pro.....»»

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Texas BMW dealership catches alleged fraud using face ID technology

It was because the woman had already been run through the Gather system that they were able to connect the two fraud attempts......»»

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Boeing won"t fix leaky Starliner before flying first crew to ISS

Boeing is set to launch its first crewed space mission in June without fixing a small helium gas leak on its troubled Starliner spaceship, officials said Friday......»»

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NASA finds more issues with Boeing’s Starliner, but crew launch set for June 1

Fixing the helium leak would delay Starliner crew test flight for months. Enlarge / Boeing's Starliner spacecraft atop its Atlas V rocket on the launch pad earlier this month. (credit: NASA/Joel Kowsky) Senior managers f.....»»

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Newly discovered ransomware uses BitLocker to encrypt victim data

ShrinkLocker is the latest ransomware to use Windows' full-disk encryption. A previously unknown piece of ransomware, dubbed ShrinkLocker, encrypts victim data using the BitLocker feature built into the Windows operating system. BitL.....»»

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The Strongest Solar Storm in 20 Years Did Little Damage, but Worse Space Weather Is Coming

Years of careful planning helped safeguard against last weekend’s severe space weather, but we still don’t know how we’d cope with a monster event.....»»

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There Is Too Much Trash in Space

Debris from spacecraft threatens the burgeoning space economy. We need a global agreement to keep space clean.....»»

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The Great Solar Storm of 2024 May Have Made the Strongest Auroras in Centuries

Northern and southern lights produced by a recent bout of severe space weather may rival the most intense auroras of the past 500 years.....»»

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Bilingual Brain-Reading Implant Decodes Spanish and English

A first-of-a-kind AI system enables a person with paralysis to communicate in two languages.....»»

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