Fluidizing the cell membrane: Effective internalization of lipid nanoparticles for photodynamic cancer therapy

In order to deliver cancer therapeutics to tumor cells, the cells' membranes must be overcome. A team of researchers have discovered a simple way to achieve this using lipid nanoparticles containing the reagent EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid)......»»

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Recombinant and tunable spidroin hydrogels for drug release and cell culture

In a new study, researchers at Karolinska Institutet show that recombinant spider silk protein hydrogels have many attractive features. They allow encapsulation of cells and bioactive molecules simply by incubation at 37°C. They are transparent, whi.....»»

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Unveiling the nanoscale frontier: Innovating with nanoporous model electrodes

Researchers at Tohoku University and Tsinghua University have introduced a next-generation model membrane electrode that promises to revolutionize fundamental electrochemical research. This innovative electrode, fabricated through a meticulous proces.....»»

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Missing link explains mRNA delivery in brain cells

Brain cells manufacture proteins in every corner, including their long branches. Neurons missing this ability cause severe neurological disorders like disability and epilepsy. The groups of Marino Zerial, Max Planck Institute (MPI) of Molecular Cell.....»»

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Preexisting stereotypes found to influence entertainment selection

Entertainment media has increasingly featured diverse representations that have the potential to combat harmful social stereotypes, but a new University of Michigan study raises questions about how effective they can be in the current media landscape.....»»

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Using satellite date to help accelerate the green transition

Earth observation has been essential in identifying and monitoring climate change. Satellite data form the baseline for effective European mitigation and adaptation strategies to support the Green Transition, the European Union to reach its goal of b.....»»

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Using magnetic nanoparticles as a rapid test for sepsis

Qun Ren, an Empa researcher, and her team are currently developing a diagnostic procedure that can rapidly detect life-threatening blood poisoning caused by staphylococcus bacteria......»»

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Study examines how DNA damage is repaired by antioxidant enzymes

A typical human cell is metabolically active, roaring with chemical reactions that convert nutrients into energy and useful products that sustain life. These reactions also create reactive oxygen species, dangerous by-products like hydrogen peroxide.....»»

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Study demonstrates one of the world"s fastest electron microscopes in action

Electron microscopes give us insight into the tiniest details of materials and can visualize, for example, the structure of solids, molecules or nanoparticles with atomic resolution. However, most materials in nature are not static. They constantly i.....»»

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How Steve Jobs" legacy has changed

When Steve Jobs died of cancer in his California home in 2011, the world rushed to eulogize him in glowing terms: Genius. Visionary. A modern-day Thomas Edison......»»

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Using artificial intelligence for culture medium optimization

Cell culture is a vital technology used in pharmaceutical production and regenerative medicine. It is heavily influenced by the composition of the medium, a nutrient-rich solution facilitating cell growth. Optimizing and developing culture media is a.....»»

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Unveiling the RNA-guided mechanisms driving cell fate

The early stages of embryonic development contain many of life's mysteries. Unlocking these mysteries can help us better understand early development and birth defects, and help develop new regenerative medicine treatments......»»

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Joint battery plant will benefit Hyundai, LGES in the US

Hyundai Motor and LG Energy Solution have embarked on a joint effort to scale up in the US. The pair announced on May 26 that they will build an EV battery cell plant together in Georgia. Production is expected to begin at the end of 2025......»»

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FUBAR review: even Arnold Schwarzenegger can’t save this absurd Netflix original

Netflix's new Arnold Schwarzenegger-led TV series, FUBAR, is an occasionally effective action comedy that greatly overstays its welcome......»»

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Artificial muscle fibers could serve as cell scaffolds

In two new studies, North Carolina State University researchers have designed and tested a series of textile fibers that can change shape and generate force like a muscle. In the first study, published in Actuators, the researchers focused on the mat.....»»

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Study establishes molecular basis for interaction between essential protein complex and its regulator

The labs of Lauren Jackson, associate professor of biological sciences and biochemistry, and Todd Graham, Stevenson Professor of Biological Sciences at the College of Arts and Science and professor of cell and developmental biology, recently publishe.....»»

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Plants remove cancer-causing toxins from air

A groundbreaking study has revealed that plants can efficiently remove toxic petrol fumes, including cancer-causing compounds such as benzene, from indoor air......»»

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Chromatin remodeling complexes "bookmark" cell identity during division

When a cell divides, it retains information about how to grow and instructions about what type of cell to become. Scientists at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital have gained a new understanding of how these processes can work, revealing a previou.....»»

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Scientists propose revolution in complex systems modeling with quantum technologies

Scientists have made a significant advancement with quantum technologies that could transform complex systems modeling with an accurate and effective approach that requires significantly reduced memory......»»

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Making the structure of "fire ice" with nanoparticles

Cage structures made with nanoparticles could be a route toward making organized nanostructures with mixed materials, and researchers at the University of Michigan have shown how to achieve this through computer simulations......»»

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The most effective ways of foraging can attract predators, scientists find

Animals using the most of efficient methods of searching for resources may well pay with their lives, scientists at the University of Bristol have discovered......»»

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