Fluidizing the cell membrane: Effective internalization of lipid nanoparticles for photodynamic cancer therapy

In order to deliver cancer therapeutics to tumor cells, the cells' membranes must be overcome. A team of researchers have discovered a simple way to achieve this using lipid nanoparticles containing the reagent EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid)......»»

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Honda"s fuel cell truck technology is ready for work

The Japanese automaker will demonstrate its Class 8 hydrogen fuel cell truck concept to showcase the viability of its clean technology in long-haul applications......»»

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New sensor gives unprecedented look at changes in ATP levels inside a cell

Just as the US economy runs on the dollar, the cellular economy runs on adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The energy-carrying molecule fuels nearly all processes inside the cell, making ATP critical for cellular life......»»

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Stiffness and viscosity of cells found to differ in cancer and other diseases

During illness, the stiffness or viscosity of cells can change. Tom Evers demonstrated this by measuring such properties of human immune cells for the first time. "The stiffness of certain cells could be a way to make a diagnosis," Evers said......»»

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Researchers discover new family of bacteria with high pharmaceutical potential

Most antibiotics used in human medicine originate from natural products derived from bacteria and other microbes. Novel microorganisms are therefore a promising source of new active compounds, also for the treatment of diseases such as cancer or vira.....»»

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Repurposed beer yeast encapsulated in hydrogels may offer a cost-effective way to remove lead from water

Every year, beer breweries generate and discard thousands of tons of surplus yeast. Researchers from MIT and Georgia Tech have now come up with a way to repurpose that yeast to absorb lead from contaminated water......»»

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Exploring interface phenomena for more durable and effective nickel–tungsten alloys

Alloying is a key process in creating new materials. By combining metals with desirable traits, scientists can produce alloys with suitable properties. For example, stainless steel, formed by combining iron with chromium, nickel, and other elements i.....»»

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Uneven strain distribution induces detwinning in penta-twinned nanoparticles

Twinned nanoparticles have regions of clear symmetry that share the same crystal lattice, separated by a clear boundary. Changing the twin structure can affect the properties of the nanoparticles, which makes controlling twinning to create tailored n.....»»

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Researchers develop increasingly sustainable methods for dissolving gold, silver and copper from recycled materials

Waste from computers and cell phones, solar panels and other discarded electronics are becoming an important source of noble metals alongside mining. Researchers at the University of Helsinki have developed sustainable dissolution methods for noble m.....»»

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Finding the chink in coronavirus"s armor—experiment reveals how the main protease of SARS-CoV-2 protects itself

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in millions of deaths. Despite an unparalleled collaborative research effort that led to effective vaccines and therapies being produced in record-breaking time, a complete understanding of the structure and lifecycle o.....»»

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Self-assembled Na-doped zinc oxide for the detection of lung cancer biomarker VOCs at low concentrations

Developing high-performance gas sensors for the detection of lung cancer markers at low concentrations is a crucial step towards achieving early lung cancer monitoring through breath tests. Metal oxide semiconductors (MOS) have long been sensitive to.....»»

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Nanoparticle plant virus treatment shows promise in fighting metastatic cancers in mice

An experimental treatment made from a plant virus is effective at protecting against a broad range of metastatic cancers in mice, according to a new study from the University of California San Diego......»»

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Researchers uncover mechanism for short-distance vesicle movements

Researchers at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) have thrown new light on the mechanism for how vesicles move short distances within specific parts of the cell, an area not understood by scientists......»»

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New method unravels the mystery of slow electrons

Slow electrons are used in cancer therapy as well as in microelectronics. It is very hard to observe how they behave in solids. But scientists at TU Wien have made this possible......»»

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Research explores ways to mitigate the environmental toxicity of ubiquitous silver nanoparticles

Silver has long been used to thwart the spread of illness and in recent years silver nanoparticles have been incorporated into products ranging from sanitizers, odor-resistant clothes and washing machines to makeup, food packaging and sports equipmen.....»»

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More children gain hearing as gene therapy for profound deafness advances

The therapy treats a rare type of deafness, but experts hope it's a "jumping point." Enlarge / Opal Sandy (center), who was born completely deaf because of a rare genetic condition, can now hear unaided for the first time after r.....»»

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Research holds promise for liver regeneration

A new study titled "Biomimetic hepatic lobules from three-dimensional imprinted cell sheets" has been led by Prof. Yuanjin Zhao of the Department of Hepatobiliary Surgery, Hepatobiliary Institute, Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital, Medical School, of Nanji.....»»

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Researchers reveal new cellular mechanical transducer

A research team has uncovered a novel regulator governing how cells respond to mechanical cues. Their findings appear in Nature Cell Biology......»»

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Genes spatially organize for efficient mRNA splicing, study shows

The nucleus of each of your cells contains all the genetic information (the genome) necessary to build every type of cell and protein in your entire body. Like a complex library in a tiny space 50 times smaller than the width of a human hair, genes a.....»»

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Report: Governments are falling short on promises of effective biodiversity protection

A new analysis of the world's largest 100 marine protected areas (MPAs) published in Conservation Letters suggests that governments are falling short on delivering the promise of effective biodiversity protection due to slow implementation of managem.....»»

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Researchers discovery family of natural compounds that selectively kill parasites

An international team led by researchers at the University of Toronto has found a family of natural compounds with potential as new and more effective treatments for parasitic worms. The compounds stall the unique metabolic process that worms use to.....»»

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