Employees with a history of burnout have lowest chances of selection for promotion

Earlier research indicated that former burnout employees experience unfavorable treatment when applying to a new organization. However, how would employees with a history of burnout fare in the context of a promotion in their current organization? Re.....»»

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As U.S. CPO sales fall to 8-year low, some brands make older cars eligible

Last year, sales of certified vehicles fell 9.4 percent to 2.49 million, according to figures from the Automotive News Research & Data Center. It was the lowest annual volume since 2014, when 2.34 million certified sales were recorded......»»

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What is 5G UW? The real meaning behind the icon on your phone

If you have a 5G smartphone, chances are you've seen a 5G UW icon on your screen. Here's what that (and the Ultra Wideband tech behind it) really mean......»»

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ChatGPT was down nearly all day, chat history still in progress

An outage struck ChatGPT for most of the day, including on OpenAI's paid service, ChatGPT Plus......»»

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Amazon to shed thousands more workers in ‘next few weeks’

Amazon is preparing to shed 9,000 workers across several departments. It follows similar action in November when the company let go 18,000 employees......»»

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You can now try the OnePlus 11 for free for 100 days — here’s how

OnePlus is running a promotion that lets prospective OnePlus 11 buyers try the phone out for free. Here's how to get in on it......»»

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Thailand smartphone market declines by 21% in 2022 to 16.6 million units, says IDC

According to the IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, the Thai smartphone market declined by 21%, ending 2022 with 16.6 million shipments, marking the lowest number of units sold in a year since 2014. Shipments fell 23% on year or to 4.2 mil.....»»

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The latest numbers on the microchip shortage: A lull in the problems

Just 2,400 vehicles are being cut from automakers’ production plans worldwide this week because of the microchip shortage, one of the lowest weekly totals in months......»»

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Google won’t honor medical leave during its layoffs, outraging employees

Ex-Googler says she was laid off from her hospital bed shortly after giving birth. Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson) Would you believe that Google's mass firings from January are still going on? Google's reported mishandli.....»»

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US investigates TikTok owner ByteDance’s surveillance of journalists

ByteDance said it condemned actions of its former employees. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Chesnot ) New reports say the US Justice Department is investigating TikTok-owner ByteDance over recent revelations that employ.....»»

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The revolution underway in India"s diamond industry

India's long history with diamonds enters a new chapter as lab-grown versions of the gem take off......»»

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Microsoft Office for Mac is on sale for $49.99, a discount of 80% off retail

The standalone Microsoft Office for Mac Home & Business 2021 license is discounted to $49.99, with no subscription to manage as its a one-time purchase.Save on Microsoft Office for Mac.Normally retailing for $249, the $49.99 promotion is hosted by St.....»»

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Google"s Swiss employees strike - again - as 200 jobs cut

Workers are fighting back in offices around the world as Google continues to cut costs and lay workers off......»»

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The EV startup boom is over. Companies are now trying to avoid a bust.

Many EV startups are struggling to pay their bills. They are contending with higher costs, government probes, lawsuits, C-suite turnover and investor burnout in a high-interest-rate environment. For many, the EV startup boom is turning into a bummer......»»

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Employees tend to avoid taking breaks despite high levels of stress

Heavy workloads make employees feel a greater need for a break, but new research finds they may actually discourage employees from taking breaks at work despite causing high levels of stress, fatigue, and poor performance......»»

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The best LGBTQ movies on Amazon Prime Video right now

Amazon Prime has worked at boosting its library of LGBTQ movies. We've parsed through the selection to give you the best on the streaming service......»»

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National Academies: We can’t define “race,” so stop using it in science

Use scientifically relevant descriptions, not outdated social ideas. Enlarge (credit: National Academies of Science) With the advent of genomic studies, it's become ever more clear that humanity's genetic history is one.....»»

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FCC officials owned stock in Comcast, Charter, AT&T, and Verizon, watchdog says

US law prohibits FCC employees from owning stock in firms regulated by the agency. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | SOPA Images) The Federal Communications Commission should be investigated for letting employees own stock.....»»

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Apple engineers allegedly testing AI-generated language features

With ChatGPT growing ever more popular, Apple has reportedly decided to step up its game and focus on natural-language search processing.SiriIn February, Apple held its annual AI summit, an internal event that briefs employees on its Machine Learning.....»»

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Rapid surge in highly contagious killer fungus poses new threat to amphibians across Africa

Mass fungus infections that drive populations worldwide to near-collapse don't just occur in science fiction. Chytridiomycosis, the worst vertebrate disease in recorded history, has already wiped out hundreds of species of amphibians around the world.....»»

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Meta cuts another 10,000 jobs in "year of efficiency"

Facebook owner Meta is almost doubling the number of employees that is laying off that it previously announced, and also plans to leave many further jobs that it has advertised, vacant.As recently predicted, Meta's new job cuts come after the company.....»»

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