Deadly virus"s pathway to infect cells identified

Rift Valley fever virus causes economically devastating outbreaks of hemorrhagic fever in livestock such as sheep, goats and cattle. These mosquito-borne outbreaks lead to infection in people working with dead or dying animals, sometimes causing hund.....»»

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Scientists uncover the genetic pathway that colors bumble bee stripes

While most people in the U.S. may think of bumble bees as the standard yellow and black variety, there are an estimated 260 bee species that sport about 400 different color patterns. One reason many people associate bumble bees with distinct colors i.....»»

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How a deadly land fungus began killing marine mammals in the Salish Sea

In the early 2000s, a fungus infected hundreds of animals and people in British Columbia and Washington State. Scientists found that the disease also killed porpoises and dolphins in the Salish Sea—perhaps affecting cetaceans even earlier than peop.....»»

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The next big thing: How do scientists bring hydrogen fuel cells from the laboratory to public life?

Fuel cells, due to their high efficiency and environment-friendly attributes in the process of electricity generation, are gaining popularity for Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) production, such as automobiles, forklifts, buses and airplanes. However, the co.....»»

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Poaching drove the evolution of tusk-free elephants

Researchers have identified genetic factors that stop tusk development. Enlarge (credit: Bisakha Datta / Getty Images) In the wake of severe poaching problems, some wildlife authorities have resorted to removing the horns of r.....»»

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Two new species of skinks identified

To coincide with National Reptile Awareness Day today Thursday 21 October, a new paper published in the Journal of Herpetology, led by South Australian Museum Honorary Researcher Dr. Mark Hutchinson in collaboration with Queensland Museum researchers.....»»

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Supercomputer simulations reveal how protein crowding in cells impacts interactions

Supercomputer simulations by RIKEN researchers have revealed how drug binding to a protein target changes as the surrounding environment becomes more cluttered with other proteins. These simulations could help improve drug development since they shed.....»»

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Shedding light on microbial communities in deep aquifers

Underground in peridotite aquifers, the rock can interact with water to produce hydrogen, which microbes can use to power their cells, research suggests. Yet much of the research on these water-rock interactions has been conducted using water samples.....»»

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Chip-based optical tweezers levitate nanoparticles in a vacuum

Researchers have created tiny chip-based optical tweezers that can be used to optically levitate nanoparticles in a vacuum. Optical tweezers—which employ a tightly focused laser beam to hold living cells, nanoparticles and other objects—can be us.....»»

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One of the first models to capture dynamics of confined cell movement

The process of normal cell division in the human body is quite simple: start dividing in response to a signal, such as a wound, and stop when enough cells have been produced and the skin is healed. But cancerous cells ignore the stop signs. They grow.....»»

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The term "Anthropocene" isn"t perfect, but it shows us the scale of the environmental crisis we"ve caused

Earlier this year, scientists identified early warning signs of the collapse of the Gulf Stream, an ocean current that influences the climate of the North American east coast and much of western Europe......»»

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Supernova: A glowing DNA enzyme

Once thought to function primarily as a storage molecule for genetic information, it is now known that DNA can also catalyze chemical reactions. Although such DNA enzymes (deoxyribozymes) have not been identified in nature, they can be isolated in th.....»»

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Tesla made $1.6 billion in Q3, is switching to LFP batteries globally

The lithium iron phosphate cells are less energy-dense but much longer-lived. Enlarge / A Tesla factory. (credit: Getty Images) Tesla made a profit of $1.6 billion in the third quarter of 2021. It built 237,823 cars and delive.....»»

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How political partisanship governed in-person schooling during pandemic

One of the most controversial topics related to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person schooling, wasn't necessarily determined by the severity of the virus. New research from Michigan State University reveals how political partisanship influenced schools'.....»»

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Assessing COVID Risk and More with Air Quality Monitors

The consumer devices track pollutants as well as CO2—a proxy for potentially virus-laden human breath -- Read more on»»

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Cigarette Smoke Kills Eye Cells

A new study reveals how tobacco from traditional or noncombusted cigarettes kills corneal cells -- Read more on»»

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Deadly Heat Is Baking Cities. Here’s How to Cool Them Down

Urban areas can be 20 degrees hotter than the surrounding country. But green spaces and reflective pavement can make city life more bearable......»»

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Njordarchaeota, a new candidate for a sister group to eukaryotes

The emergence of eukaryotic cells is considered as a critical biological evolutionary event on Earth. The origin of eukaryotes and eukaryosis are frontier issues in both life and Earth sciences. Currently, it is widely accepted that the origin of euk.....»»

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Researchers design antibodies that destroy old cells, slowing down aging

No one knows why some people age worse than others and develop diseases -such as Alzheimer's, fibrosis, type 2 diabetes or some types of cancer- associated with this aging process. One explanation for this could be the degree of efficiency of each or.....»»

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Scientists develop new sensor to capture calcium activity in cells

A team of researchers at Georgia State University has developed a novel approach for detecting the activity of calcium within cells. The study, led by Regents' Professor of Chemistry Jenny Yang, demonstrates the effectiveness of a red biosensor that.....»»

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AI is helping to quantify enzyme activity

Without enzymes, an organism would not be able to survive. It is these biocatalysts that facilitate a whole range of chemical reactions, producing the building blocks of the cells. Enzymes are also used widely in biotechnology and in our households,.....»»

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