Data gaps for race and ethnicity are holding back antiracism efforts, new report says

During the first year of the pandemic, Black people accounted for a disproportionate 15 percent of COVID-19 deaths in the United States. That number is bleak, but it's also probably incomplete: it includes only deaths where an official took the time.....»»

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Data center firms keen to diversify AI GPU sources

Data center manufacturers are keen on diversifying their AI GPU suppliers. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) intends to reap the most benefits with its Instinct MI300 series, offering an alternative to Nvidia's H100 GPU, according to industry sources......»»

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India"s internet economy is expected to reach US$1 trillion by 2030

Thanks to increasing internet adoption by consumers, the digitalization of enterprises, and efforts by the government, India's internet economy is expected to reach US$1 trillion by 2030......»»

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Mind how you use brain data, privacy watchdog warns

An increasing number of companies are interested in "neurotech", the information commissioner says......»»

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watchOS 10 tidbits: Apple Watch widgets, Control Center, watch face changes, more

The biggest change to watchOS this year is probably the introduction of widgets. Glanceable data is no longer constrained by watch face customization. The addition of widgets comes with a shuffle of how you navigate around watchOS 10, and some watch.....»»

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Gun-related deaths in US reach record high, analysis finds

A new report from the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions analyzing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data for 2021 reveals another record year for firearm fatalities......»»

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Study shows where professionals want to migrate within the European Union

Eastern Europe is the region in the European Union that is least appealing to professionals as a place to settle. A study led by researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in Rostock that used data from the employment platform.....»»

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Researchers outline best practices for understanding life on the ocean"s vast seafloor

Resource managers and policymakers need robust data about marine ecosystems for decision-making and setting sound policies. However, data about marine life can be challenging to collect, integrate, and analyze. Invertebrate animals are a key componen.....»»

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Where have all the petrels gone? Long-term study shows 90% population decline

To understand the effects of environmental changes on seabird populations, long-term studies are essential but rare. Biologists from Germany, Poland and Argentina have compiled data on the population dynamics and breeding success of Wilson's storm pe.....»»

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Intentional defects make for better reactions, researchers report

A defect is not always a bad thing. In fact, when it comes to improving the electrocatalysis process that produces clean-burning hydrogen gas, it may be a very good thing. Researchers based in China engineered an electrocatalyst—which speeds up a d.....»»

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Comprehensive new report tackles food safety risks in the informal sector of developing countries

A report commissioned by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and the CGIAR Initiative on One Health highlights the urgent need for innovative strategies to address food safety risks in the informal sector of developing countries. Th.....»»

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Apple didn’t make Siri a ChatGPT killer at WWDC — and that scares me

Thanks to ChatGPT and other services, the AI race is hotter than ever. But Apple and Siri are still noticeably absent — and it's not a good look......»»

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Russian-speaking cyber gang claims credit for hack of BBC and British Airways employee data

A group of Russian-speaking cyber criminals has claimed credit for a sweeping hack that has compromised employee data at the BBC and British Airways and left US and UK cybersecurity officials scrambling to respond......»»

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Sentra ChatDLP Anonymizer redacts sensitive information from ChatGPT and Google Bard prompts

Sentra announced Sentra ChatDLP Anonymizer, a new feature that redacts Personal Identifiable Information (PII) from ChatGPT and Google Bard prompts. ChatDLP enhances organizations’ data security by minimizing the vulnerability of critical data,.....»»

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Cyera integrates OpenAI to accelerate data security, privacy, and governance

Cyera’s integration with Azure OpenAI enables Cyera customers to make faster, more informed decisions about data security, privacy, and governance. Cyera’s data security platform empowers security teams to take action by automatically der.....»»

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Commvault announces new security capabilities to help businesses combat cyber threats

Commvault announced new security capabilities across its entire portfolio. Signaling the next phase in its evolution, Commvault is helping businesses secure, defend, and recover their data to meet increasingly sophisticated cyberthreats head on. As p.....»»

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Velotix releases modular architecture for its data security platform

Velotix has released a three-tiered architecture for its security platform that enables enterprises to transition towards fully automated data access. By beginning with data discovery and auto-tagging, and then evolving towards AI powered data access.....»»

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Cisco Full-Stack Observability Platform brings data together from multiple domains

Cisco launched a Full-Stack Observability Platform—a vendor-agnostic solution that harnesses the power of the company’s full portfolio. It delivers contextual, correlated, and predictive insights that allow customers to resolve issues more qu.....»»

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0mega ransomware gang changes tactics

A number of ransomware gangs have stopped using malware to encrypt targets’ files and have switched to a data theft/extortion approach to get paid; 0mega – a low-profile and seemingly not very active threat actor – seems to be among.....»»

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First on CNN: Pornhub asks users and Big Tech for help as states adopt age verification laws

Pornhub last month withdrew from Utah over a new law requiring adult sites to verify users' ages and holding them liable for serving their content to minors. Similar legislation is set to take effect next month in Arkansas, Mississippi and Virginia......»»

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Samsung’s new foldables will be launching this July

After hinting that this year’s Unpacked event will be held in Seoul, South Korea, Samsung has confirmed that the event will be taking place in July in its home country. Last week, Samsung hinted that they might be holding its next Unpac.....»»

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