ConnectSecure enhances its cybersecurity platform with deep attack surface scanning and EPSS

ConnectSecure is adding deep attack surface scanning and the Exploit Prediction Scoring System (EPSS) to its cybersecurity platform for managed service providers (MSPs) that protect small and midsize businesses. The new capabilities will be fully int.....»»

Category: securitySource:  netsecurityMay 31st, 2023

Utilizing scanning SQUID microscopy to investigate local magnetic response of Bi2212

Phase transitions in different states of matter, such as the condensation of gases into liquids or the transition from a normal metal to a superconducting state, can be described using Ginzburg-Landau symmetry-breaking theory. However, such a theory.....»»

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Solar storm detected in deep sea observatories

The powerful solar storm driving the aurora borealis over global skies last weekend was also triggering the movement of compasses deep in the ocean, as revealed in new scientific findings shared today by Ocean Networks Canada (ONC), a University of V.....»»

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Ebury botnet compromises 400,000+ Linux servers

ESET researchers released its deep-dive investigation into one of the most advanced server-side malware campaigns. It is still growing and has seen hundreds of thousands of compromised servers in its at least 15-year-long operation. The Ebury group a.....»»

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Is an open-source AI vulnerability next?

AI has captured widespread interest and offers numerous benefits. However, its rapid advancement and widespread adoption raise concerns, especially for those of us in cybersecurity. With so much interest, there are lots of insecure applications findi.....»»

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A golden layer unlocks sharper imaging and faster scanning with X-rays

Scientists have made a breakthrough in significantly improving the sharpness of X-ray imaging and potentially boosting the speeds at which X-ray scans can be processed. This lays the groundwork for both better medical imaging and faster security clea.....»»

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NASA eyes levitating robot train for the moon

NASA is considering building a railway on the moon that uses levitating robots to move payloads around the lunar surface......»»

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The critical role of IT staffing in strengthening cybersecurity

Many organizations lack adequate IT staffing to combat cyber threats. A comprehensive approach to cybersecurity requires more than technical solutions. It involves the right staff with the unique expertise necessary to recognize and prevent potential.....»»

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Monitoring strategies of suspended matter after natural and deep-sea mining disturbances

"Dust clouds" at the bottom of the deep sea, that will be created by deep-sea mining activities, descend at a short distance for the most part. That is shown by Ph.D. research of NIOZ marine geologist Sabine Haalboom, on the bottom of the Pacific Oce.....»»

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Wear OS 5 is the future of Android smartwatches. Here’s what’s new

Google's Wear OS 5 has just been announced — the next big edition of Google's smartwatch platform. Here are all the new features......»»

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This new app on the App Store emulates 38 different retro game platforms

RetroArch, a popular multi-platform emulator, is now officially available on iPhone and iPad, giving gamers a way to play their favorite legacy games on the go.RetroArch is now officially available on iOS via the App StoreFollowing the App Store debu.....»»

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Multi-scale, nanomaterial-based ice inhibition platform enables full-cycle cryogenic protection for mouse oocytes

Safe and high-quality fertility preservation is of growing significance for women in clinical trials. Current primary methods for cryopreserving human oocytes are slow freezing and vitrification, but existing techniques pose risks of biochemical toxi.....»»

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Meta shuts down Workplace, its Slack rival that never really took off

Meta is sunsetting its online communication app and telling users to move to a Zoom-operated platform by August 2025......»»

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Cybersecurity analysis exposes high-risk assets in power and healthcare sectors

Traditional approaches to vulnerability management result in a narrow focus of the enterprise attack surface area that overlooks a considerable amount of risk, according to Claroty. Organizations must take a holistic approach to exposure management T.....»»

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Cybersecurity jobs available right now: May 15, 2024

Associate / Pentester (Red Team) – Cybersecurity Audit Siemens | Germany | Hybrid – View job details As an Associate / Pentester (Red Team) – Cybersecurity Audit, you will be responsible for conducting cybersecurity assess.....»»

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Researchers propose deep blue OLED design exhibiting BT.2020 color gamut

A research team proposes a novel design in deep blue organic light-emitting diode (OLED) which realizes a series of highly efficient luminescent compounds closely aligned with the BT.2020 blue light standard. The study was published in Advanced Mater.....»»

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$7B in attempted App Store fraud blocked by Apple, says the company

Apple is continuing its PR offensive to promote the official App Store as the safest place to buy iPhone apps, after antitrust cases forced it to open up its platform to competition. It said that it has blocked more than $7B’s worth of attempted Ap.....»»

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Fine roots make the difference in metabolomes and microbiomes

Bacteria and fungi live together on the surface of plant roots, which can promote symbiotic interactions with the plant. Plant roots that are especially fine can support various niches for their microbial proliferations, but traditionally, microbiome.....»»

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Apple wants iPhone-like touch surfaces to be able to wrap around spheres

A flat touch surface isn't enough — thirty years after it retired the trackball in favor of touch-sensitive trackpads on PowerBooks, Apple could be planning to combine the two ideas into a new input device for the MacBook Pro.If Apple did make a tr.....»»

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Apple @ Work Podcast: Pull requests are welcome

Apple @ Work is exclusively brought to you by Mosyle, the only Apple Unified Platform. Mosyle is the only solution that integrates in a single professional-grade platform all the solutions necessary to seamlessly and automatically deploy, manage & p.....»»

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Are you meeting your cyber insurance requirements?

Cyber insurance policies are specifically designed to offer financial protection to organizations in the face of cyber attacks, data breaches, or other cybersecurity incidents. While they can provide a sense of security, it’s crucial to be awar.....»»

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