Built-in vibration control may help soundproof spaces

A different kind of design for absorbing vibrations could help better soundproof walls and make vehicles more streamlined, a new study shows......»»

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Blocking the sun to control global warming

It sounds like something out of a bad science fiction movie—artificially blocking sunlight to keep global warming from overheating the Earth. Nevertheless, a small cadre of researchers is studying the option—so that if humankind ever needs to use.....»»

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News aggregator SmartNews raises $230 million, valuing its business at $2 billion

SmartNews, a Tokyo-headquartered news aggregation website and app that’s grown in popularity despite hefty competition from built-in aggregators like Apple News, today announced it has closed on $230 million in Series F funding. The round bring.....»»

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Samsung reveals new WFH-focused monitor with built-in webcam and Windows Hello support

The Samsung Webcam Monitor S4 is a 24-inch monitor designed primarily for home workers who need to collaborate remotely with colleagues and others. The highlight is the built-in 2.0-megapixel FHD camera and an infrared camera, negating the need for u.....»»

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Razer says its new finger sleeves can make you a better mobile gamer

The Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve is made of smooth, high-sensitivity fabric that enhances wearers’ aim and control in mobile titles. It's also just 0.8mm thick and breathable, so your digits shouldn’t become sweaty during prolonged use......»»

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Urban stormwater study finds little difference between managed, unmanaged flows

At a time when many municipalities are seeking to control urban stormwater by investing heavily in green infrastructure—such as water-quality ponds, infiltration basins, porous pavement and riparian plantings—a new study suggests that these expen.....»»

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Concentration of microparticles in lakes reflect nearby human activity and land use

Predicting where anthropogenic debris accumulates in aquatic ecosystems is necessary for its control and environmental remediation, but plastic and fiber pollution in lakes is not well studied. A study published in PLOS Biology by Andrew Tanentzap at.....»»

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Razer’s new gaming sleeves look bizarre, but I need them

Razer Gaming Finger Sleeves allow players more control and accuracy for their mobile gaming, even if it looks kind of weird......»»

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LinkedIn is launching its own $25M fund and incubator for creators

When LinkedIn first launched Stories format, and later expanded its tools for creators earlier this year, one noticeable detail was that the Microsoft-owned network for professionals hadn’t built any kind of obvious monetization into the progr.....»»

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Chinese cloud operator demand sees little impact from new government restrictions

Despite the Chinese government's stricter control over the domestic IT industry, China's cloud computing server demand has not been impacted much so far, but will still need to be closely monitored for the long term, according to sources from the rel.....»»

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The Samsung Webcam Monitor has a retractable 2-megapixel webcam built-in

Samsung's new Webcam Monitor comes with a pop-up camera for videoconferencing, as well as infrared sensor to help you log into Windows without a password......»»

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You won’t believe how cheap the HP Envy laptop is with this deal

This computer, like its smaller cousin, is built for action, and at the same time, it’s super sleek and attractive......»»

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Use A Treadmill Motor To Seriously Upgrade Your Drill Press

How to upgrade an old drill press with a brushless 2.6Hp DC motor from a treadmill.This modification has many advantages, more horsepower, speed control and reverse of course, because every drill press needs a reverse! I cover the process of bu.....»»

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The next big startup may just help venture back more startups

Welcome to Startups Weekly, a fresh human-first take on this week’s startup news and trends. To get this in your inbox, subscribe here.  Oper8r, built by Winter Mead and Welly Sculley, wants to help new entrants in the VC world scale. The accelera.....»»

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How I Built Framework, The Laptop Tackling The Right To Repair

We aimed to make every repair possible for someone who had never been inside a computer before The post How I Built Framework, The Laptop Tackling The Right To Repair appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers......»»

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Infosec researchers say Apple’s bug-bounty program needs work

Apple allegedly pays less for bugs than its competitors do—and pays more slowly. Enlarge / If you don't maintain good relationships with bug reporters, you may not get to control the disclosure timeline. (credit: mhatzapa via Getty Images / Ji.....»»

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Unvaccinated are 5X more likely to catch delta, 11X more likely to die

Three fresh CDC studies show vaccines holding up against delta. Enlarge / The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) headquarters stands in Atlanta, Georgia, on Saturday, March 14, 2020. (credit: Getty | Bloomberg) COVID-19 vaccines.....»»

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Porsche and Siemens break ground on low-carbon e-fuel plant in Chile

Electrolyzed hydrogen is combined with CO2 to make methanol, then gasoline. Enlarge / 70 percent of the cars Porsche has ever built are still on the road. Since it wants to keep it that way, its developing a synthetic fuel that emits 90 percent.....»»

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Windows 11 recreated in a browser

In development since last month, this Windows 11 demo was built in React and JavaScript along with CSS. The project has a GitHub page detailing its progress where you can already try it out. It doesn't have much other than some basic functionality in.....»»

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We Built a CSAM System Like Apple"s - the Tech Is Dangerous

An anonymous reader writes: Earlier this month, Apple unveiled a system that would scan iPhone and iPad photos for child sexual abuse material (CSAM). The announcement sparked a civil liberties firestorm, and Apple's own employees have been expressin.....»»

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The True Haiti Earthquake Death Toll Is Much Worse Than Early Official Counts

A tool built by the U.S. Geological Survey suggests that the number of fatalities may range from 10,000 to 100,000 or more -- Read more on»»

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