Using Your 3D Printer To Make CNC Fixtures

One thing that I think about a lot, probably more than I should, is that 3d printers are ugly. Some silly decorations, though completely pointless, can drastically alter your perception of the machine. Two machines can feel totally different in capa.....»»

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Make That Laser Cutter Blaze: Upgrade a K40

Digital fabrication tools can run from hundreds to many tens of thousands of dollars. For makers interested in a really useful tool at a relatively low initial cost with tremendous upgrade potential, the generic “K40” type 40W CO2 laser pla.....»»

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Customizing Adaptive Devices for People with Disabilities

Microsoft’s Bryce Johnson and John Helmes Join Make: Editor Caleb Kraft Bryce Johnson works at the Inclusive Tech Lab at Microsoft who is one of the co-inventors of the Xbox Adaptive Controller and the Surface Adaptive Kit. John Helmes is an i.....»»

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Nerd Out about Music with us on January 26th

A new year means new Hangout & Nerdout topics, and we’re kicking off 2023 with a theme we know you’ll love: Music! We can’t wait for you to nerd out with synth maven Thea “Stargirl” Flowers! You’re going to love h.....»»

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Pixelblaze Pillows: Light Up Your Upholstery With LEDs

It is a profoundly human compulsion to change our environment to suit ourselves, and the quarter-trillion-dollar US home décor industry presents a playful (and profitable) example: We bedeck our living spaces to express ourselves and illustrat.....»»

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Embedded LEDs Make The Coolest Birthday Cake You’ve Ever Seen

Natasha Dzurny turned out this really cool project for Element 14. In short, she makes a birthday cake shaped display using flexible LED matrixes. Inspired by Lizzo’s birthday anthem, Natasha decided to make a whole party in the shape of a cak.....»»

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Building The Ghostwriter AI Typewriter

This crazy AI powered interactive typewriter has been bouncing around the internet since CES recently ended. it’s a pretty great example of putting a professional finish on an interesting piece. Luckily Arvind Sanjeev, the creator, has shared.....»»

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Beautiful LED Pendant In Three Steps

Wearable glowing accessories — we often associate them with Halloween costumes or a packed concert. While those are definitely fun, I wanted to make elegant jewelry, fit to wear on a night out with friends or a casual day at work. There’s som.....»»

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Review: The Keychron Q10 is a Luxury Mechanical Keyboard with Knobs On

Review: The Keychron Q10 is a Luxury Mechanical Keyboard with Knobs On.....»»

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Make an Iron-on Textile Circuit and Learn All About Wearables

It’s 15 years since LilyPad — learn what’s new and make your first iron-on circuit! The post Make an Iron-on Textile Circuit and Learn All About Wearables appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers......»»

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Solar Power on the Move

It’s fun to use mini solar cells to charge your gear or power small gadgets, and once you’ve learned the basics you can scale up to bigger panels. Let’s explore ways you can harness solar energy for your own DIY projects — mobile, weara.....»»

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Put A Little Earth On Your Desktop With Raspberry Pi and A Round Display

Some people keep digital picture frames on their desk that display images of their loved ones and special occassions. Sometimes they show fancy locations that they’ve visited. Matt Gray’s digital picture frame shows everyone and everywhe.....»»

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Passing Time: A Clock Made from Beer Bottles

Rick Stanley makes very special clocks. He makes clocks out of beer bottles (over 300 Yuengling beer bottles to be exact), clocks with bicycle bells, clocks featuring coins, dominoes, and fluids. He makes novelty clocks of great complexity alongside.....»»

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Raspberry Pi Announces New Camera Module

Raspberry Pi announced today that there is a new vision system available for their eco system: The Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3. The new hardware has four variants: All four have a 12 megapixel 7.9mm (diagonal) Sony IMX708 sensor with autofocus and.....»»

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To the Stars: Making A Stained Glass Space Shuttle

Space. For most, it is the final frontier. For others, it remains a distant galaxy far, far away. But for some, like the creative team of Nicole and Thure of When Geeks Craft, it is a destination already reached. Their stained-glass, fully-lit repl.....»»

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Surreal Sculptures Branching Through The Natural and Modern World

Henrique Oliveira never knows exactly how his sprawling sculptures will take shape, which is, perhaps, a contributing factor to their organic look and feel, bridging the natural world with the modern, resulting in the surreal exhibitions and in.....»»

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Enjoy The Mechanical 3D Printed Marvels Of JBV Creative

There’s a whole genre of creation that is basically just engineers tinkering to make cute mechanical structures. Historically you’d see odd whittled wood mechanisms and such, but with the proliferation of 3d printers, that hobby has expl.....»»

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Making A Functional Lego Computer Is Even More Complex Than You Think

Playing with Lego is a time honored tradition of both young and and old. This build however takes things a few steps beyond simply plugging in the correct shapes to make your structure. Ancient James has designed and built a functional version of th.....»»

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ATmega4809 Curiosity Nano

The ATmega4809 Curiosity Nano board is an evaluation board from Microchip featuring one of the larger AVR microcontrollers from the 0-series. The board is designed to be maker-friendly with a familiar form factor supporting headers for breadboard us.....»»

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