Maker Faire Vienna 2023 Brings Together Maker Pioneers and Visionaries

Technology, art, science & crafts - Austria's largest DIY festival! The maker community will meet at the Maker Faire Vienna on June 3rd and 4th. Visitors can look forward to an extensive program with workshops and lectures. There is something for ev.....»»

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Make: Education Forum Returns September 22 +23

The Make: Education Forum aims to transform education by focusing on the needs and interests of educators and their students by developing new technical skills and encouraging the process of creative problem-solving. In this two-day virtual event, g.....»»

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This Guy Built A Lamborghini From Scratch, And 3D Printed The Body

There are varying levels to car culture hobbyists. There are those who keep their car stock, those who restore, those who hot rod, and even those who custom build from scratch. Sterling took that last option to a bit of an extreme. Together with his.....»»

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Accessibility Hacks In Music: An Instrument For Henar

Music is such an integral part of the human experience. A musical chord can evoke emotion faster than a paragraph. The desire to make music is overwhelming for many of us. Unfortunately, for some, there are obstacles in the way. This project aims to.....»»

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Becky’s Mermaid Hair Is A Delightfully Illuminated Wearable

Becky stern is back with another interesting project that really goes outside the box. This LED wearable is meant to be worn in your hair and pulls inspiration from the mermaids that she saw as a child. It really is interesting how she managed to wr.....»»

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This Tiny Orrery Fits In Your Hand And Has A Web Interface

I’m a fan of orreries. These little models of our planetary bodies and orbits are truly fascinating and have captured my mind ever since I saw the big mechanical one featured in the movie The Dark Crystal. Give me any orrery and I’m happ.....»»

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This Portable Loom Lets You Weave on The Go

If there’s anything the modern day maker needs, it is the ability to pop out some weaving when they have a spare few minutes. Imagine you’re taking the subway for your hour long morning commute and you reach into your bag and pull out a.....»»

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Join Our LIVE Launch Party To Talk With Authors From Our Latest Issue

Make: Volume 85 is your gateway to the burgeoning DIY music scene! From soldering together your first synth, to modular SDIY, to simple software solutions, join our editorial staff and a modicum of maker musicians to learn how to craft everything fr.....»»

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How I Built A Guitar Picking Robot

The idea came to me while I was listening to a great Seattle fingerpicking guitarist, the late Klaus Lendzian, at a favorite local restaurant. I’d been hearing him play at various venues around town since the 1980s.  As I watched him play, I.....»»

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Source:  MakezineonlineCategory: GadgetMay 24th, 2023Related News

Authentic Learning and Making

Michael Stone is an educator who led efforts to create 34 Fab Labs in K-12 schools in Hamilton County, Tennessee, despite not thinking of himself as having any skills or interest in making. He was a basketball coach with a degree in computer science.....»»

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Source:  MakezineonlineCategory: GadgetMay 24th, 2023Related News

Making A Laser Projector From An Old Hard Drive

I absolutely love creative re-use of old computer hardware. Maybe it’s because I’m a very cheap person. maybe it’s because I have fond memories of the more hacky old days of building computers. Whatever the reason, projects like th.....»»

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Robots and More at Piedmont School Maker Faire

The School Maker Faire in Piedmont, CA, which has served as a model for thousands of School Maker Faire across the world, will have its 8th go round this Sunday, May 21st. The post Robots and More at Piedmont School Maker Faire appeared first on Ma.....»»

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Speed Demons: The New Generation Of 3D Printing

3D printing is great but it’s always been slooooow, with average print speeds for extruder movement around 60mm/sec. But in the past year or two, that number has gone up quite a lot, with some printers printing reliably at a blazing 250 or ev.....»»

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You’ve Never Seen Instruments Like These: Maker Music Festival

The Maker Music Festival is coming up quick! This educational, virtual, musical event is taking place on may 20th. I absolutely love the ingenuity and creativity of the folks who create musical instruments. They always seem to have an interesting tw.....»»

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Our Latest Humble Bundle Includes An Awesome DIY Joystick Kit

We’ve been doing Humble Bundle sales for a while now and people seem to really love them. In each one, there is a collection of books from our library and you get to choose how much you pay. For each sale, a portion goes to a charity! Our late.....»»

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Maker Spotlight: Laura Mathews And Her Dragon Puppets

Name Laura Mathews Where are you located? Nottingham, United Kingdom What is your day job? Artist, Sculptor and puppet maker, I also work 2 days a week at Nottingham Trent University as a lecturer and technician in the School of Art. Do you attend a.....»»

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3D Scanning Is Easier Than Ever, Here’s What You Need To Get Started

Just like 3D printing, 3D scanning has exploded in popularity over the past decade and it’s now easier than ever to get started with this exciting technology. 3D scanned models can be printed on 3D printers, uploaded to repository sites like Sketc.....»»

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Hand Engraving With Clickspring

I personally find videos of precise hand skills to be mesmerizing. I find myself lost in the process as tiny details emerge and I can only imagine the skill it takes to get to the final product. Clickspring’s videos fill that craving of mine v.....»»

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