Bird Flu Is Back in the US. No One Knows What Comes Next

The fast-moving pathogen, which has already invaded Europe, was found in East Coast ducks. The last outbreak that tore through the US killed 50 million birds......»»

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Aerodynamics of perching birds could inform aircraft design

If you have ever watched a bird land on a tree branch, you may have noticed that it rapidly pitches its wings upward at a high angle to execute a smooth landing. However, for some birds, they land by folding their wings as they perch instead, creatin.....»»

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The annual bird migration has begun. Birding pros offer hope and advice

Peggy Stenger casually admits to having a freezer of dead birds......»»

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Modeling how a bird"s individual speed is regulated within a flock, such as during murmurations

A team of researchers at Istituto Sistemi Complessi, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, UOS Sapienza and a colleague from IMT Institute for Advanced Studies has created a model that demonstrates how flocking birds regulate their speed. In their pape.....»»

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Structure of "gliding bird" plant protein could lead to better crops

Biologist Xinnian Dong says her "best Christmas gift ever" arrived in the form of a phone call. The call was from her longtime friend and collaborator at Duke University, Pei Zhou, who rang with long-awaited news: they had finally solved the structur.....»»

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Avian flu confirmed in 2 backyard Pacific Northwest flocks

An avian flu that's spreading quickly across the U.S. has been detected in the Pacific Northwest in two backyard bird flocks in rural Oregon and Washington......»»

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A motif perched within the Gilgameš Epic

Birds call forth a myriad of meanings in the Gilgameš Epic. Winged creatures convey abundance and revelry, enhance the narrative's soundscape, and foretell events in the story. In the article "Soundscapes, Portentous Calls, and Bird Symbolism in the.....»»

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Bird flu takes unheard-of toll on bald eagles, other birds

Bird flu is killing an alarming number of bald eagles and other wild birds, with many sick birds arriving at rehabilitation centers unsteady on their talons and unable to fly......»»

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First recent US case of human bird flu confirmed in Colorado

A Colorado prison inmate has become the first person in the U.S. to test positive for bird flu in a recent outbreak that has led to the deaths of millions of chickens and turkeys, but federal officials say they still see little threat to the general.....»»

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Researchers suggest that complex bird songs might require large populations

Growing up in a small community has its advantages, but if you want to learn from world experts, you may have better luck in a big city. This is the case in the world of birds as well. Large populations of birds might be better able to maintain compl.....»»

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Mass Twitter deactivations accompanied by jump in new accounts

After Elon Musk bought Twitter, the bird app saw both mass deactivations and account creations. And these manifested in pretty dramatic follower count changes......»»

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Analyzing bird population declines due to renewable power sources in California

A team of researchers affiliated with a large number of institutions in the U.S. has attempted to determine the vulnerability of bird populations to alternative energy production. In their paper published in the journal Royal Society Open Science, th.....»»

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New bird app spreads its wings

Researchers from The University of Queensland have helped design an app to protect birds at risk of extinction across the world by breaking down language barriers between scientists......»»

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How will climate change affect where high-elevation Alpine birds live?

A recent study published in Global Change Biology has examined where climate-sensitive bird species dependent on high-elevation habitats might survive across the European Alps in the face of climate change......»»

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Officials say bird flu found at 3rd Indiana duck farm

Avian influenza has been detected in a third northern Indiana duck farm, state officials said Monday......»»

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USDA identifies new bird flu cases in Pennsylvania, Utah

New cases of bird flu have been detected in a commercial chicken flock in Pennsylvania and a backyard flock in Utah, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said Saturday, in what is one of the worst outbreaks in the country's history......»»

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A Brutal Wave of Bird Flu Spotlights the Need for a Poultry Vaccine

More than 27 million birds have died or been slaughtered, and wild birds are dying too. Without a shot, farmers have to rely on vigilance and culling their flocks......»»

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6 Twitter features I want no matter who’s in charge

Will Elon Musk successfully buy Twitter? Who knows. But no matter who takes charge of the beloved bird app, there are some improvements I want them to make......»»

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Nationwide maps of bird species can help protect biodiversity

New, highly detailed and rigorous maps of bird biodiversity could help protect rare or threatened species......»»

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2 bird flu cases confirmed in US zoos as virus spreads

Two cases of bird flu have been confirmed in U.S. zoos, but officials said they won't order widespread euthanasia of zoo birds the way they have on farms......»»

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The AnkerMake M5 makes 3D printing easier and faster

The new AnkerMake M5 makes 3D printing easy, and it's now live on Kickstarter with a deep Early Bird discount......»»

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