Another day, another One UI 6.1 problem

It seems that the One UI 6.1 update is causing more problems than it fixes, with Galaxy S23 users experiencing issues with their fingerprint scanners. The post Another day, another One UI 6.1 problem appeared first on Phandroid. Samsung re.....»»

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Cybertruck owners allege pedal problem as Tesla suspends deliveries

Owners will have to wait until April 20 for deliveries to resume. Enlarge / The Cybertruck remains a divisive vehicle. (credit: Jonathan Gitlin) Tesla's troubled Cybertruck appears to have hit yet another speed bump. Ove.....»»

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Record heat rots cocoa beans threatening Ivory Coast agriculture

Surrounded by cocoa trees and intense heat, Christian Andre Yapi is forced to admit that the precious beans are no longer growing as they should, a major problem for the world's leading producer......»»

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If you"re a paying X user, Elon Musk wants his Grok AI to write your posts for you, report says

Elon Musk wants X's Grok AI Chatbot to compose users' tweets. Here's why it's such a big problem that even X employees are trying to stop it. Elon Musk has long warned of the dangers of AI. However, it doesn't seem that he's all that concerned.....»»

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There’s a big problem with the iPhone’s Photos app

Google is making its best photo-editing tools available on all smartphones. But in doing so, it also shines a light on just how stale Apple Photos has become......»»

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Problems with 3 Body Problem? Experts discuss physics, mathematics behind hit Netflix show

The science fiction television series 3 Body Problem, the latest from the creators of HBO's Game of Thrones, has become the most watched show on Netflix since its debut last month. Based on the bestselling book trilogy Remembrance of Earth's Past by.....»»

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A model to promote the coordination between environmental protection and agricultural development in Erhai Lake

Erhai Lake, covering 252 km2, located in Yunnan Province, is one of the seven largest freshwater lakes in China. However, over the last three decades, the lake has suffered pollution episodes. In order to solve this problem, the local government has.....»»

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Huawei might have figured out a low-tech way of building more advanced chipsets

A recent patent discovery has revealed that Huawei might have found a way to get around the lithography problem. The post Huawei might have figured out a low-tech way of building more advanced chipsets appeared first on Phandroid. Due to t.....»»

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Apple Watch Ghost Touch Issue Spreads, Here’s How to Fix It

Apple Watch users experiencing ghost touch issues need to fix the problem on their own as Apple has instructed service providers to not replace Watches for the problem. Earlier this year, Apple Watch users started complaining about false touches wher.....»»

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Want more "3 Body Problem?" Here"s how to watch the Chinese adaptation "Three-Body"

How to watch '3 Body Problem' online and at home, as well as the original Chinese adaptation 'Three-Body.' How to watch '3 Body Problem' and 'Three-Body' at a glance:.....»»

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This website offers uncensored, unfiltered sexual health education

Parenting brand Frida launches its latest initiative, a website that shares uncensored, human tutorials for its popular products and skirts social media restrictions. The phrase, "There's a censorship problem in the United States," is a homing.....»»

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Official Spotify song remixing coming, so artists get paid (kinda)

It’s not uncommon for younger music fans to create their own song mixes for social media posts, especially on TikTok. The problem is that artists don’t get paid for these unofficial mixes, and that’s something an upcoming Spotify song remixing.....»»

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Apple issues fix for ‘ghost touch’ problem on older Apple Watches

Advice that was recently given to fix the ghost touch issue on the latest Apple Watches has reportedly been extended to older Apple Watches, too......»»

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Apple Watch ‘ghost touch’ problem continues to haunt users as Apple investigates

Apple has once again acknowledged an ongoing “false touch” problem affecting Apple Watch users. Oftentimes referred to as “ghost touches,” this issue causes the Apple Watch to act as if the display is being tapped, even when it isn’t. m.....»»

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Scientists create octopus survival guide to minimize impacts of fishing

Octopuses have been around for hundreds of millions of years, but did you know that most only live for a few years, dying soon after mating or laying eggs? Until now that hasn't been a problem, but octopus catches have doubled in recent decades as th.....»»

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Using research to solve societal problems starts with building connections and making space for young people

Often, when scientists do research around a specific societal challenge, they hope their work will help solve that larger problem. Yet translating findings into long-lasting, community-driven solutions is much harder than most expect......»»

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Using CO₂ and biomass, researchers find path to more environmentally friendly recyclable plastics

Modern life relies on plastic. This lightweight, adaptable product is a cornerstone of packaging, medical equipment, the aerospace and automotive industries and more. But plastic waste remains a problem as it degrades in landfills and pollutes oceans.....»»

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Fintech has a gender problem—here"s why you should care

Fintech (financial technology) is everywhere. It's the catch-all term for technology-enabled financial services innovation......»»

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Planned EV battery plant in Detroit sparks concern from residents

The problem is that the first the public heard about the project was after government incentives were approved, a community organizer says......»»

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Finding new chemistry to capture double the carbon

Finding ways to capture, store, and use carbon dioxide (CO2) remains an urgent global problem. As temperatures continue to rise, keeping CO2 from entering the atmosphere can help limit warming where carbon-based fuels are still needed......»»

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Apple doesn’t want Vision Pro to be the next Google Glass, but developers say that’s a problem

Apple Vision Pro has a number of robust privacy protections in place, including limitations on how third-party developers can access camera data. A new report from The Information today explores how Apple’s fear of Vision Pro having a Google Glass-.....»»

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