AI alone will not fix bad customer service

AI alone will not fix bad customer service.....»»

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Google just killed one of the more appealing features of Google One

Google has emailed Google One customers informing them that they will be eventually shutting down its VPN service. The post Google just killed one of the more appealing features of Google One appeared first on Phandroid. One of the feature.....»»

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Apple Watch Ghost Touch Issue Spreads, Here’s How to Fix It

Apple Watch users experiencing ghost touch issues need to fix the problem on their own as Apple has instructed service providers to not replace Watches for the problem. Earlier this year, Apple Watch users started complaining about false touches wher.....»»

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Publisher Reinforces Paywall With Sci-Hub Blockade in Germany

As part of a voluntary agreement with copyright holders, German Internet service providers block a list of structurally infringing websites. This blocklist has recently expanded with the first publisher-related target; popular shadow library, Sci-Hub.....»»

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Pirate IPTV Investigations Are Expensive, Time-Consuming & Prone to Misfire

In September 2023, Swedish anti-piracy group Rights Alliance was looking forward to the upcoming trial of a man suspected of being behind a pirate IPTV service. He registered the site's domain and in 2020 received almost $190,000 in cryptocurrency fr.....»»

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Valyuz Review – Dedicated Business IBAN Services for Everyone

Valyuz stands out as a business debit card service known not only for its financial management prowess but also for a range of other valuable features. From small startups to large enterprises, various businesses rely on this company to cater to thei.....»»

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How to unblock and watch Xnxx porn for free

Unblock Xnxx for free with ExpressVPN. The best VPN for porn is ExpressVPN. TL;DR: ExpressVPN is the best service for unblocking free porn sites. This high-speed VPN can reliably bypass content restrictions to unblock sites like Pornhub, XVideo.....»»

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Your internet service provider now has to provide you with a "nutrition label"

Internet service providers are now required by the FCC to provide consumers with a "nutrition label" with all fees and other plan info detailed. It's been 34 years since the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act of 1990 made it mandatory for com.....»»

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This streaming service for dogs is just $23.99 for 3 years

RelaxMyDog is a video streaming service for dogs that could help calm them, and a 3-year subscription is on sale for $23.99 through April 16 with code ENJOY20. TL;DR: RelaxMyDog is a streaming service with color, audio, and content focused on h.....»»

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T-Mobile Cutomers, Snag Next Week’s Free Oversized Tote

If you’re someone already giving money to T-Mobile every month for phone service, you might as well take full advantage of all the free goodies you get from T Life. Next week, T-Mobile will be giving out free oversized tote bags, perfect for yo.....»»

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AI can help dealers boost customer service, make financial decisions

Dealers are using AI to enable their systems to aid in financial decisions, said Rich Sands, CEO of Stella Automotive AI......»»

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EA Play subscriptions will receive a price hike in May

Electronic Arts has announced that it will be increasing the cost of its EA Play subscription service next month......»»

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DuckDuckGo PrivacyPro bundles VPN into its first paid subscription

DuckDuckGo started life as a privacy-first search engine before adding a web browser, email protection and more, and the company has now announced its first ever paid subscription: DuckDuckGo PrivacyPro. This bundles an open-source VPN service wit.....»»

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Apple will allow activation of used parts in repairs by users & service shops

Apple is expanding its self-repair program procedures, and is adding the ability for consumers to use parts pairing to fully activate used parts in repairs — assuming they haven't been harvested from stolen devices.An Apple repair toolkitStarting i.....»»

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Starting today, ISPs must display labels with price, speeds, and data caps

ISPs comply with FCC rule after protesting requirement to list all fees. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Smith Collection/Gado ) A sample consumer label for home Internet service. (credit: FCC) Starting today, home Inter.....»»

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Cohesity teams up with Intel to integrate confidential computing into Data Cloud Services

Cohesity has announced it is collaborating with Intel to bring Intel’s confidential computing capabilities to the Cohesity Data Cloud. Leveraged with Fort Knox, Cohesity’s cyber vault service, this data-in-use encryption innovation will be the fi.....»»

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Mandatory broadband ‘nutrition’ labels will reveal real speeds and hidden fees

Internet service providers (ISPs) now have to display broadband ‘nutrition’ labels, being upfront about the true costs, speeds, and data allowances offered, The rule was introduced in response to growing consumer complaints about hidden fees,.....»»

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LG smart TVs may be taken over by remote attackers

Bitdefender researchers have uncovered four vulnerabilities in webOS, the operating system running on LG smart TVs, which may offer attackers unrestricted (root) access to the devices. “Although the vulnerable service is intended for LAN access.....»»

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Military veterans say extremism was preceded by negative service experiences

Interviews with military veterans who expressed support for extremist groups or related beliefs on a prior survey show that many experienced a significant negative event during their military service, according to a new RAND report titled "Veteran N.....»»

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BMW reveals new products, retail strategy at dealer meeting

BMW will use technology and data sharing with dealerships to improve the customer experience and drive loyalty and after-sales revenue......»»

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Cloudflare partners with Booz Allen Hamilton to guide organizations under attack

Cloudflare announced a collaboration with Booz Allen Hamilton to support enterprises under attack by providing expedited Under Attack as a Service (UAaaS) with 30-Day Rapid Response DDoS Mitigation, including continuous monitoring and protection. Und.....»»

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