Computer linguists are developing an intelligent system aid for air traffic controllers

Human lives depend on their decisions, and psychological stress levels are high. An average radio contact takes 3.5 to 11.3 seconds, during which the air traffic controller checks in with the pilot, examines the radar screens and gives out new instru.....»»

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Geologists develop app to print 3-D terrain models of any place on Earth

A new web application that makes it quick and easy for people to use 3-D printers to make terrain models of any place on Earth has now been developed by researchers. Their idea -- they call it TouchTerrain -- could be a powerful teaching tool in geol.....»»

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Sonic cyber attack shows security holes in ubiquitous sensors

Sound waves could be used to hack into critical sensors in a broad array of technologies including smartphones, automobiles, medical devices and the Internet of Things, new research shows......»»

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Method speeds testing of new networking protocols

Researchers present a system for testing new traffic management protocols that requires no alteration to network hardware but still works at realistic speeds -- 20 times as fast as networks of software-controlled routers......»»

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Humans, smartphones may fail frequently to detect face morph photos

Both humans and smartphones show a degree of error in distinguishing face morph photos from their 'real' faces on fraudulent identity cards, new research has found......»»

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Parallel computation provides deeper insight into brain function

New computational software is hundreds of times faster than conventional tools, opening up new opportunities to understand how individual neurons and networks of neurons function......»»

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Desktop scanners can be hijacked to perpetrate cyberattacks

The researchers conducted several demonstrations to transmit a message into computers connected to a flatbed scanner. Using direct laser light sources up to a half-mile (900 meters) away, as well as on a drone outside their office building, the resea.....»»

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Software-based system improves the ability to determine the cause of ischemic stroke

A software package has been developed that provides evidence-based, automated support for diagnosing the cause of stroke......»»

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Android apps can conspire to mine information from your smartphone

Mobile phones have increasingly become the repository for the details that drive our everyday lives. But researchers have recently discovered that the same apps we regularly use on our phones to organize lunch dates, make convenient online purchases,.....»»

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Software system connects devices for the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is steadily progressing: not only computers, but also machines, cars and household appliances are connected. However, linking devices from different manufacturers is proving to be difficult. Researchers have found a solution: t.....»»

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Tool for checking complex computer architectures reveals flaws in emerging design

With backing from some of the largest technology companies, a major project called RISC-V seeks to facilitate open-source design for computer chips, offering the possibility of opening chip designs beyond the few firms that currently dominate the spa.....»»

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Helping students learn by sketching

New software Sketch Worksheets analyzes and provides feedback on student sketches, helping them learn multiple subjects......»»

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Monitoring troubles of the heart

In the near future, researchers believe technology might be employed to help de-escalate any potential conflicts among couples. Researchers employed multi-modal ambulatory measures to develop a system in order to detect if conflict had occurred betwe.....»»

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New method addresses reproducibility in computational experiments

Scientists have developed a workflow management system that addresses irreproducibility when analyzing large genomics datasets with computers. Nextflow contributes to establishing good scientific practices and provides an important framework for thos.....»»

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How Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing Are Delivering Near-Term Value and ROI in Life Science R&D Today

This IDC Perspective provides analyst insights on how machine learning and cognitive computing are delivering value and a measurable return on investment (ROI) today. In highlighting three early examples of how machine learning and/or cognitive compu.....»»

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2017年 国内システムインフラストラクチャ市場 ユーザー動向調査


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WangLian Is to Restructure China"s Third-Party Online Payment Ecosystem

The online payment and clearing platform WangLian was launched on March 31, 2017. The Chinese online payment market enters the "official" clearing and payment era. IDC believes that this could be beneficial for the industry development in terms of f.....»»

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Here are the best Android apps of the year so far, according to Google

Google is highlighting the very best apps from past 12 months, with the ultimate winners announced at IO 2017. Parsing through Google Play's extensive library of Android apps is a Herculean task, so Google is saving you time by highlightin.....»»

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Trends in the Malaysian High-Tech Manufacturing Sector

The Malaysia manufacturing industry accounts for around 23% of the country's gross domestic product (GDP) or over US$296 billion in 2015. Manufacturing also contributes to 84% of the overall Malaysia exports. According to the Malaysia External Trade.....»»

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VMware Helps Further Expand Adoption of Hyperconvergence and Software-Defined Infrastructure with the Release of vSAN 6.6

This IDC Market Note reviews VMware's April 11, 2017, announcement of vSAN 6.6, the company's latest release of its hyperconverged software offering."IT departments around the world are increasingly turning to hyperconverged solutions to run their en.....»»

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