How to migrate existing applications to VMware NSX

This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter’s approach.VMware’s NSX virtual network technology can help organizations achieve a.....»»

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Intel"s Atom is underwhelming no more: New chip packs 16 cores

Intel's Atom was mostly known as a low-end chip for mobile devices that underperformed. That may not be the case anymore.The latest Atom C3000 chips announced on Tuesday have up to 16 cores and are more sophisticated than ever. The chips are made.....»»

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LTE speeds outpace home internet with new Qualcomm and Intel modems

With every new generation of smartphone, LTE connections get faster. That's because the devices have faster modems that can transfer data at unprecedented download speeds.The top modem providers are Intel and Qualcomm, whose cellular chips are use.....»»

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Add Bluetooth 5 to Raspberry Pi 3 or create gadgets with this new chip

One of Raspberry Pi's weaknesses is a lack of wireless technologies, which limits its communications capabilities with other devices. One new chipset from Qualcomm could help fill that gap.The QCA4020 chipset packs in Bluetooth Low Energy 5, ZigB.....»»

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Three technologies that could demolish slow internet

Broadband internet has opened up almost unlimited possibilities for commerce, distance learning, civic participation, and knowledge sharing. But we are only scratching the surface of what's to come.To read this article in full or to leave a comment,.....»»

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Netool network port configuration analyzer - good concept, needs polish

When you get involved in the actual wiring of networks, one of the things you find yourself checking over and over is whether Ethernet ports are actually live along with do they connect to DHCP, is the Internet visible, and so on. Typically you’.....»»

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HPE joins Cisco, Juniper with faulty clock technology problem

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is the latest vendor to identify a faulty clocking component of its products that can cause them to crash and not recover.HPE joined Cisco and Juniper in identifying the problem, even going so far as to tap the widely-su.....»»

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The Importance of M2M in the IoT

Enterprises will need to upgrade their networks to enable the machine-to-machine communication necessary for the Internet of Things......»»

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Cisco Slips in 2Q17 as Switching Weakness Continues

A real bright spot for Cisco is its security portfolio which continues to grow......»»

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Cisco reserves $125 million to pay for faulty clock component in switches, routers

In its quarterly financial results announcement this week, Cisco said it had set aside $125 million to help cover the cost of replacing networking gear impacted by a fatal clock component. Cisco was the first vendor to post a notice about the clo.....»»

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The Steady March of Open Networking into the Enterprise

Several recent industry announcements show that vendors and their enterprise customers are embracing open networking......»»

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Mobile Data Getting Faster: Cisco Reports

Cisco's Global Mobile Data forecast shows continued demand and growth for mobile over the next five years.....»»

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SnapRoute Raises $25M For Open-Source Network Operating System

Startup aims to build on its open-source networking approach with new funding......»»

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Juniper facing fatal clock flaw that impacts Cisco routers, switches

The fatal clock timing flaw that causes a variety switches, routers and security appliances to crash and die after about 18 months of service is apparently part of some Juniper products. Cisco was the first vendor to post a notice about mortal cl.....»»

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IDG Contributor Network: Gigabit LTE, a 5G stopgap, is now live

Groundbreaking peak download speeds of 930 Mbps were obtained last week at the operational launch of Telstra’s Gigabit LTE network. Peak upload speeds of 127 Mbps were obtained at the same event.The ultra-fast service has now rolled out in major.....»»

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IDG Contributor Network: Everything is built to connect to the internet, so why can’t I?

It’s a great time to be in networking. Anytime we connect an object or an experience to the network, we change its nature and increase its value. The network effect of connecting more and more things in more ways is driving exponential benefit t.....»»

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Chips coming by June will herald the next generation of Wi-Fi

Qualcomm will start shipping sample chips for the next generation of Wi-Fi by June, helping device and network vendors develop products that might quadruple users’ speeds and lengthen battery life.The new silicon uses an early version of IEEE 80.....»»

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Cisco, competitors infiltrate Avaya customer doubts

It is not surprising that Cisco, Mitel and others are targeting Avaya’s customers as the networking company goes through Chapter 11 bankruptcy but sometimes it is a bit startling in its boldness.For example, Cisco wrote: “Let’s not dance aro.....»»

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Extreme, NRG Stadium score big with Super Bowl Wi-Fi performance

Super Bowl LI will be remembered for a number of things. The Patriots had the largest comeback in Super Bowl history. Like all Atlanta sports teams, the Falcons choked when it mattered most. Also, Tom Brady won his fifth Super Bowl to cement his p.....»»

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Nokia makes bid for Comptel to boost its software business

Network equipment vendor Nokia wants to buy a software company that helps customers make do with less hardware.The Finnish networking giant competes with the likes of Ericsson, Huawei Technologies, and Cisco Systems to sell networking equipment, s.....»»

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