Are Legacy Networks Holding Back Cloud Deployments?

Riverbed future of networking survey reveals that a major hurdle to full-scale cloud transformation is sitting in the network......»»

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John Chambers Leaving Cisco Board

With the transition to new CEO Chuck Robbins established, Chambers is now set to give up his seat as Chairman of the Board as well......»»

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Abstracting Your Way to a Multi-Cloud Network

Supporting hybrid and multi-cloud environments offers significant challenges for networks, but abstraction technologies can help......»»

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Open Source Summit: It"s Time for DevOps and Networking to Talk

Micro-Services require new models and more scale for networking than ever before......»»

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VMware Advances Network Virtualization with NSX-T 2.0

Hidden at the foundation of many different announcements at VMworld 2017 is the reality that NSX virtual networking is at the core......»»

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How Networking Will Change, and Be Changed By, Blockchain

Blockchain could transform some traditional business models, but it requires sophisticated networking capabilities......»»

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Ethernet Alliance Roadmap Points to 800 Gbps and Beyond

Will 800 Gigabit Ethernet be the next big milestone or will it be 1.6 GbE?.....»»

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IoT, AI Push Networks in New Directions

Supporting the intelligent Internet of Things will require new network innovations......»»

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D-Link Adds Pluribus Networks" Netvisor OS Support to Open Networking Hardware

D-Link announced the new DXS-500-54S can now come pre-loaded with Pluribus' network operating system......»»

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Tapping Public Clouds with Private Interconnects

To obtain the bandwidth and performance that they need for cloud computing, more enterprises are using private interconnects instead of the Internet......»»

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Forward Networks Debuts New Technology as it Raises $16M in Series B Funding

Networking startup promises to make it easier and more accessible for organization to test network configuration and operations......»»

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Versa Networks Partners with Verizon to Bring SD-WAN to Branches

SD-WAN vendor selected to power new Verizon Software Defined Secure Branch (SD-Branch) managed service......»»

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Cisco Reports $48.0B in 2017 Revenue with Strong Security Growth

Cisco reports its fourth quarter and full year fiscal 2017 earnings as Intent-Based Networking model debuts......»»

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New Fabrics Emerging for Hyperconverged Infrastructure

In order for hyperconverged hardware to provide the type of performance that enterprises need, it must be coupled with high-speed network fabrics......»»

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How Google is speeding up the Internet

Engineers at Google have developed a new algorithm to speed up TCP, the main transport protocol for traffic on the internet, by optimizing the speed at which traffic is sent so it doesn’t clog up the available routes. They say their acceleratio.....»»

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SDN: Technology to cut costs, speed new services

Software defined networking is defined by a decoupling of the control and packet-forwarding planes in a network, an architecture that can slash operational costs and speed the time it takes to make changes or provision new services.Since all the i.....»»

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Cisco brings its SDN to Amazon, Microsoft and Google’s public cloud

Today Cisco announced it is developing a way to integrate its software defined networking product named Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) with public cloud infrastructure from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.B.....»»

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Network vulnerability analysis 101: Free online training

If you’re wondering whether your network is vulnerable or not, you haven’t been paying attention – everybody’s is. This free online course shows what it takes to effectively conduct network vulnerability assessments and analysis that will hel.....»»

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Aquantia Brings 2.5 Gbps and 5 Gbps Ethernet to Dell Workstations

Multi-Gig Network Interface Cards enable organizations to use existing Cat 5e and Cat 6 copper cables to deliver faster speeds......»»

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Expand Wi-Fi quickly, easily with Aerohive’s wall plate

In many industries, it’s critical to get Wi-Fi everywhere, but it can often be difficult accomplish this. For example, extending a hotel comprised of smaller cottage-type rooms or one with lots of suites has many hard to reach places with tradit.....»»

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