Megaupload User Asks Appeals Court to Help Get His Files Back

Millions of users lost access to their personal files when Megaupload was raided, and after more than half a decade not much has changed. Former Megaupload user Kyle Goodwin has been trying to get his files back for years. This week he urged the Appe.....»»

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Selling Piracy-Configured Media Players is Illegal, EU Court Rules

Selling devices pre-configured to obtain copyright-infringing content is illegal, the European Court of Justice effectively ruled today. The decision, which evolved from a case involving anti-piracy group BREIN and a shop that sold piracy-configured.....»»

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Article: Netflix Gains a Foothold in China Through iQiyi Licensing Deal

Netflix gave up on entering China in late 2016, after hitting a regulatory wall. Now the service is making a comeback through a licensing deal with a local player to show its original content......»»

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Article: If It Isn"t Memorable, Is It Content (Marketing)?

Marketers are investing heavily in content marketing, but are people actually paying attention to the branded content they see? A study of UK internet users found that most are not. In fact, roughly eight in 10 people forgot the branded content they.....»»

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Article: Substantial Growth in Sweden"s Small Digital Grocery Market

Digital grocery sales in Sweden will hit SEK7.2 billion ($840.9 million) this year, up nearly 31% over 2016......»»

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Article: New eMarketer Forecast: Digital Video Nears Milestone in Germany

After a slow start, digital video viewership is picking up speed in Germany. And linear TV—still the country's most popular video viewing activity—may soon begin to feel the effect......»»

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Article: Recommended Reading: April 26, 2017

eMarketer’s scan of the key developments of the day, plus data to make sense of it all. Today’s topics: Uber to test out flying cars; Google seeks to eliminate fake news through better search; and more......»»

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Article: Digital Drove UK Ad Spending in 2016

UK ad spending rose 3.7% in 2016 to £21.37 billion, according to the Advertising Association (AA) - UK and Warc. Digital advertising was largely responsible for the increase, as several traditional formats saw nondigital ad outlays dip......»»

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Article: At Dell, the Goal of Three-Year Digital Transformation Effort Is Scalable, One-to-One Personalization

For Dell, personalization across touchpoints in a one-to-one capacity is a critical marketing goal. Todd Forsythe, Dell’s senior vice president of digital marketing, said this goal is intertwined with the multinational computer technology compa.....»»

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Article: Most CBS All Access Users Watch Current Content

CBS All Access, the subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service of CBS television network, launched in 2014 with 6,500 available episodes of existing shows and has since added an array of content like just-aired episodes, original shows and live spor.....»»

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Article: It"s Getting Harder to Make Marketing Tech Decisions

The fluidity of the marketing technology space is making it harder than ever for marketers to choose between standalone best-of-breed tech providers and multisolution suites......»»

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IDC Identifies the Leading Regional Telecommunications Service Providers in Asia/Pacific for 2016-17

SINGAPORE, April 26th, 2017 IDC today published a MarketScape report titled IDC Telecom MarketScape for Next-Generation Service Providers 2016 -17 , which evaluates the leading regional and global telecommunications service providers (SPs) in Asia P.....»»

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Pirate Site Blockades Violate Free Speech, Mexico’s Supreme Court Rules

Broad pirate sites blockades are disproportional, Mexico's Supreme Court of Justice has ruled. The Government can't order ISPs to block websites that link to copyright-infringing material because that would also restrict access to legitimate content.....»»

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Kim Dotcom Asks Police to Urgently Interview FBI Director Jim Comey

Kim Dotcom has filed a formal complaint with police in New Zealand after FBI director James Comey arrived in the region for a conference. Dotcom's complaint says that Comey should be urgently interviewed over the unlawful removal of hard drive clones.....»»

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Five Million Brits Go Crazy For Illegal Streaming

Almost five million Brits are regularly streaming TV content from illegal Internet services. That's one of the findings from a new YouGov study which shows that Kodi-powered devices and Android apps are particularly popular with users. Of concern to.....»»

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Article: Digital Ad Spending Up in Japan, Study Found

Total digital ad spending is estimated to reach nearly ¥1.159 trillion ($10.65 billion) in 2017, and the largest share of that will go to mobile ads......»»

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Article: Survey Says: People Would Rather Watch TV Shows on Computers than TVs

An Accenture survey of internet users around the world found a dramatic shift in TV viewing preferences, with computers abruptly displacing TVs as the preferred device for watching TV shows......»»

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Article: WhatsApp Nearly as Popular as Facebook in Spain

Over 40% of users ages 16 to 65 in Spain said their WhatsApp usage increased, according to a new survey......»»

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Article: Smartphones Make Up 50% of Mobile Phones Sold in India

Smartphones command a smaller share of mobile phone sales in India than in more advanced markets like the US, as well as in similarly emerging markets like Indonesia. But smartphone adoption over the next few years is projected to be robust......»»

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Article: France"s Ecommerce Growth Slowed in Q1

B2C ecommerce growth in France slowed to single digits in 2017’s first quarter, hurt by a shrinking average order value, according to data compiled by JDN (Le Journal du Net)......»»

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