Medialets’ tools mean mobile advertisers can track campaigns in real time

Medialets is giving advertisers realtime actionable intel whether mobile campaigns are working -or failing. Above: Medialets chief Eric Litman rallying his crewImage Credit: MedialetsNOTE: GrowthBeat -- VentureBeat's provocative new marketing-tech ev.....»»

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BlackBerry’s global market share is so low that Kantar won’t even report it

BlackBerry CEO John Chen strikes us as a very smart guy who has made some good moves to give BlackBerry fresh life. The smartest move he’s made might be to emphasize that BlackBerry will not live or die based on smartphone sales and will instead work to.....»»

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Crashed drone carried contraband aimed at South Carolina prison

By Harriet McLeod CHARLESTON Fla. (Reuters) - A drone being flown in a novel attempt to smuggle phones, marijuana and tobacco into a South Carolina maximum security prison crashed outside its walls, authorities said on Wednesday. The contraband smuggling .....»»

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NSA patents reveal agency’s spy gadgets

The folks at Foreign Policy have detailed a list of patents granted to the National Security Agency, and in them we see a plethora of spy-centric gadgets and tech that covers topics spanning from encryption to envelopes that reveal they've been tampered w.....»»

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Sony Xperia Z3 will launch on T-Mobile shortly after its unveiling [RUMOR]

If you had given up hope on a Sony Xperia Z2 coming anytime soon to T-Mobile, then how about the Xperia Z3? Sources say the followup will launch on T-Mobile shortly after its possible unveiling at IFA 2014. We’ve been hearing a lot about the up.....»»

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US Army developing "pocket-sized" video surveillance drone

The US Army has developed a "pocket-sized aerial surveillance device" for combat troops operating in "challenging ground environments." Read the rest.....»»

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Camel"s milk: Can it get over the hump and become the next big superfood?

"Make every day a humpday," reads the logo on Desert Farms camel's milk bottles. Read the rest.....»»

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Mimi Pond: "MAD was our communist manifesto in my house while I was growing up"

This episode of Gweek is brought to you by Bombfell, the glorious clothing service for men that sends handpicked outfits to your door. Go to to get $10 off your first purchase. And by — get a $110 sign-up bonus with the off.....»»

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Apple order fulfillment ranks first among online retailers with average delivery time of 2.3 days in June

According to fresh data from customer service analytics company StellaService, Apple ranked No. 1 on the firm's charts for the first time ever in June, averaging 2.3 days to process and deliver online orders......»»

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Apple said to cut some 200 jobs from Beats as acquisition closing date looms

As Apple takes control of Beats Music and Beats Electronics, the Cupertino, Calif. company is said to be paring some 200 jobs from the music software and hardware firm's roster......»»

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Scientists reveal new vision of Earth 4 billion years ago

The Hadean and Eoarchean epochs were the real hell on Earth. For millions of years, our planet was heavily bombarded by millions of asteroids with "existing oceans repeatedly boiled away into steam atmospheres"until its crust finally solidified. These two.....»»

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Inside Citizen Lab, the “Hacker Hothouse” protecting you from Big Brother

Globe-spanning white hat network hacked for the Dalai Lama, inspired arms legislation. Citizen Lab / Aurich Lawson It was May of 2012 at a security conference in Calgary, Alberta, when professor Ron Deibert heard a f.....»»

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From Lake Hylia To Skyloft, Hyrule Warriors Shows Its Mix Of Stages

Hyrule Warriors has all kinds of different stages based on settings you might be familiar with. Read From Lake Hylia To Skyloft, Hyrule Warriors Shows Its Mix Of Stages on Siliconera!.....»»

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Marie Will Be Free DLC For Persona 4 Arena Ultimax For One Week

Marie from Persona 4 Golden joins Adachi as a downloadable playable character for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. For the first week after the fighting game launches in North America, Marie will be free to download. Read Marie Will Be Free DLC For Persona 4 Aren.....»»

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The trouble with crowdfunding: When an interesting product blinds you to red flags

Writing about crowdfunding campaigns is a minefield. We don’t cover many, but when we do, we’re very careful to only bring you the highest quality projects. On one recent occasion, we may have missed the mark. There are so many crowdfunding campaigns .....»»

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The One-Horse Race: Android Represented 85% Of The 300M Smartphones Shipped In Q2

 Another milestone for Google’s Android in its relentless march for mobile dominance: the operating system accounted for 85% of all smartphones shipped in Q2 — its highest ever proportion, according to a new report from Strategy Analytics.....»»

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FCC Questions Verizon’s Limits On Unlimited Data

 Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler on Wednesday grilled Verizon on its plans to slow down the top 5 percent of 4G LTE unlimited data users. For the past two and half years, Verizon has engaged in a process commonly known as throt.....»»

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Sony explains what "s in the PlayStation Now open beta for PS4

Sony's had limited tests of its cloud-based gaming service running for the last few months, but it's taking PlayStation Now to the next level tomorrow by letting anyone with a PS4 (that's in the continental US or southern Canada) join in. There's a........»»

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FCC head chastises Verizon for throttling unlimited data plans

Not happy that Verizon is going to throttle unlimited LTE data plans? You're not alone. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has just sent a letter to Verizon Wireless CEO Dan Mead criticizing the carrier for the new policy. He's "deeply troubled" by the move,........»»

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The closest thing on Earth to the Battlestar Galactica"s flight deck

Cool image of "pilots and plane captains make preparations for flight on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS George Washington" by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Everett Allen. The F-18s here reminds me of the Vipers MkVII because of the pho.....»»

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