OnePlus to open its first retail store in Beijing

OnePlus will be opening its first physical retail store, located in the Blue Harbor area of Beijing, to the public on December 20th. The OnePlus One isn’t an easy smartphone to come by in every region, but the handset has been on sale without the need f.....»»

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Report: LG working on a hybrid tablet similar to the Microsoft Surface

LG is reportedly planning a tablet with a detachable keyboard that functions as a tablet and laptop, which could be the company's answer to Microsoft's Surface Pro 3. Keeping track of the amount of tablet releases in the tech world is no easy task, as OE.....»»

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Deal: Bose headphones and speakers on sale at up to 43% off

Bose has slashed prices of select headphones and speakers by up to 43% off, giving you the opportunity to pick up some solid audio gear on the cheap. Another good Black Friday deal coming your way: Bose has slashed prices of select headphones and speakers.....»»

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SuperSU v2.35 release update rolling out now

Chainfire’s popular SuperSU has just been updated to version v2.35, complete with Android Lollipop support and a tweaked UI. This marks the first full release since v2.01. Chainfire’s popular SuperSU has just been updated to version v2.35, marking the.....»»

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Twitter Now Tracks What Other Apps You Have On Your Phone

Twitter Now Tracks What Other Apps You Have On Your Phone.....»»

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The year"s wackiest "evidence" aliens and UFOs are real (pictures)

The public now has access to near-constant images from the International Space Station, Mars rovers and an orbiter circling a distant comet, providing plenty of new "evidence" we are not alone......»»

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Alien spotting: Eight space theories you won"t believe other people believe

In an age of social media and renewed interest in space exploration, 2014 has also been a good year for speculative alien and UFO spotting. Crave's Eric Mack rounds up some of the year's craziest bits of "evidence.".....»»

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LG"s Mobile Business Gets New Chief Amid Restructuring

LG today announced several changes to its business, including the appointment of several new executives. Jong-seok Park, who served as president and CEO of LG Mobile Communications, is being replaced by Juno Cho. Cho was most recently the president of LG .....»»

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E-Label Act Passage Means Fewer Stickers on Phones

President Obama signed the E-Label Act into law on Wednesday, which will give phone and other device makers the ability to label their hardware electronically rather than with stickers or graphics. By law, devices such as phones require labels from the FC.....»»

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Hands On: Sproggiwood (Windows, OS X, Linux via Steam)

Because of the accessibility of game design tools, independently-produced games are springing up on every platform. There's certainly no shortage of dungeon crawlers, roguelikes, or turn-based strategy games today. That doesn't mean, though, that Sproggiw.....»»

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Thankful for Louis Prima, Customer Honesty, Personalization and More

Family and health. Are there any more reasons to be thankful this time of year? Um, yes. OK, the first two are the most important. But I gotta say, I’m starting to be more and more thankful for other things. The ability to switch from rapper Pi.....»»

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European Parliament Approves Google Breakup Resolution

The European Parliament overwhelmingly approved a resolution that calls for a possible breakup of Google, brushing aside last-minute objections from the U.S. Congress......»»

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Internet governance group calls for more oversight of Web management

The Global Commission on Internet Governance wants more independent scrutiny of naming body in anticipation of major shift in Web management.....»»

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EU lawmakers urge regulators to be tough on Google

Vote in favour of resolution urging antitrust regulators to consider splitting Internet search engines from other commercial services.....»»

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Three Reasons Businesses and Everybody Else Should Be Grateful for Data

When you sit down to dinner, give thanks for lots of things, but maybe include a few innovations that may make the data industry more successful......»»

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Questions Surround Discovery of Regin Malware

A lot of questions are swirling about Regin, such as who created it, how long has it been out, and why did it take so long to be discovered?.....»»

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DayZ Creator Dean Hall Quits Reddit after Pricing, Release Complaints

Recently, the developers of DayZ shared their schedule and pricing plans for the game announcing that it won’t be fully released until the first half of 2016 at a price of $50 after the early access. That will happen in two steps, first a hike to $35 af.....»»

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Thanksgiving Traveling: Michelin Provides Free Rides to Downtown Detroit

On Thanksgiving, Detroit People Mover patrons will have the chance to enjoy free rides to events they want to attend in downtown Detroit for the first time ever......»»

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Yes, You Can Bring Pumpkin Pie on the Plane

Here's a breakdown of which favorite Thanksgiving foods can safely be taken as carry-on......»»

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Uber halts service in Nevada after legal setback

Following a court’s ruling, Uber has shut down its ridesharing service in Nevada, a move the company said would cost 1,000 jobs. The move came late Wednesday, according to Reuters, after a Nevada judge handed down a preliminary injunction that block.....»»

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