Android is beating iOS in a way that Google will never brag about

Google and Apple never hesitate to brag about things that their platforms supposedly do better than one another but we have a hard time imagining Google bragging about beating iOS in this particular metric. UberGizmo directs our attention to a new report .....»»

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Apple will appeal court decision to deny sales ban on Samsung devices

We learned on Wednesday that Apple was denied a request to have certain Samsung devices banned from sale in the ongoing patent case between the two companies, and today The New York Times reports that Apple will appeal that decision. A judge this week iss.....»»

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Which cheap tablets are worth buying?

A few years ago, tablets were poised to replace laptops as the computing device of choice. That never happened, as we've largely stuck with laptops and phones as our daily drivers, with tablets relegated to a secondary role. If you don't use a tablet........»»

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Movie Monsters Deconstructed Into Ikea Instruction Manuals

If you have a hard time putting together a Förhöja, better not try a Brundlefly.Putting together furniture using Ikea's wordless, line-drawn instruction manuals can be a horror show, which is what it makes it a particularly good format for deconstructin.....»»

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Wheeee! What It"s Like To Wear A Virtual Reality Headset On A Roller Coaster

Why would you wear an Oculus Rift on a roller coaster? Why WOULDN'T you?!?You know how you go get froyo, and at first it seems like enough to just top it with a few pieces of fresh fruit. "This is perfection," you think, "the simple pleasures." And then y.....»»

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Mobile Roar 60: Round and Round

This week we're talking about new round (and square) smartwatches for IFA, poor Amazon Fire Phone sales, exploding OnePlus One, Swing Copters drama, and much more! The age of the round smartwatches is finally picking up steam. The Moto 360 is less th.....»»

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T-Mobile’s Uncarrier 7.0 event kicks off Sept 10th, ‘This time it’s personal’

Hold onto your butts, T-Mobile has just announced a date for their upcoming Uncarrier 7.0 event. Looks like everything will go down on September 10th — a day after Apple’s iPhone 6 event–  so we’re wondering if T-Mobile wont have .....»»

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College Students Spend Most of College Looking at Cell Phones

A new study out of Baylor University finds that college students spend an "astounding" amount of time on their cell phones and has researchers warning of cell phone "addiction" (not in a jokey way).Read more........»»

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Why Ikea"s Mostly Computer Generated Catalog Will Soon Be the Norm

The rooms in Ikea's catalogs may look like wonderlands of inexpensive furniture, but they're mostly computer generated. Like, 75 percent computer generated. The Swedish juggernaut has experimented with CG product shots for almost a decade now, and it's ge.....»»

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iPad Deals Deliver Huge Back to School Savings

iPad Deals Deliver Huge Back to School Savings is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile. New iPad Air deals and iPad mini deals knock the price of Apple’s two flagship tablets down as they offer prospective iPad buyers a solid alternative to wai.....»»

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The long game: How hackers spent months pulling bank data from JPMorgan

Custom malware + lateral network moves = big problems for banking. JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said attacks were "going to be non-stop." It looks like he was right. Steve Jurvetson The electronic attack on JPMo.....»»

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How BAs Can Manage Stakeholder Expectations

As business analysts, we often get involved with stakeholder meetings only to find out they have unrealistic expectations or needs. Let’s look at some of the reasons why this happens and what can be done to resolve or mitigate this common challenge. Pro.....»»

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Russian Hackers Breach JPMorgan Chase, Four Other U.S. Banks

The hackers stole gigabytes of sensitive data, though it's not clear whether the attacks were aimed at financial gain or cyber espionage......»»

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6 Criteria for Evaluating Secure File Transfer Apps

Secure file transfer applications are becoming the preferred mode for securely exchanging data. What should you consider when buying SFT apps?.....»»

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Google tests airborne drones to deliver goods

SAN FRANCISCO – Google is developing airborne drones capable of flying on their own and delivering anything from candy to medicine, the Internet company said yesterday (Aug 28). The effort, which Google calls Project Wing, marks the company's latest........»»

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Eduserv to move Bristol City Council to cloud

Two year contract worth an estimated £1.5m 0 Add to Awards Page:  0 Author:  Hollie Luxford Bath-based not-for-profit IT provider Eduserv is helping Bristol City Council migrate its IT .....»»

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IFA 2014: What are you most excited to see?

For this week's Friday Debate we take a look at IFA 2014 and what we are most excited to see at next week's event. James Cridland After plenty of hype, one of the biggest events of 2014 is nearly upon us: IFA Berlin! Next week we’ll be live on the floo.....»»

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Sony Xperia flagship reportedly coming to Sprint, likely the Z3

According to new reports from both the WSJ and Reuters, the Sony Xperia Z3 could be on its way to Sprint sometime later this year. While the Xperia Z family has managed to attract quite a following in recent years, Sony hasn’t been too aggressive in bri.....»»

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Upleaks: Desire 820 has a Snapdragon 410, HTC has two smartwatches in the works

According to a new set of leaks from upleaks, the Desire 820 is actually powered by a Snapdragon 410. Meanwhile, HTC is said to have two smartwatches in the works. We already know that HTC is getting ready to unveil the Desire 820 at IFA, but what exactly.....»»

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Facebook Adds New Gender-Neutral Family Options

Facebook is making some changes towards a more inclusive community for users with the addition of gender-neutral options for family member identification. Previously the social networking site had announced the addition of customizable gender options fo.....»»

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