Windows 10 shutdown bug makes powering down take over a minute

Unplugging a USB Type-C device can seriously mess with the shutdown process on the October 2018 Update. Windows 10 has a fresh bug with the October 2018 Update, whereby shutting down a PC can take an incredibly long time to complete – po.....»»

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"Jet in a box" powers remote Halley Antarctic base

Engineers succeed in automating science experiments at the UK's Halley research station......»»

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Chinese viewers watch webcast tour of tiny village museum

A live stream tour of a tiny museum open only one day a week attracts nearly half a million viewers......»»

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Steam Summer Sale 2019: the best deals and PC games on the Steam marketplace

Your guide to the Steam Summer Sales: the best deals and games on offer, and how to navigate the deluge. Thinking about picking up a summer sun tan? Think again – the Steam Summer Sale 2019 has just kicked off, bringing with it a treasur.....»»

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New Zealand vs Pakistan live stream: how to watch today"s Cricket World Cup 2019 from anywhere

Pakistan face a must-win match against the clinical Kiwis. Live stream New Zealand vs Pakistan in this intriguing 2019 World Cup Cricket encounter. It's crunch time in the Cricket World Cup and while a win today would just about seal a sem.....»»

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Oppo shows off Under-Screen Camera tech, and it could be the future of phones

Oppo has unveiled technology that lets it put a smartphone's front-facing camera under the screen, which could be a game-changer. One of the most intriguing distinguishing features between smartphones is how they deal with the problem of front-.....»»

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Boeing is closer to ISS spaceflights after Starliner"s final parachute test

Boeing's Starliner capsule has successfully touched down at the US Army's White Sands Missile Range even though it didn't deploy all of its parachutes. The company had to disable two of its over half a dozen parachutes, so it.....»»

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Anker Eufy RoboVac 11S Max review

The Eufy RoboVac 11S Max offers basic, automated cleaning on a budget, with a boost in performance over its predecessor. There are smarter, more sophisticated robot vacuums around, but at just $249, few offer such value......»»

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Oppo’s exciting new tech hides the selfie camera under the phone screen

Oppo has revealed impressive new technology where it can hide the selfie camera on a smartphone beneath the display itself, taking its devices another step closer to providing an entirely unspoiled and completely immersive viewing experience......»»

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International hosting provider WorldStream achieves PCI DSS Certification

WorldStream, an international IaaS hosting provider experiencing more than 40% year-over-year growth for 5 years in a row now, today announces its achievement of compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) version 3.2.....»»

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Robots To Take 20 Million Jobs, Worsening Inequality, Study Finds

A new study by Oxford Economics, a private British-based research and consulting firm, says robots are expected to take over some 20 million manufacturing jobs worldwide by 2030, extending a trend of worsening social inequality while boosting overall.....»»

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Micronutrient deficiencies common at time of celiac disease diagnosis

Micronutrient deficiencies, including vitamins B12 and D, as well as folate, iron, zinc and copper, are common in adults at the time of diagnosis with celiac disease. These deficiencies should be addressed at that time, according to a new study......»»

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Tapping into the way cells communicate

For the first time, scientists can record cells communicating in real time, opening the floodgates for new developments in cell therapy and other areas within cell biology......»»

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Better care needed for people displaying first symptoms of bipolar disorder

Better care and more research into treatments for people experiencing a first manic episode are urgently needed, according to researchers. The study describes patchy and inconsistent care, widespread failure to detect bipolar disorder early enough, a.....»»

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Scientists closer to unraveling mechanisms of speech processing in the brain

A new study that sheds light on how the brain processes language could lead to a better understanding of autism spectrum disorder, schizophrenia and other neurodevelopmental conditions......»»

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Video games offer clues to help curb animal disease outbreaks

As Asia and Europe battle African swine fever outbreaks, new research shows how farmers' risk attitudes affect the spread of infectious animal diseases and offers a first-of-its kind model for testing disease control and prevention strategies. Gettin.....»»

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Milk: Best drink to reduce burn from chili peppers

People who order their Buffalo wings especially spicy and sometimes find them to be too 'hot,' should choose milk to reduce the burn, according to researchers, who also suggest it does not matter if it is whole or skim......»»

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Target"s Deal Day challenges Amazon"s Prime event

Target is going head to head with Amazon's Prime Day this year by debuting an event call "Deal Days"-- and yes, it'll also last for 48 hours. In a bid to compete with Amazon for your hard-earned dollars, the retailer is also holdin.....»»

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The future of machine economy: Q&A with IOTA Foundation co-founder Dominik Schiener and BiiLabs CEO Lman Chu

IOTA Foundation, a German blockchain NPO, announced on May 17 that it is setting aside US$2 million to set up an IOTA Ecosystem Fund to support developers. The announcement has caught much attention in the blockchain community, but not too many are a.....»»

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Taiwan needs more international experience for AI development, says expert

For developing AI applications, Taiwan must introduce "international experience" to inspire innovations, according to Ethan Tu, founder of Taiwan AL Lab......»»

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