James Bond plays a game of secrets in first teaser for SPECTRE

Daniel Craig returns as James Bond in the first trailer for SPECTRE, the 24th film in the 007 franchise, co-starring Christoph Waltz in a mysterious role. The post James Bond plays a game of secrets in first teaser for SPECTRE appeared first on Digital Tr.....»»

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Casio Signature XJ-M246

The Casio Signature XJ-M246 is a hybrid laser/LED data projector with solid data-image quality, and a good range of connectivity choices, including Wi-Fi and the ability to run presentations off of a USB thumb drive......»»

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Casio Signature XJ-M241

The Casio Signature XJ-M241 is a hybrid laser/LED data projector with a very long lamp life and solid data-image quality, including sharp text and bright colors......»»

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This Week In Imports: Rodea Finally Flies Out Of Kadokawa Games

Rodea: The Sky Soldier was originally announced for Wii and the game was completed sitting in Kadokawa's library for years. Prope's action game finally comes out this week in Japan for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The Wii U version includes the original Wii ga.....»»

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Gold Apple Watch buyers can skip queues

If you thought that the act of wearing the 18 karat, £8k Apple Gold smart watch was ostentatious enough, the company have reportedly found a new way to make potential buyers of the luxury watch feel even more VIP......»»

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There"s a Modern TV Hidden Inside This Classic 1950s Philco Predicta

There’s nothing quite as retro-futuristic as the Philco Predicta television from the late 1950s. That bubbly, detached picture tube. The metal frame. It’s gorgeous. Unfortunately, the iconic TV set is also notoriously unreliable—and what good is a .....»»

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Helen Mirren Lobbying Hard for Role in Next Fast and Furious Film

Dame Helen Mirren may have already won an Academy Award, a Tony, three Golden Globes, and four Emmys, but she still hasn’t achieved her greatest ambition in life: starring in a Fast and Furious sequel. In a recent interview with Yahoo!, the 69-year old .....»»

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2015 New York International Auto Show: Full Coverage

Check back often as news develops from the Big Show in the Big Apple......»»

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Elon Musk’s SpaceX buying $90 million of Elon Musk’s Solar City solar bonds

SolarCity said that SpaceX is essentially getting paid back by the sun. SolarCity, one of the world’s largest installers of solar panels, said today that SpaceX is investing in $90 million worth of its solar bonds. In a blog post today, SolarCi.....»»

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Henley Regatta casts old school tie image overboard to join YouTube age

One of the oldest sports in Britain catches up with technology and will be streamed live online.....»»

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Amazon takes its delivery drone testing to Canada

Amazon is dreaming of a world where its drones deliver products, and the FAA is publicly cringing at the prospect. The FAA did get around to granting Amazon an element of permission for testing its drones, but it was a matter of too little too late. Amazo.....»»

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Windows 10: latest preview build brings Spartan browser

Microsoft has pushed out the latest Windows 10 Preview Build (10049), and with it comes the long-coveted Project Spartan browser. That's just about the only notable addition to the latest build, which follows the release of Build 10041 we recently discuss.....»»

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The HTC One (M7) is receiving Android 5.0 Lollipop tomorrow on AT&T

Heads up HTC One (M7) owners on AT&T. HTC Product Manager Mo Versi revealed today on Twitter that Android 5.0 Lollipop has officially been green lit by AT&T, but we have a feeling not everyone is going to be happy about the update. Heads up HTC One.....»»

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Jay Z asked Apple"s Jimmy Iovine to collaborate on revolutionary streaming platform Tidal

Following Monday's reveal of Jay Z's upcoming music service Tidal, the rap star revealed he was in talks with Beats cofounder and current Apple exec Jimmy Iovine over potentially collaborating on the project......»»

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New ARM-powered chip aims for battery life measured in decades

Atmel's 32-bit SAM L controllers, shipping soon, take low power to new extremes . The number of things getting plugged into the "Internet of Things" has already reached the point of satire. But there's a new, extremely low power technology that's b.....»»

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Design A Mount For Ragnarok Online 2

Warp Portal and Gravity are holding a mount design event for Ragnarok Online 2. Read Design A Mount For Ragnarok Online 2 on Siliconera!.....»»

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Mortal Kombat X Tournament Series To Kick Off In April

Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios have teamed up with the Electronic Sports League to host a Mortal Kombat X tournament. Read Mortal Kombat X Tournament Series To Kick Off In April on Siliconera!.....»»

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LG G4 Spotted for Benchmark Packing Snapdragon 808

Most of LG's rivals have already launched their 2015 flagship smartphones (Sony excluded), but the Korean company is playing a patient game before launching the G4. Like last year, LG knows where its opponents in the market are and what they offer, the co.....»»

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Jay-Zzzz: Tidal music service is artist-owned to serve no one but his own posse

Earlier today, Tidal, the music streaming service that Jay-Z purchased earlier this year, broadcast a live “launch” of its product. I say “launch” because really nothing was announced, despite the hype. The company trotted out big names in music i.....»»

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Chrome OS beta gets new Google Now equipped launcher and Material Design

Google will soon be bringing an all new feature to its Chrome OS user base in the form of Chrome Launcher 2.0. Along with a refreshed interface and deeper functionality, the new launcher will now sport some handy Google Now data......»»

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