Exposed files on Microsoft"s document-sharing site

Passwords and sensitive health data are among documents inadvertently shared by Microsoft users......»»

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Uber to pull out of Denmark

New taxi laws requiring drivers in Denmark to have fare meters have led Uber to withdraw its services......»»

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Antlion Audio ModMic 5 Review

Do you take your gaming audio seriously? Then you’ll be eager to see what I’m testing out today, the new and improved Antion Audio ModMic 5. Following in the footsteps of the, you guessed it, ModMic 4, this new model adds more features, b.....»»

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Tt eSPORTS Cronos RGB 7.1 Gaming Headset

Today we’ll be looking at a recent addition to the roster of gaming headsets produced by Tt eSPORTS, the Cronos RGB 7.1 Headset. If you’re familiar with Tt eSPORTS’ line of headsets then you may already be familiar with the previous iter.....»»

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Cougar Immersa Vs Megara Headset Head-to-Head Review

Gaming headsets are not created equally, they come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colours, with varying ranges of features, performance and so much more. With that in mind, today we want to put two headsets from Cougar head-to-head, not to.....»»

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Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) 6.1 Review

When it comes to reviews, I am mostly doing hardware based reviews, and while my regular NAS reviews show a lot of the software too, they don’t go into that much detail. Today is different as I’ll be taking a closer look at Synology’s la.....»»

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This Pi-Powered Linux Terminal Is the Size of an iPhone

Making a handheld Linux device with the Raspberry Pi Zero W may seem a daunting task, but is easier than you think with the right materials. Read more on MAKE The post This Pi-Powered Linux Terminal Is the Size of an iPhone appeared first on Mak.....»»

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Maker Spotlight: Julia Dvorin

Julia Dvorin wants makers from around the world to fly their Freak Flag high! She aims to highlight the diversity within the maker movement. Read more on MAKE The post Maker Spotlight: Julia Dvorin appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas.....»»

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Facebook adds camera features, moving closer to Snapchat

Facebook denies it took its camera ideas from Snapchat and says it got them from Facebook users.....»»

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Supreme Court case could change the game for automotive patent lawsuits

The result of a Supreme Court case heard on Monday between two food companies may benefit the automotive industry and its technology suppliers......»»

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Roskilde Festival Folk High School by MVRDV/COBE breaks ground

Roskilde Festival Folk High School and housing are at the next stage of development as the project begins its construction The post Roskilde Festival Folk High School by MVRDV/COBE breaks ground appeared first on Architecture Lab......»»

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Final Fantasy 14 Free Trial Removes Time Restriction

Free trial players can now level up all classes to 35 without the 14-day time restriction. Square Enix has removed the 14-day time restriction from Final Fantasy XIV's free trial. According to the publisher's announcement on PlayStation Blog, p.....»»

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Ingestible Snake Robot Could Slither Through Your Intestines

A bizarrely undulating wave robot could one day slither its way through your intestines, visualizing the interior space......»»

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How I Let Disney Track My Every Move

On a recent trip to Disney World, I had an unusual experience. I rode a ride. It broke. We were evacuated, and a few minutes later, I got a picture on my phone. It was an empty raft sliding down Splash Mountain, taken at precisely the moment I was wa.....»»

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Facebook is putting its latest Snapchat clone front and center

After years of creating Snapchat clones in standalone apps, Facebook is now taking a new approach — and it's one that might actually work. Following months of testing, the social network is now putting a full-on Snapchat clone front and center.....»»

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Transform any surface into an interactive display with this incredible projector

The Xperia Touch from Sony is a portable projector that uses infrared light and camera capture to display visuals and read interaction. Read more...More about Standalone Featured, Mashable Video, Draw On The Walls, Surface Display, and Xperia Touch.....»»

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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: the expected differences

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus will obviously be bigger than the S8, but what else is rumored to be different? We’re almost certain that Samsung is going to announce not one, but two, new flagship phones on March 29, with the Samsung Galaxy.....»»

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Vizio’s 2017 D-Series offers big-screen thrills for those on tighter budgets

A new, 2017 TV for $139? Vizio’s D-Series is going after budget-conscious buyers with a vengeance. While Sony, LG and Samsung scrap over which high-end screen should grace your living rooms in 2017, Vizio is dedicating its resources to going.....»»

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Argos goes live with the cheapest PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR deals yet

Discount code provides the best prices yet If you've been waiting to make a few purchases in the PlayStation family, today could be the day to bite. Argos is currently using it's popular eBay page to host a pair of excellent deals tha.....»»

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Apple’s iOS 10.3 update frees up storage and improves security

Apple’s Very Important iOS 10.3 update is available now, and the response to its release has been good, with very few problems reported. That’s excellent, as it suggests that despite migrating iOS users to the new Apple File System (APFS), th.....»»

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