Chrome Data Saver extension for desktop is being shuttered

Web pages today are a far cry from their ancestors. Many of them offer rich experiences that come at a literal price of data consumption and load times. That is why Google developed a Data Saver feature for Chrome to help ease the burden at the expen.....»»

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Memory backend firm PTI expects flat or slight revenue growth in 2Q19

Powertech Technology (PTI) expects to post flat or slight sequential growth in revenues for the second quarter, followed by a substantial increase in the third quarter, accordin to company JY Hung......»»

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China 2nd-tier smartphone vendors striving to expand overseas markets

China-based second-tier smartphone vendors such as the Coosea Group (Koobee), Elephone and Transsion Holding have been enhancing their deployments in overseas markets with high price/performance models to sustain sales growth......»»

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Nvidia announces new GPUs for gaming notebooks and desktops

Nvidia has introduced the GeForce GTX 1660 Ti and 1650 Turing-based GPUs for gaming notebooks, which deliver a major jump in overall performance and power efficiency......»»

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Acer enforcing dual transformation strategy in 2019

Acer is moving to carry out a dual transformation strategy in 2019, which has its core business focus on promoting ConceptD series PCs and its innovative business powered by multiple growth engines, with nine subsidiaries set to be further upgraded t.....»»

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Zhen Ding to start shipping automotive PCB in 2019

Zhen Ding Technology is expected to begin shipments of its rigid-flex PCBs for automotive camera modules later in 2019, according to industry sources. The PCB manufacturer will start generating revenues from the automotive electronics sector this yea.....»»

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Intel launches latest-generation CPUs for mobile

Intel has launched its latest mobile processors: the 9th Gen Intel Core mobile H-series processors, designed for gamers and creators with demand for performance......»»

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Taiwan March manufacturing production index down on year

Taiwan recorded manufacturing production index (2016 as base year) of 104.48 for March 2019, increasing 20.95% sequentially but decreasing 10.52% on year, according to the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA)......»»

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PCB firm Tripod Tech kicking off NT$2 billion capacity expansion

Taiwan-based Tripod Technology has disclosed it has signed a contract worth NT$2 billion (US$64.8 million) for the construction of additional production lines at its manufacturing site in Xiantao, China......»»

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Samsung delays Galaxy Fold launch

Samsung Electronics has announced that it has decided to postpone the Galaxy Fold's launch for an unspecified period of time, as the company will fully evaluate the feedback of damage reports from reviewers and run further internal tests......»»

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You can soon take your Amazon returns to any Kohl’s store across the U.S.

Amazon has offered returns via a limited number of Kohl's stores since 2017, but the service is about to expand to all 1,150 of its outlets across 48 states. The service is free, too. The post You can soon take your Amazon returns to any Kohl’s.....»»

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GeForce GTX 1650 Review: Turing at $150

Based on the TU117 die the new GeForce GTX 1650 still includes all of the new Turing shader innovations that improve performance and efficiency. The TDP is just 75 watts, meaning it doesn't require external power, making it the fastest graphics card.....»»

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A new Tesla Model S can now drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco on a single charge

Tesla has announced that it has extended the range of its Model S vehicle to 370 miles and Model X to 325 miles on a single charge — extending the range of its flagship car to make the trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco on a single charge.Â.....»»

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Michael Kors" updated Sofie smartwatch is now available for $325

Michael Kors has released a new Sofie smartwatch that is equipped with a heart-rate sensor and other features. The smartwatch can track your heart rate with Google Fit or other third-party apps, record the distance of your runs and is waterp.....»»

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iOS USB mouse support rumor will make iPad Pro owners go wild

Apple has been advertising its iPad Pros from day one as the new generation of computers but not many believed it. Most of those have to do less with the excellent hardware and more with the limitations of the iOS mobile platform. Apple has been slow.....»»

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Melting Permafrost In Arctic Will Have $70 Trillion Climate Impact, Study Says

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: The release of methane and carbon dioxide from thawing permafrost will accelerate global warming and add up to $70 trillion to the world's climate bill, according to the most advanced study yet o.....»»

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AT&T Galaxy Fold retail launch rescheduled to June

It should have been Samsung’s glorious achievement, being the first to make the foldable dreams real. But whether it was due to hubris, haste, or truly inescapable limitations, the Galaxy Fold has turned out to be quite a nightmare for the manu.....»»

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NASA’s InSight lander may have just captured a ‘Marsquake’ for the first time

NASA’s InSight lander may have just captured a ‘Marsquake’ for the first time.....»»

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Forge: Simplifying the process for cracking hashed passwords

Inferno Systems unveiled Forge, a web application that simplifies the process for cracking hashed passwords. Forge offers a workflow for creating attacks against password hashes that includes dictionary management, plan building and use of mixed loca.....»»

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New Tesla Models S and X can drive farther before needing to recharge

Given the nature of electric vehicles, there will always be two things on drivers’ minds. One is where and how fast they can recharge their cars on the road and the other is how long they can go even go before they need to plug in. Tesla announ.....»»

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