13 Things Sea of Thieves Doesn"t Tell You

Find treasure in the wild, unlock extra weapons, and much more with these easily missed Sea of Thieves tips......»»

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A 15-Year-Old Hacked the Secure Ledger Crypto Wallet

An anonymous reader quotes a report from TechCrunch: A 15-year-old programmer named Saleem Rashid discovered a flaw in the popular Ledger hardware wallet that allowed hackers to grab secret PINs before or after the device was shipped. The holes, whic.....»»

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B Garden / 3andwich Design / He Wei Studio

Project Background: Dilapidated Dwellings in the Hinterland of the Dabie MountainsLocated in Xin County, Henan Province, this project is an crucial part of the Dabie Mountains Outdoor Campground Park, which has been regarded as an.....»»

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The omnibus spending bill would add an extra 143 aircraft for the military

The military may be getting a windfall of cash to buy even more new aircraft in fiscal year 2018......»»

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5.85-inch OLED iPhone will be cheaper to make then iPhone X

Depending on who you ask, the iPhone X is either Apple’s biggest success or a retail flop. Its reported cut in OLED display orders from Samsung may point to the latter. Because of that, some may have presumed that Apple is done with flirting with O.....»»

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Some Galaxy S9+ phones reported to have touch screen issues

Considering how little of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ have changed over their predecessors, you’d think that they wouldn’t be experiencing that much problems. After all, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ were relatively problem-free compared to the late 2016 disas.....»»

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Nintendo Switch hardware upgrade is likely years away

The Nintendo Switch has single-handedly put Nintendo back on top. It is currently one of if not the best-selling console and the planned list of games is far from being empty. Naturally, some fans are already anticipating a follow-up, an upgrade to t.....»»

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Ford has made the rarest thing: A dongle you’ll actually want to buy

Dongles are, as a species, bad. They exist to fix design limitations in, say, a $2,000 MacBook that can't communicate with your $1,000 iPhone, or connect almost any laptop to the presentation room projector. But to every rule there's an exception, a.....»»

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Apple Watch can detect abnormal heart rhythms with a 97% accuracy rate

One of the more interesting aspects of the Apple Watch is that the marketing narrative around it has completely changed. When it first launched, the Apple Watch was positioned as something of a stylish fashion accessory that let users engage in light.....»»

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Synology’s cloud backup system is the cheapest on the market

If you’re having a hard time getting more local storage for your smartphone or home computer backups, you might want to consider embracing the cloud. Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft are all ready to offer you plenty of cloud storage and ba.....»»

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Uber driver looks down for seconds before fatal crash

Local police release video of an Uber self-driving car hitting a pedestrian. Video footage released by Tempe Police. Police in Tempe, Arizona, have released dash cam footage showing the final seconds before an Uber self-driving vehicle.....»»

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Photos: 2018 Audi SQ5


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Facebook"s Zuckerberg "sorry" over Cambridge Analytica "breach"

The Facebook chief admits there was a "breach of trust" and vows to tackle misuse of personal data......»»

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Scientists built a robot fish to spy on hard-to-find ocean animals

Capturing marine life up close is tricky, but this robot could be a novel solution. Researchers from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have developed a soft, robot fish called SoFi, which can swim on its own and is lifelik.....»»

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Best TVs for sport: catch all the action on these sports-ready televisions

These impressive 4K TVs will take your sports-watching to the next level. We like sports and we don't care who knows. So if you're anything like us, you'll want a top-tier telly that's capable of displaying sports events at.....»»

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Ford loses chief brand officer, CEO of Smart Mobility unit

Ford Motor Co. is losing the head of its smart mobility subsidiary and its chief brand officer less than two years after each joined the company. The departures come a month after the unexpected ousting of Ford's president of North America......»»

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IKEA"s menu of the future includes bug meatballs

Hot dogs made of spirulina. Burgers made of bugs. Ice cream made from salad. This is the fast food of the future, people. Working to create a new menu for IKEA, Copenhagen's "future-living lab" Space 10 has reimagined fast food classics with sustaina.....»»

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Why Leaving Facebook Doesn’t Always Mean Quitting Facebook

In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which data from over 50 million Facebook profiles was secretly scraped and mined for voter insights, many Facebook users have decided to delete their accounts — but untangling yourself from a site.....»»

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Zuckerberg is "uncomfortable" making content decisions for all users

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared on multiple media outlets today to address the Cambridge Analytica scandal and to answer pressing questions about the increasingly large role Facebook plays in today's world. In a particularly enlig.....»»

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Zuckerberg on #deletefacebook: ‘You know, it’s not good’

Following what felt like years of silence on a plethora of issues, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has gone on an interview rampage (but not us — was it my editorial?). Although he mainly plugs away at the points he made in today's blog po.....»»

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