T-Mobile complains about low-band spectrum auction

T-Mobile CEO John Legere talks a lot of smack. On stage, he’s a cyclone of cursing and boasting, snide remarks about the competition, as well as a complainer and apologist for T-Mobile. The company he leads seems to need all that help, too. As much as L.....»»

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DWISS introduces first Apple Watch accessories in new crowdfunding campaign

We may not even have a solid release date for the Apple Watch yet, but that’s not stopping the designers at DWiSS from launching a crowdfunding campaign for a new line of wearable accessories. The line includes several colorful watch covers and ba.....»»

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Playdate: We"re livestreaming "Fantasia: Music Evolved" on Xbox One!

The developers at Harmonix Music Systems know a thing or two about music. And we'd hope so, it is in the company name, after all. The studio's latest Kinect game, Fantasia: Music Evolved, is quite a bit different than anything they've done........»»

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1955 Chevy Nomad emerges from 40-year hibernation

Ben Marks of Collectors Weekly says: "Justin Pinchot just sent us a video of his new pride and joy, a 1955 Chevy Nomad wagon. Read the rest.....»»

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Sprint expands "iPhone for Life" plans with new 12-month lease option

Adding to its iPhone-specific incentives program, Sprint on Friday announced a new 12-month lease option for its "iPhone for Life" plan, which lets subscribers "rent" a new iPhone for a preset period instead of buying it......»»

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Google VP Alan Eustace Leaps From Stratosphere, Beats Felix Baumgartner"s Record Jump

That's one giant leap! Alan Eustace, a senior vice president at Google, set a new world record today by completing the highest-altitude free fall yet--parachuting from 135,908 feet (or 25 miles) above Earth. The record was previously held by daredevil .....»»

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Will cosmic rays threaten Mars One, and other deep-space astronaut projects? [Science]

Crewed missions to Mars such as Mars One may face dangerous levels of cosmic rays (energetic particles), according to a new paper. #space #Mars #astronaut #cosmic rays #radiation #NASA.....»»

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Science chief warns on acid oceans [Science]

The UK's chief scientist says the oceans face a serious and growing risk from man-made carbon emissions. #ocean #acid #fish #CO2 #carbon #pollution #sea.....»»

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EU leaders agree CO2 emissions cut [Science]

EU leaders have reached a landmark deal to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030, compared with 1990 levels. #pollution #CO2 #climate change #energy #environment.....»»

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WSJ say iTunes Stores sales down 13-14 percent in 2014

Sales at Apple's iTunes Store have fallen between 13 and 14 percent in 2014 so far, sources tell the Wall Street Journal. That represents a steepening decline, coming in the wake of a 2.1 percent dip in 2013. The trend is believed to be connected to the m.....»»

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Google giving more control to Android, Chrome chief Sundar Pichai

Pichai has been seeing his star rise at Google steadily. CEO Larry Page is also reportedly taking a step back from day-to-day leadership to focus on new projects......»»

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Sidecar Tests A New “Commute” Service, With Discounts When You Pay For A Week Of Morning Rides

 Ridesharing service SideCar invited me today to beta test a new feature called Sidecar Commute. Here’s how it works, as explained on the tester signup page: You pay $35 for a one-week SideCar Commute Pack, then you can request a ride every mor.....»»

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H-P Shops China Networking Unit

H-P is seeking a buyer for its corporate-networking business in China, in a deal that could return the operation to local control, according to people familiar with the situation......»»

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Shelter 2 First Gameplay Clip Revealed

Developer Might and Delight has released the first gameplay footage for Shelter 2, their new survival game coming to PC. It shows off some of the environments, as well as action sequences. There’s a distinct art style that Shelter 2 uses that’s intrig.....»»

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Bayonetta 2 Costumes Unlock Guide – How to Unlock All

Throughout the course of Bayonetta 2, you can unlock a wide array of costumes which will become available for purchase from The Gates of Hell. Sending off demons back to the darkest pit of Hell has never been this stylish! For more help on Bayonetta 2, re.....»»

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Bayonetta 2 Secret Weapons Unlock Guide – How To

The arsenal at your character’s disposal is not confined to a handful of weapons. There are a couple of Secret Weapons that you can acquire in the game. These weapons range from lethal Handguns to carefully crafted Magical Swords! For more help on B.....»»

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Bayonetta 2 Secret Characters Unlock Guide – How To

Similar to Secret Weapons and Secret Accessories, Bayonetta 2 features additional character with their unique skills/moves that might fit your individual play-style. For more help on Bayonetta 2, read our How to Unlock Secret Weapons, How to Unlock Costum.....»»

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Assassin’s Creed: Unity’s New Emotional CG Trailer Asks the People to Unite

A new trailer for Assassin’s Creed: Unity asks the people to unite against their oppressors and secure their rights. Dubbed as the “Emotional CG Trailer,” we are led through by the narrator as he tells how a “single drop” ama.....»»

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Bayonetta 2 Secret Accessories Unlock Guide – How To

Similar to Secret Weapons, there are a bunch of Secret Accessories that the witch can use in fight against demons! It’s a good idea to collect these Secret Accessories because some of these are crucial when it comes to acquiring Platinum Ranking. Fo.....»»

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Far Cry 4: Leaked Achievements Mention Homestead Upgrades and Story Details

The full list of achievements for Far Cry 4 have been leaked online ahead of the game’s release next month. The listed gives us substantial hints to a number of activities players will indulge themselves in the fictional world of Kyrat. It also give.....»»

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