Here’s the top 10 reasons that Apple rejects apps

The top reason why Apple rejects apps: Not enough information. Above: The app storeImage Credit: FiksuIn the name of transparency, Apple has revealed the top reasons why it rejects apps from its App Store. The most common mistake that developers make.....»»

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Mobile payments — not that big sapphire screen — will be the iPhone 6’s killer app

Compared to other services, Apple's mobile payments platform, made secure by its proven Touch ID fingerprint scanner, could be extremely convenient. Image Credit: Feng forumMobile payments is an idea that sounds much better than it is in practice. A.....»»

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LG Curved OLED TV gets a dash of Swarovski flair

An OLED TV with sexy curves and a crystal-studded stand? Things can't get any more premium, or flamboyant, than that. But that is exactly what LG is adding to its IFA 2014 shelves. The consumer electronics giant has teamed up with renowned Austrian crysta.....»»

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Samsung Gear S flaunts Swarovski studded strap

Samsung's products are no stranger to crystal-studded accessories bearing the illustrious Swarovski name, so this latest addition is definitely not surprise. With this new Gear S Strap, socialites and fashionistas who wouldn't want to be caught dead weari.....»»

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4.7-inch iPhone 6 makes another hands-on video appearance

While a good part of the mobile tech world have their eyes on Berlin for IFA 2014 this week, an equally large part might be more interested in what happens next week. Apple is slated to finally put rumors to rest on September 9 when it unveils the iPhone .....»»

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Article: UK Content Marketing: Give Social Users a Good Laugh

In the digital era, content marketing is a strategy at the forefront of many UK marketers' minds—partly in response to today's always-on consumers. One platform marketers are using to distribute content is social media. According to a new eM.....»»

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Article: Programmatic Video Buying Means Linking All Video Buying (Hopefully)

Seemingly overnight, programmatic advertising has become a multibillion-dollar industry, and buyers and sellers are now looking to apply it to digital video. According to a new eMarketer report, the first efforts to create programmatic video platforms ten.....»»

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Article: Do Consumers Have Their Content in the Cloud?

Nearly 40% of internet users now use cloud services, research finds, and users say easier file-sharing and not having to worry about backing up data are the top ways the cloud improves life. According to industry estimates, the number of consumer cloud-ba.....»»

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Leaked Nude Celeb Photos: FBI Hunts Hackers

Jennifer Lawrence says she has contacted authorities after personal images of her and other stars appear to have been hacked......»»

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Hubble captures breathtaking picture of dark and light nebulae

Hubble has captured a stunning photo of a baby star in close proximity to both a light nebula and a dark nebula overlapping......»»

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Google expected to launch sub-Rs 6000 Android One smartphones in India on September 15

Google is expected to launch its much-awaited sub-$100 (around Rs 6,000) smartphones in India this month, which will further intensify competition in the booming multi-billion dollar smart devices market here......»»

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The Rs 5,999 Xiaomi Redmi 1S goes on sale in India today

The cheapest smartphone from Xiaomi - the Redmi 1S - will go on sale in India starting today......»»

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Maruti Suzuki Ciaz to be launched in India by mid-October

At the media unveiling of the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, the carmaker announced that it will launch its new C-segment sedan in the thick of the festive season - mid-October......»»

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Briefly: Origin PC"s "Haswell E" processor, CyberpowerPC"s Intel X99Ch

Origin PC has announced that the new Intel Core i7 "Haswell-E" processors are available within its Genesis and Millennium desktops. The 8-core Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition processor is based on 22nm Haswell-E Microarchitecture, and features support for t.....»»

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Briefly: LinkedIn retires InMaps, BBC"s kids" coding, computing shows

Professional networking platform LinkedIn has discontinued its InMaps visualization tool. Citing the need to focus on new ways to visualize users' professional network, InMaps officially retired September 1. The feature was first launched in January 2011,.....»»

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Apple Investigates Reported iCloud Risks

Apple said it is investigating reports that vulnerabilities in its iCloud service were exploited to hack the accounts of celebrities, leading to the publication of nude photos and videos......»»

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EU Queries Facebook, WhatsApp Rivals

European Union antitrust officials have sent a detailed questionnaire to competitors and customers of Facebook and messaging service WhatsApp as they probe the proposed $19 billion deal......»»

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Danganronpa’s Play Adaptation Has Awesome Costumes

Just like Persona 4, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is getting a live stage adaptation. Spike Chunsoft's show has Reina Fujie from NMB48 playing Aoi Asahina and Haruka Ishida acting as Chihiro Fujisani on certain nights. Read Danganronpa’s Play Ad.....»»

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Big Data: Creating the Power to Move Heaven and Earth

In the past few years, Big Data has morphed from being yet another IT buzzword into a virtual tsunami sweeping over enterprises and consumers alike. Humans, organizations, devices, and machines of all types now contribute huge waves of data into what’s .....»»

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YouTube’s new fan funding feature lets you donate to your favorite channel owners

YouTube is strongly rumored to be launching a subscription-based music service soon, but the Google-owned video site has quietly introduced a new (and far lower-key) payment service that lets viewers send donations to YouTube channel owners. First notic.....»»

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