Apple seeks to change texting while driving culture with new patent

Apple has proposed a new technology through which it not only intends to address the serious problem of texting while driving but also wants to bring about a change in the culture which has set in since the invention of ... Read More The post Apple seeks .....»»

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Lost Andy Warhol original artworks found on Commodore Amiga floppy disks from 1985

Still have a pile of old floppy disks decaying in the corner? You should find a way to check what's on them as a series of original and previously unseen Andy Warhol artworks have been found on some Amiga floppies laying dormant since 1985 in the arc.....»»

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Amazon Prime Pantry: 45 Pounds of Groceries Delivered for $6

Jeff Bezos wants to feed you. No, really: Amazon's latest venture is Prime Pantry, a service that allows you to have 45 pounds' worth of household essentials, in everyday sizes, shipped to your door for $6.Read more........»»

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Ten creative ways to earn extra money

With an abundance of job losses, salary cuts and eliminated bonuses, your income may be shrinking — but the bills aren’t. If your regular job isn’t earning you enough cash or you’ve lost your job altogether, these simple side gigs .....»»

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The Mysteries Of The World Are Caused By MINDs In Mind Zero

"Japan as a lot of classic mysteries, like people being 'spirited away,' or getting possessed by foxes. But, what if all these things were caused by MINDs," muses Takayuki Harakami ZeroDiv CEO. Read The Mysteries Of The World Are Caused By MINDs In Mind Z.....»»

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Nippon Ichi’s Horror Game Series Will Spook Players On PS3 And Vita

While Nippon Ichi Software is best known for making strategy games like Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, they also have a Japan-only horror game series called Hayarigami where you use logic to solve supernatural cases. Read Nippon Ichi’s Horror Game Serie.....»»

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Vita Dungeon Crawler Comes Back To Stores Care Of 5pb

After Cyberfront shut down their operations, 5pb partnered with dungeon RPG maker Experience to publish Tokyo New World Record: Operation Abyss. Read Vita Dungeon Crawler Comes Back To Stores Care Of 5pb on Siliconera! After Cyberfront shut down thei.....»»

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uSwitch: ‘The only way is slow’ in 2 UK streets

Wheatley Road in Essex and Erw Fawr in Wales are experiencing 30 times slower broadband speeds than the UK average download speed, claims a new report. The street with the fastest download speeds is the Loundes Road in Unstone, Derbyshire, ... Read More T.....»»

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Tim Cook: Apple iTunes has just about 800 million users

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, during the company’s conference call held on Wednesday to discuss the March quarter financial results, announced its iTunes service has nearly 800 million registered users. Back in June last year Apple reported at its annual develop.....»»

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Titanfall garners top position in UK individual, all formats chart for second successive week

Titanfall has had a successful top position run in both the UK individual and all formats chart for second successive week. The Respawn and EA’s Xbox and PC shooter found itself in the top position for the third time now. ... Read More The post Titanfal.....»»

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IPhone sales drive strong Apple earnings

Apple's iPad shipments declined, but iPhone sales were strong as the company reported a hike in profit and revenue during the second quarter of 2014......»»

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Report: US FCC to allow payments for speedier traffic

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission will propose new net neutrality rules Thursday that will allow broadband providers to charge companies like Netflix for preferential traffic management, according to a news report......»»

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With OpenPower, IBM tries to turn the tables on Intel

An IBM project to widen the use of its Power server chips inched forward Wednesday with Big Blue trying to challenge Intel for a bigger role in the hyperscale data centers run by the likes of Google and Facebook......»»

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Quip issues API for mobile word processor, aims it at enterprise IT

Quip has released an API for its browser-based word processor that it hopes enterprise developers will use to make the application do more jobs in workplaces......»»

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Apple to Microsoft: Better late than never for Office on iPad

Apple CEO Tim Cook thinks Microsoft could have benefitted from bringing the Office suite to iPads earlier, but it was better late than never......»»

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FCC will seek input on latest net neutrality proposal

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission will take public comments before moving forward with a new set of net neutrality rules that sparked controversy when they were leaked in a news report earlier Wednesday......»»

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Zynga founder Mark Pincus gives up day-to-day duties

Mark Pincus, who founded Zynga in 2007 and gave up his CEO title less than a year ago, is now giving up all his operational duties at the company......»»

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Megaupload seeks return of millions in frozen Hong Kong assets

Megaupload, the defunct file-storage site, is asking a Hong Kong court to release millions of dollars in assets as part of efforts to allow its former users to reclaim their data......»»

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Qualcomm could face SEC probe over Chinese bribery allegations

Qualcomm's activities in China could result in regulatory penalties for the chip vendor, this time from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission over bribery allegations......»»

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We Heart It turns off Twitter sharing following spam

A social network for sharing image collections has turned off sharing on Twitter after a large spam run referenced the service......»»

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