New NHS centres to bring in era of DNA-medicine [Medicine]

The NHS is setting up 11 centres to unlock the secrets of DNA and develop tests and drugs to target cancer and genetic disease. DNA project 'to make UK the world leader' #NHS #medicine #DNA #genome #genetics #disease #c.....»»

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Crowdsales Funding Innovation By Bitcoin And Its Community

 Bitcoin as an industry is becoming segregated by ideology, technology, and application. There are different groups who argue for differing directions and methods of growing adoption. Within Bitcoin today there are 3 distinct groups with their own de.....»»

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Coin, Wocket, Plastc: The all-in-one cards trying to sprint ahead of Apple Pay

They're not going to take over payments. But they might make some money. Right now the United States is entering a transition period when it comes to how we buy things. Magnetic stripe cards have become easy targets for massive fraud in the US, and .....»»

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Behold The Amazing Images Of This USAF Aerial Refueling Boom Operator

It is considered one of the best jobs in the USAF, and you sure can't beat the office view. America's cadre of KC-135 and KC-10 'Booms,' the guys and gals that refuel allied military aircraft while hurtling through the atmosphere , are a proud and talente.....»»

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Always On "OK Google" Voice Search is Coming To Chromebooks

You know that nifty little feature on the Nexus 5 and other Android handsets that let's you voice summon Ok Google from any screen? Well, according to Google's François Beaufort, you'll soon be able to do just that on your Chromebook as well. Read mo.....»»

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Presentation: Panel: The Challenges of Using Functional Languages

Panelists discuss which issues have an impact on the adoption of functional languages, hear how our speakers have addressed these issues and of course we'll have time for a Q&A. By Werner Schuster,Stew O'Connor,Kelsey Gilmore-Innis,Marius Eriksen,Logan Li.....»»

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Silent and deadly, Wraith is Evolve’s ninja monster

Wraith is the third playable monster in Turtle Rock Studios' upcoming Evolve, recently revealed as a stealthy assassin recommended only for skilled players. The post Silent and deadly, Wraith is Evolve’s ninja monster appeared first on Digital Trend.....»»

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Anti-inflammatory drugs could fight depression [Medicine]

Scientists to launch ??5m study that explores links between immune disorders and mental illness, and could lead to new treatments #brain #immune system #inflammation #neuroscience #mental health #depression.....»»

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More on the search for possible life on Mars [Science]

Curiosity rover has measured a tenfold spike in methane, an organic chemical, in the atmosphere and detected other organic molecules in a rock sample collected by the robotic drill. #Mars #space #life #NASA #curiosity #biolog.....»»

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Queen Victoria Blasts Through Martian Mines In Rock Boshers DX On PS4, PS Vita

You take up arms to fight against the Martian guards that have ensnared Queen Victoria in the planet's mines. You also collect tea and jammy scones as you do it. Read Queen Victoria Blasts Through Martian Mines In Rock Boshers DX On PS4, PS Vita on Silico.....»»

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PS4 on sale for $329 at Walmart

PS4 on sale for $329 at Walmart.....»»

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How to Light a Nanoscopic Christmas Tree

Honey, I shrunk the Christmas tree…thankfully Swedish scientists have found a neat way to illuminate it with a laser pulse......»»

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Living On Bitcoin

 Contributor Kevin Cruz writes for BitcoinMagazine and so he knows a few things about Bitcoin. But with the help of a BTC to cash service he tried to live for weeks using only bitcoin. I write for a living and sometimes people pay me in bitcoins.  .....»»

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Presentation: From 0 to Spring Security 4.0

Rob Winch shows how to incrementally build security into an application, highlighting the new features in Spring Security 4 along the way. By Rob Winch.....»»

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Breakthrough in RRAM technology could lead to hard drives the size of a postage stamp

Want a one terabyte drive that's as fast as an SSD and only the size of a postage stamp? Of course you do - and Crossbar, a technology startup founded in 2010, thinks it knows how to deliver just that. The post Breakthrough in RRAM technology could lead .....»»

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Bad news, Dutch supercar fans: Spyker has declared bankruptcy

Dutch boutique automaker Spyker has been declared bankruptcy following years of financial hardships. Although it seems like Spyker has reached the end of the road, the automaker's CEO promises that the company will be revived. The post Bad news, Dutch su.....»»

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How FullContact helps make Gmail contacts less lame

Guest:FullContact has just released its FullContact for Gmail product. I’ve been using it for about six months since and it’s just awesome. GUEST:Editor’s note: Brad Feld’s firm, Foundry Group, is an investor in FullContact. I live i.....»»

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The Interview and North Korea: what happened to America"s true grit?

Hollywood should order kingsize popcorn and laugh at North Korea all the way to the bank, says Boris Johnson.....»»

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Snapchat alternatives (and their users) vanish from Windows Phone

Snapchat warned that it was clamping down on third-party apps to prevent sketchier examples from compromising your security, and it appears to be making good on its word -- much to the chagrin of Windows Phone users, who haven't had an official Snapc........»»

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Clever student uses red/blue masking to double exam cribsheet

Profcyclist told students that they could bring a 3"x5" card to an exam; a clever student wrote overlapping notes in blue and red ink and brought in gels to read them......»»

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