Automatic code reuse: System automatically modifies code for transfer to other programs

Researchers have developed a new system that allows programmers to transplant code from one program into another. The programmer can select the code from one program and an insertion point in a second program, and the system will automatically make m.....»»

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Google introduces Tez, its India-focused digital payment solution

Google Tez, the newly launched app is designed especially for smartphone users in India but will work on web browser as well. Empowering government's Digital India drive, Google has come up with yet another India focused application made f.....»»

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Google Glass app helps autistic children with social interactions

A new study demonstrates the potential of wearable technology as a social-skills aid for children with autism spectrum disorder......»»

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Caching system could make data centers more energy efficient

Researchers have developed a new system for data center caching that uses flash memory, the kind of memory used in most smartphones......»»

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Artificial neural networks decode brain activity during performed and imagined movements

Filtering information for search engines, acting as an opponent during a board game or recognizing images: Artificial intelligence has far outpaced human intelligence in certain tasks. Researchers are showing how ideas from computer science could rev.....»»

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Loans Applications? New techniques to measure social bias in software

Today, banks are increasingly using software to decide who will get a loan, courts to judge who should be denied bail, and hospitals to choose treatments for patients. These uses of software make it critical that the software does not discriminate ag.....»»

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Night vision for bird- and bat-friendly offshore wind power

ThermalTracker software analyzes video with night vision, the same technology that helps soldiers see in the dark, to help birds and bats near offshore wind turbines......»»

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DNA sequencing tools lack robust protections against cybersecurity risks

A new study analyzing the security hygiene of common, open-source DNA processing programs finds evidence of poor computer security practices used throughout the field. In a scientific first, the team also demonstrated it is possible to compromise a c.....»»

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When robots help with shopping

Today, the desired book, toy or household appliance can be purchased by a click only -- thanks to online mail order business and smart logistics. The bottleneck in logistics, however, is the high-bay store, where many picking and detection processes.....»»

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Software lets designers exploit the extremely high resolution of 3-D printers

Today's 3-D printers have a resolution of 600 dots per inch, which means that they could pack a billion tiny cubes of different materials into a volume that measures just 1.67 cubic inches. Such precise control of printed objects' microstructure give.....»»

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Online assessment could improve math marks of deaf learners

Online mathematics assessment could help improve the mathematics performance of deaf and hard-of-hearing learners in South Africa, suggests a new report......»»

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Algorithms that can sketch, recreate 3-D shapes

A computer scientist has created a new software that can create a design sketch of an everyday object, addressing the challenge of accurately describing shapes......»»

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New statistical model examines massive amounts of data to automatically spot anomalies

With the number of security breaches and cyber-attacks on the rise, cyber-security experts may soon have a new tool in the fight against online threats. Scientists have developed a new statistical method for monitoring networks to automatically detec.....»»

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Google is pulling the plug on its Google Drive desktop software

Users are advised to switch to Backup & Sync before the client is terminated in March. If you use the Google Drive desktop software to keep your important files synced, you've got until 12 March 2018 to switch to an alternative.Google will.....»»

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VPN usage is skyrocketing right now in the UK and the US

Some surprising takeaways emerged from a recent survey. VPNs have now become mainstream at least in the US according to a new survey that compared VPN usage in both the UK and US.Wombat Security surveyed 1,000 users in both countries to gauge h.....»»

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The best file compression software 2017

Reduce the size of files for more convenient storage and sharing with the very best archiving tools. With the right file compression software, sharing and archiving files is easy. The ever-growing size of hard drives means the need to reduce fi.....»»

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5 best online fax services for September 2017

Online services offer convenient faxing without the bother of clunky old hardware. While computers, printers and other pieces of technology are obviously vital in the modern office environment, there’s no denying the role the fax machine.....»»

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Buy Windows 10: the cheapest deals in September 2017

Need to upgrade your PC's operating system? Building a new rig? Buy Windows 10 for less here. The deadline to get a free upgrade to Windows 10 has sadly now passed. Not to worry though as you can rely on TechRadar to help you buy Windows 10 for.....»»

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Best women safety apps in India for Android and iOS

Here are some of the apps designed to overcome crime against women. These are available on both Android and iOS. Women safety has always been a debatable issue in our country. With the crime rate increasing at an alarming pace, safety for women.....»»

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Uber lets you visit multiple destinations in a single trip

The multi-destination feature is a useful addition since Uber drivers now try to strictly follow the route on their devices. Uber India announced two new features for its riders and driver partners, making it easier for both the parties to get.....»»

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