Microsoft Sets Dynamics Marketing Expiration Date for May 2018

Last October, Microsoft told its Dynamics 365 and CRM ecosystem it would stop offering new customer contracts for Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (MDM) in November 2016. On Aug. 18, 2017, the Redmond, Wash.-based vendor took this a step further and an.....»»

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Calling All Digital Experience Poets

On Aug. 18, the US observed Bad Poetry Day. Yes, there is a day devoted to the art of writing bad verse. To celebrate, DX Summit is hosting its second annual DX Poetry Contest. If you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to flex your creative.....»»

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Struggling With MarTech? Rethink Your Agency Relationship

CMOs, marketing professionals and agencies alike say the relationship between companies and their agencies have changed over the last three years. Chiefmartec editor and ion interactive co-founder and CTO Scott Brinker listed approximately 750 too.....»»

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Governance Propels the Digital Workplace Forward

Martyn Perks recently wrote about how governance gets in the way of the digital workplace. He makes a good argument for changing the default environment, but his solution is an overcorrection. It's the equivalent of burning down the forest because a.....»»

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Is Your CMS GDPR Ready?

Businesses have less than a year to get their privacy strategy in order before the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect. The GDPR will have a profound impact on how organizations conduct business online. Continue r.....»»

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We Need Genuine Customer Experience Metrics

Customer experience is a philosophy and culture that puts the customer first in the belief that the best way to meet organizational objectives is to meet customer objectives. The wrong metrics, the wrong behavior. The right metrics, the right beh.....»»

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ICYMI: Email Is King, IBM Talks Headless CMS

Combining work and fun: these are a few of my favorite things. Catch up with the latest headlines from CMSWire this week. Quick, Give Me the Headlines: Haters are going to hate, but email still reigns supreme in the communication game &n.....»»

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Box Adds Google Cloud Vision for Image Recognition, More News

Box moved a little deeper into the digital asset management space this week with the announcement that it's adding Google Images search technology to its platform via the Google Cloud Vision API. Continue reading........»»

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Identifying the Missing Link in Remote Working Strategies

IBM announced it was ending remote working for US employees in February. At the time some speculated it was just thinly veiled layoffs in disguise.  Whether the measures helped Big Blue or not is a matter of speculation, but they fed into an o.....»»

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Marketo Survey: Websites, Email Still Rule Consumer Engagement

Chatbots, artificial intelligence, machine learning and virtual and augmented reality may be all the rage in digital experience, but websites and email remain the most common points of engagement between consumers and businesses. That's at least on.....»»

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Evergage Lands $10M Funding Round, Episerver Hires New CIO and More News

Evergage, a Somerville, Mass.–based SaaS personalization platform, has secured $10 million in Series C funding to double down on its customer experience. The round — which brings Evergage's total venture funding to $31.5 million &mdash.....»»

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How to Make the Most of Your Contact Center Data

Your company’s contact center is more than just a hotline for fielding customer questions or complaints. And if you're still viewing it that way, it’s time to say goodbye to that outdated perception. Contact centers are your hub for del.....»»

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Cracking the Collaboration Nut Takes More Than Tools

To communicate or to collaborate? That is the question for the digital workplace. But for companies, it isn't a binary choice. It's more along the lines of, "How, when and why do we communicate and collaborate in the workplace?" Carrie Basham Youn.....»»

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Is Humility the Secret to Business Success Today?

Don’t mistake the recent dishonorable departure of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick as an isolated incident. It’s a sign of something bigger — and something that often goes unacknowledged in today’s business world.  Beneath th.....»»

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Google Glass Makes Inroads in the Workplace

When Alphabet — Google’s parent company — announces a new product, its success at times seems like a forgone conclusion.  But when Google Glass debuted back in 2012, things didn’t go quite as planned for the world&rsqu.....»»

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Thoughtspot Nets $60M, Debuts AI-Driven Analytics

ThoughtSpot, a business intelligence and analytics provider, has released an artificial intelligence-backed analytics platform on the heels of a $60 million funding round. The funding — which closed in January but was announced for the.....»»

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5 Experts Share Advice on Preparing for GDPR

In a global economy, changes in one region can have far-reaching impacts. Failing market indicators on one side of the planet tend to have a domino-like effect on other markets, highlighting the connected nature of world economies and global busines.....»»

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Why True Collaborative Working Is Still a Ways Off

Collaboration has been doing the rounds on the business buzzword circuit for some time now. Waves of tools and techniques are already in play, promising to get our employees working in sync, to streamline our workflows and manage all of our busine.....»»

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Google Data Studio Makes Dynamic Report Building Easy

In February 2017, Google announced it was making Data Studio, which was formerly included in Google Analytics 360 Suite, available for free to any Google Apps user. After spending the last few months experimenting with Data Studio, I highly.....»»

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Sprout Social Launches Bot Builder for Facebook Messenger

Sprout Social has introduced a new capability into its social media management platform that allows brands to build a customized chatbot for Facebook Messenger. That bot's duty? Serve as a front-line assistant to marketers and customer service.....»»

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