Why build proprietary GenAI? Q&A with BCG Henderson Institute global director Francois Candelon

The progress of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) over the past few years has taken many people in the industry by surprise. Since the release of GPT-3, the research community and industry experts have been exploring its potential and pushin.....»»

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How shifting cloud patterns are exacerbating climate change

In a warming climate, cloud patterns are changing in ways that amplify global warming. A team of researchers led by Professor Johannes Quaas from Leipzig University and Hao Luo and Professor Yong Han from Sun Yat-sen University in China have discover.....»»

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Change threatening coastal Native American sites cut from NC bill

A controversial bill that would have allowed developers to build on archaeological sites in some environmentally sensitive coastal areas was overhauled on June 19......»»

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CDK Global cyberattack cripples 15,000 US auto dealerships

CDK Global, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider for car dealers and auto equipment manufacturers, has suffered a cyberattack that has temporarily disrupted its customers’ operations. About CDK and its platform CDK’s platform is used b.....»»

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Climate change made deadly heat 35x more likely in US, Mexico, C. America

Deadly heat that blanketed the United States, Mexico and Central America recently was made 35 times more likely due to global warming, an international network of climate scientists said on Thursday......»»

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Four in five people want more climate action: UN survey

Four in every five people want their country to strengthen its commitments to addressing climate change, according to a global poll of 75,000 participants published on Thursday......»»

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CDK Global: Most core dealership management system functionality has been restored following cyberattack

The DMS giant said it shut down most of its systems to contain problems as it works to address the issue and restore service......»»

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CDK Global shutdown forces dealers to pivot

CDK Global supplies the back-end software for almost 15,000 dealerships, including those owned by Rita Case, CEO of Rick Case Automotive in Sunrise, Fla......»»

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Researchers develop platform to probe, control qubits in silicon for quantum networks

The quantum internet would be a lot easier to build if we could use existing telecommunications technologies and infrastructure. Over the past few years, researchers have discovered defects in silicon—a ubiquitous semiconductor material—that coul.....»»

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Electric fields boost graphene"s potential, study shows

Researchers at the National Graphene Institute have made a discovery that could revolutionize energy harnessing and information computing. Their study, published in Nature, reveals how electric field effects can selectively accelerate coupled electro.....»»

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Hope from an unexpected source in the global race to stop wheat blast

An important breakthrough in efforts to halt the advance of wheat blast, an emerging threat to international food security, has come from a surprising source......»»

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CDK Global cyberattack shuts down most dealership systems nationwide

The DMS giant said it shut down most of its systems to contain problems as it works to address the issue and restore service......»»

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A railroad of cells: Computer simulations explain cell movement

Looking under the microscope, a group of cells slowly moves forward in a line, like a train on the tracks. The cells navigate through complex environments. A new approach by researchers involving the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA).....»»

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City sprawl is now large enough to sway global warming over land

Just how much heat does city sprawl add to large-scale warming? That's one longstanding question researchers sought to answer in a new study recently published in the journal One Earth......»»

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Sometimes your Apple Watch fails, and per Steven Spielberg’s example you just have to throw it

We have all experienced those moments when our tech fails us, and we just want to throw it. It turns out that Steven Spielberg, the prestigious director behind Jurassic Park, Jaws, and West Side Story, is just like the rest of us, as that’s exactly.....»»

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Ars Live Recap: Is SpaceX a launch company or a satellite communications company?

"They're the largest satellite operator in the world." Produced by Michael Toriello and Billy Keenly. Click here for transcript. Last week, during our inaugural Ars Live event, Quilty Space director of research Caleb Henry joined Ar.....»»

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Entro Security raises $18 million to scale its global operations

Entro Security announced it has closed an $18 million Series A round, led by Dell Technologies Capital with the participation of seed investors Hyperwise Ventures and StageOne Ventures, as well as angel investors such as Rakesh Loonkar and Mickey Boo.....»»

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Study reveals huge increase in global economic cost of invasive mosquitoes and diseases they transmit

An international study led by scientists from IRD, CNRS and MNHN reveals the massive increase in the global economic cost of the invasive Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes, vectors of dengue fever, chikugunya and the Zika virus, over the.....»»

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Global study discovers natural hazards threaten over 3,000 species

Most of us are aware that climate change is altering our world. But it can also make certain natural disasters, like hurricanes, more likely in places where susceptible species reside......»»

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Odors are encoded in rings in the brains of migratory locusts, finds study

In a study published in the journal Cell, a team of researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology in Jena, Germany, describes for the first time how odors are encoded in the antennal lobe, the olfactory center in the brain of migrato.....»»

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Tipping points: Understanding the green Sahara"s collapse

Abrupt shifts within complex systems such as the Earth's climate system are extremely hard to predict. Researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) have now succeeded in developin.....»»

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