Voters reject culture war tactics in school board elections

Diversity and inclusion programs, book bans, censorship and debates over school curricula are all signs that America's culture wars have moved into a new combat zone: school boards......»»

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Three takeaways on respiratory illness in dogs

Headlines have been circulating about a "mystery" canine respiratory illness. How novel is this, and what should dog owners know? Penn Today spoke with Deborah Silverstein, professor of emergency and critical care at the School of Veterinary Medicine.....»»

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Biases behind transgender athlete bans are deeply rooted

In 2023, 24 states had laws or regulations in place prohibiting transgender students from participating on public school athletic teams consistent with their gender identity. These bans mean that a person whose sex assigned at birth was male but who.....»»

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Social robots leave students wanting, education researchers find

Social robots, artificial intelligence (AI) systems designed to interact with humans, are marketed as capable of fulfilling certain human roles. Elementary and middle school students who interacted with one of these robots in the classroom for 10 wee.....»»

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Dredging up New York City"s glacial memory

On a cold night in November, a small group gathered at the boathouse of the Brooklyn-based Gowanus Dredgers to listen to Elizabeth Case, a glaciologist and Ph.D. student at Columbia Climate School's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, talk about how gl.....»»

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10 most popular streaming services, ranked by subscriber count

From Hulu to Netflix, these streaming services have the most subscribers spread across the board......»»

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7 Reasons to Wait for the 2024 iPad Pro & 5 Reasons Not To

We won’t see any changes to the iPad lineup in 2023, but that won’t be the case next year. Apple’s reportedly working on new 2024 iPad Pro models and the devices are rumored to have significant changes on board. If you’re in the m.....»»

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GM taps David Massaron as head of economic development, real estate

Massaron, who is currently Wayne State University's CFO, plus the treasurer on the board of governors, is starting in his new role Jan. 2......»»

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Novel stem cell culture system could lead to future therapies for a variety of disorders

A new study led by UT Southwestern Medical Center molecular biologists presents a novel culture system to grow both embryonic and extraembryonic stem cells, potentially providing important insights into the genesis of congenital malformations and ear.....»»

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Environmental monitoring of bacteria can strengthen community preparedness against diseases

A variety of potentially disease-causing bacteria exist in the Baltic Sea and in Swedish lakes. Karolina Eriksson, a doctoral student at the Industrial Doctoral School at Umeå University, reveals future health risks for humans in the light of climat.....»»

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New report illuminates why OpenAI board said Altman “was not consistently candid”

Insider report details clash over one board member's criticism in an academic paper. Enlarge / Sam Altman, president of Y Combinator and co-chairman of OpenAI, seen here in July 2016. (credit: Drew Angerer / Getty Images News).....»»

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Picking up good vibrations: The surprising physics of the didgeridoo

Australia's most iconic sound is almost certainly the didgeridoo. The long wooden tube-shaped instrument is famous for its unique droning music and has played a significant role in Australian Aboriginal culture for thousands of years. Despite the ins.....»»

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Workplace culture is preventing men from taking paternity leave

In many countries, even those with paternity leave enshrined in law, workplace culture and gendered roles in childcare remain stubbornly regressive......»»

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How "angry feminist claims" have the power to inform and mobilize voters

Kimberly Killen was an undergraduate at Wellesley College, which counts Hillary Rodham Clinton as an alumna, during the 2008 presidential election—in which Clinton was an early candidate......»»

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AI Alliance will open-source AI models; Meta, IBM, Intel, NASA on board

A new industry group known as the AI Alliance believes that artificial intelligence models should be open-source, in contrast to the proprietary models developed by OpenAI and Google. Meta, IBM, Intel, and NASA are just some of the organizations t.....»»

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As school students strike for climate once more, here"s how the movement and its tactics have changed

On Friday, students will once again down textbooks and laptops and go on strike for climate action. Many will give their schools a Climate Doctor's Certificate signed by three leading climate academics......»»

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Radio signals unveil secrets of massive galaxies

Black holes—the cosmic behemoths known for powering some of the brightest radio wave sources in the universe—were the focal point of a study led by Associate Professor Michael Brown, from the School of Physics and Astronomy at Monash University......»»

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Exploring the impact of generative AI in the 2024 presidential election

2024 is a presidential election year in the US. 2016 and 2020 both saw impressive increases in attempts to influence voters through crafty propaganda and social media campaigns run by bots and expert social engineers, along with attempts to influence.....»»

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Best board game deals: 7 Wonders, Clue, Codenames, and more

These are the best board game deals to get something on the table for lower prices. Try out 7 Wonders, more......»»

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Crime Blotter: Apple Store sting leads to arrest for gym owner

In the latest Apple Crime Blotter, Car thieves in Washington reject Android phone, sentencing in New Hampshire iPhone plot, and an iPhone heist in the Netherlands.Carnegie Library Apple Store The latest in an occasional AppleInsider series, looking a.....»»

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Porsche summons old-school cool with the 2024 911 Sport Classic

The limited-production model focuses on driver involvement, not performance stats. Enlarge / We never get tired of seeing the different ways Porsche finds to tweak the venerable 911. It's outdone itself with the Sport Classic, b.....»»

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