Ultrathin electronic barrier layer to control interface luminescence

In a new publication from Opto-Electronic Advances, researchers led by Professor Xu Chunxiang, Southeast University, Nanjing, China discuss nano-buffer controlled electron tunneling to regulate heterojunctional interface emission......»»

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US Regulators Exploring How Banks Could Hold Crypto Assets

A top U.S. bank regulator said U.S. officials are looking to provide a clearer path for banks and their clients that are looking to hold cryptocurrencies, in order to keep control over the fast-developing asset. Reuters reports: Jelena McWilliams, wh.....»»

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FCC kicks China Telecom Americas out of US, cites Chinese government control

China Telecom Americas ordered to stop providing service in US within 60 days. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | MicroStockHub) The Federal Communications Commission today voted to block China Telecom Americas from the US market.....»»

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Cells move by controlling the stiffness of their neighbours

Cells can control their ability to move through the body by using a protein called fascin to control the stiffness of neighboring cells, suggests a study published today in eLife......»»

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A new way to generate light through use of pre-existing defects in semiconductor materials

Researchers from the Low Energy Electronic Systems Interdisciplinary Research Group at Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology, MIT's research enterprise in Singapore, together with collaborators at the MIT, National University of Singap.....»»

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Homebuilder hopes 3D printing will solve worker shortages, tests tech in 100 homes

Additive manufacturing could speed building process but still has a ways to go. Enlarge / Icon's Vulcan construction system 3D-prints walls layer by layer using specially formulated concrete. (credit: ICON Technology, Inc.) Co.....»»

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Scientists discover phenomenon of ultra-long spin relaxation in 2D van der Waals magnetic materials

Groups of scientists found in 2017 that long-range magnetic order can stably existence at atomic layer thickness in two-dimensional (2D) van der Waals (vdW) materials. This significant discovery provides ideal materials platform for the realization o.....»»

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Omron to invest in Techman Robot

Japan-based industrial control and automation equipment maker Omron will invest in Taiwan-based collaborative robot maker Techman Robot, according to Techman......»»

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Brembo plans to launch "breakthrough" active-braking system by 2024

Sensify uses two control units, one for the front axle and one for the real axle, to apply the desired braking force to each individual wheel......»»

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Sharpest images ever reveal the patchy face of living bacteria

The sharpest images ever of living bacteria have been recorded by UCL researchers, revealing the complex architecture of the protective layer that surrounds many bacteria and makes them harder to be killed by antibiotics......»»

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Audio Tape Interface Revives Microcassettes As Storage Medium

Zack Nelson decided to go back in time and add a suitably classic storage medium to a retrocomputing project, in the form of a cassette interface. Hackaday reports: The cassette player he had available was a Pearlcorder L400, which uses the smaller m.....»»

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Johny Srouji says Apple"s hardware ambitions are limited only by physics

The Apple Silicon chips in the new MacBook Pro are just the latest result in Apple's years-long plan to control every element of its products, says Johny Srouji in a rare interview.Johny Srouji during Apple's "Unleashed" eventAs Apple's senior vice p.....»»

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Massachusetts gun-control legislation has had no effect on violent crime

Although many Americans favor expanding background checks for gun purchases, gun-control measures in Congress have failed to garner enough votes to pass. In contrast, some state legislatures have enacted measures to reduce gun violence in their commu.....»»

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Amazon makes it easier to bring different types of silicon to Alexa devices

Greater variety in SoCs may give products more control over things like battery life. Enlarge (credit: Getty) Alexa gets around. The voice assistant has been in all types of devices, not just Amazon's Echo products. You can ta.....»»

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What is a smart coffee maker?

Smart coffee makers are connected to the internet or to your smart home and allow remote access and control. Learn about what they can do for you......»»

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CDC advisory panel unanimously approves expanded COVID vaccine boosters

CDC hearing came the day after the FDA expanded its authorization for booster shots. Enlarge (credit: iStock / Getty Images) On Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control's expert advisory committee on vaccines met to vote on n.....»»

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Edgy light on graphene may bring new one-way information routers

Graphene has been the focus of intense research in both academic and industrial settings due to its unique electrical conduction properties. As the thinnest material known to man, graphene is essentially two-dimensional and has distinct electronic an.....»»

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African grey parrots may have better self-control than macaws

African grey parrots may be better able than macaws to delay gratification—rejecting an immediate reward in favor of a better one in the future—according to a study published in the journal Animal Cognition......»»

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Could search engines be fostering some Dunning-Kruger?

Study shows that we think Internet searches are a sign we know more than we do. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Aurich Lawson) Many of us make jokes about how we've outsourced part of our brain to electronic devices. But based.....»»

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Aruba switch can cut the need for separate, single-function appliances

Hewlett Packard Enterprise company Aruba is taking the wraps of a new flagship data-center switch aimed at helping to better control and secure hybrid-cloud traffic in the enterprise.The Aruba CX 10000 Series switch is a top-of-rack, L2/3 data-cen.....»»

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Raspberry Pi"s new Build HAT makes it easier to integrate Legos into projects

It plugs in using the 40-pin GPIO header on the mini computer and can control up to four Lego Technic sensors and motors from the Lego Education SPIKE portfolio......»»

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