Turns Out Fighting Mosquitoes With Mosquitoes Actually Works

New evidence indicates that an effort to stamp out disease-carrying insects is working. The key? Mosquitoes genetically engineered to kill off their own kind......»»

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Dry Ice Could Save Your Car. Here"s How

Dry ice can be used as an efficient method for both removing dents and cleaning your car to near-assembly line quality. Here's how it works. Dry ice can be used as a.....»»

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Scientists Reexamine Why Zebra Stripes Mysteriously Repel Flies

While biologists still aren't exactly sure how it works, a new study closes in on why the insects that pester Savannah animals zig when anything zags......»»

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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion works best as a portable game

If you're trying to decide what platform to buy Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion on, prioritize portability over power......»»

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CISOs in investment firms help fast-track cybersecurity startups

In this Help Net Security video, Frank Kim, CISO-in-Residence at YL Ventures, discusses the growing role of CISOs in investment firms and how their role as advisors helps drive cybersecurity startups. Frank works closely with cybersecurity startup fo.....»»

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Oceanic+ app for Apple Watch Ultra: How to get, price, features, more

Apple and Oceanic have teamed up to make Apple Watch Ultra an advanced dive computer with a new app that’s now available. It’s also user-friendly and works for snorkeling and surface swimming along with diving. Here’s how to get the Oceanic+ a.....»»

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Gigabyte may have accidentally leaked Nvidia’s plans for the RTX 4080 12GB

Gigabyte has just inadvertently confirmed Nvidia's plans for its next GPU. It also has some AMD cards in the works......»»

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Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro Gen 2 Review: Proactive Package Protection

Our Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro Gen 2 review takes a peek at how well the doorbell works both with and without an expanded family of Vivint security products. Our Viv.....»»

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Cyber Monday Blink camera deals 2022: Blink Outdoor, Blink Mini, more

Last week, Amazon had some truly incredible deals on Blink home security cameras. Of course, you might’ve been too busy buying 4K TVs and laptops to notice. If you missed it, however, it turns out that you’re in luck. Amazon’s Cyber.....»»

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Test compares MagSafe Charger performance on iPhone 14 Pro Max versus 13 Pro Max

Apple introduced MagSafe with iPhone 12 in 2020, which works not only as a smarter way to attach accessories to the iPhone but also as a wireless charging solution. Now YouTube channel ChargerLAB has done some tests to compare if there were any perf.....»»

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Promised Oceanic+ app for Apple Watch Ultra arriving Monday

Later on Monday, Apple Watch Ultra users can take advantage of the new Oceanic+ app from Huish Outdoors, which turns the device into a dive computer.Demonstrated at the launch of the Apple Watch Ultra, the Oceanic+ app is today rolling out on the App.....»»

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Starship Troopers: Extermination turns sci-fi satire into a co-op shooter

Starship Troopers: Extermination is a 12-player co-op shooter based on the satirical sci-fi franchise......»»

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GRID is offering special Black Friday discounts on framed Apple products

GRID Studios, the company that recycles old Apple products and turns them into art, has launched its Black Friday campaign with discounts on framed iPhones and iPads. Consumers can buy selected frames at up to 50% off, plus a discount coupon for all.....»»

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The best Live Activities in iOS 16.1

Live Activities made its debut with the release of iOS 16.1, promising a new way of getting up-to-date information where users want to see it. The feature works with every iPhone that supports the latest iOS.It is distinct from Dynamic Island, which.....»»

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Developing a sensor to detect disease-transmitting mosquitoes

Mosquitoes inhabit various world regions, with more than 3,000 species already identified. Some of these are transmission vectors of several diseases, such as malaria, yellow fever, or dengue. According to the World Health Organization, 627,000 peopl.....»»

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Novel nanoparticles deliver innovative cancer chemoimmunotherapy

University of Pittsburgh researchers have designed cancer-fighting nanoparticles that co-deliver a chemotherapy drug and a novel immunotherapy, according to a new Nature Nanotechnology study published today......»»

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The safest datacenter is the one that works best

A recent Gartner study found that organizations’ overall spending on datacenters is set to amount to $221B in 2023 – a predicted rise of 11.3% in spending since 2021. It’s clear that investment in datacenters is a global priority for businesses.....»»

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Samsung is reportedly the largest supplier of OLED displays for iPhone 14

Apple works with a wide range of suppliers to make millions of units of iPhones, iPads, and other products. And when it comes to displays, it has been a while since the company has been using Samsung OLED displays for the iPhone. According to a rece.....»»

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The good thing is, it won’t matter if the Pixel Fold turns out to be rubbish

There's reason to be concerned about the Google Pixel Fold, but I'm going to tell you why it won't matter if the phone doesn't live up to expectations......»»

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MoMA’s newest artist is an AI trained on 180,000 works, from Warhol to Pac-Man

Unsupervised reaches new highs in what’s possible with AI, creating a breathing being that synthesizes 180,000 artworks from MoMA. As a painter would use pigment, Refik Anadol uses data to create his art. After looking at his body of work.....»»

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Rumour – AAA Alien Game Codenamed “Marathon” In The Works

A new AAA Alien game is reportedly in the works, under the codename Marathon, though no studio has been listed for where its being developed. The post Rumour – AAA Alien Game Codenamed “Marathon” In The Works appeared first on PlayS.....»»

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