Transforming the way cancer vaccines are designed and made

A new way to significantly increase the potency of almost any vaccine has been developed by researchers from the International Institute for Nanotechnology (IIN) at Northwestern University. The scientists used chemistry and nanotechnology to change t.....»»

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BobTheSmuggler: Open-source tool for undetectable payload delivery

BobTheSmuggler is an open-source tool designed to easily compress, encrypt, and securely transport your payload. It basically enables you to hide a payload in plain sight. BobTheSmuggler is helpful in phishing campaign assessments, data exfiltration.....»»

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What are mouse jigglers, and can they keep statuses active?

Mouse jigglers are unique desktop accessories designed to make sure your mouse cursor is always moving. Here's why people are using them and if you should too......»»

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How air pollution can harm team performance

High levels of air pollution can harm the performance of teams, which are vital for solving complex problems such as developing clean energy technologies and vaccines, and this could harm economic development in highly polluted emerging economies, sa.....»»

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New analysis shows anti-vaccination conspiracy theories gain political weight due to social media

Heightened use of social media during the coronavirus pandemic brought with it an unprecedented surge in the spread of misinformation. Of particular significance were conspiracy theories surrounding the virus and vaccines made to combat it. Though co.....»»

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DataVisor introduces fraud and risk solution for financial institutions

DataVisor launched a solution designed to both detect fraud and financial crimes more effectively and to uphold sponsor bank compliance in the face of evolving regulations for Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) offerings. As the fintech industry continues t.....»»

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Researchers develop new nanoparticle to deliver drugs to immune system cells

Vanderbilt researchers have developed a new nanoparticle that can more get drugs inside cells to boost the immune system and fight diseases such as cancer......»»

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A machine learning predictor enhances capability for solving intricate physical problems

In a recent development at Fudan University, a team of applied mathematicians and AI scientists has unveiled a cutting-edge machine learning framework designed to revolutionize the understanding and prediction of Hamiltonian systems. The paper is pub.....»»

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Xiaomi Takes on Premium Tablet Rivals with the Xiaomi Pad 6s Pro

Announced at MWC 2024 in Barcelona, the Xiaomi Pad 6s Pro is designed to take on competing devices in the premium Android tablet segment. The post Xiaomi Takes on Premium Tablet Rivals with the Xiaomi Pad 6s Pro appeared first on Phandroid......»»

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How to build your own robot friend: Making AI education more accessible

From smart virtual assistants and self-driving cars to digital health and fraud prevention systems, AI technology is transforming almost every aspect of our daily lives—and education is no different. For all its promise, the rise of AI, like any ne.....»»

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HomeKit Weekly: It’s time for Apple to address the shortcomings of HomeKit Secure Video

HomeKit Secure Video was launched by Apple in 2019. It was introduced as part of the iOS 13 update, enhancing HomeKit with secure video capabilities designed for better privacy and security in home surveillance. Although a few updates have been seen.....»»

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FastMinder is an easy-to-use fasting tracker with Live Activities, widgets, more

Funn Media makes some of our favorite health and fitness-focused apps here at 9to5Mac, such as WaterMinder and Calory. Now, the team is expanding its portfolio of apps with FastMinder, designed as a simple and clutter-free fasting tracker for iPhon.....»»

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Amateur Scientist: Listening to Light

Over the years I’ve designed many electronic circuits that transform steady (DC) or modulated (AC) beams of light into sound. These circuits have many applications, some of which are described here. The post Amateur Scientist: Listening to Light a.....»»

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Play more Windows games on the Mac with the new CrossOver 24

The newly updated CrossOver 24 fixes Windows games from "Anno 1800" to "Planet Zoo" that previously would not run on the Mac.Windows games running on Apple SiliconCrossOver is a Windows compatibility layer for macOS and Linux, which is designed to le.....»»

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Seaports found to be hotspots of contagious cancer in mussels

Seaports act as hubs for the global spread of MtrBTN2, a rare contagious cancer affecting mussels. In this disease, cancer cells can be transmitted, like parasites, from one mussel to another nearby......»»

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A new RNA editing tool could enhance cancer treatment

Cell therapies for cancer can be potentially enhanced using a CRISPR RNA-editing platform, according to a new study published Feb. 21 in Cell......»»

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VPNVax: Crafting enhanced viral structure in vaccines through polymer restructuring

Generally speaking, the higher the degree of information restoration of a vaccine to a virus, the greater its potential efficacy. The virus itself is the most authentic vaccine, such as the varicella-zoster virus, which provides lifelong immunity aft.....»»

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Beyond Identity Device360 identifies device security risks

Beyond Identity released a new Device360 solution for continuous device security posture management. Device360 is the device security tool designed from day 0 to offer a simple admin experience, provide visibility into security posture of 100% of dev.....»»

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Apple designed its new Sports app to be fast and simple

Apple's own Eddy Cue says the new Sports app is designed to get sports fans the information they want in a simple yet intuitive design.Image Credit: Tim Cook (via X)On Wednesday, Apple announced the release of a free Sports app for iOS that displays.....»»

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Piracy Shield IPTV Blocks Reportedly Hit Zenlayer CDN’s Innocent Customers

If initial reports coming out of Italy today are proven true, Italy's Piracy Shield system designed to block live sports piracy, is currently blocking Zenlayer CDN IP addresses and the innocent services reliant upon them. A claim that cloud services.....»»

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Breast Lift Surgery: Are You the Ideal Candidate

Breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, is a popular procedure designed to elevate and reshape sagging breasts, offering a more youthful and aesthetically pleasing appearance.  Understanding who is eligible for the surgery is crucial if yo.....»»

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