Threat actors exploit new channels for advanced phishing attacks

Perception Point’s team has identified a 356% increase in the number of advanced phishing attacks attempted by threat actors in 2022. Overall, the total number of attacks increased by 87%, highlighting the growing threat that cyber attacks now.....»»

Category: securitySource:  netsecurityMay 26th, 2023

Detecting influence campaigns on X with AI and network science

In the age of generative-AI and large language models (LLMs), massive amounts of inauthentic content can be rapidly broadcasted on social media platforms. As a result, malicious actors are becoming more sophisticated, hijacking hashtags, artificially.....»»

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Accelerated discovery research unveils 21 novel materials for advanced organic solid-state laser technology

Organic solid-state lasers (OSLs) hold immense promise for a wide range of applications due to their flexibility, color tunability, and efficiency. However, they are difficult to make, and with over 150,000 possible experiments required to conduct to.....»»

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Ebury botnet compromises 400,000+ Linux servers

ESET researchers released its deep-dive investigation into one of the most advanced server-side malware campaigns. It is still growing and has seen hundreds of thousands of compromised servers in its at least 15-year-long operation. The Ebury group a.....»»

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Google fixes third exploited Chrome zero-day in a week (CVE-2024-4947)

For the third time in the last seven days, Google has fixed a Chrome zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2024-4947) for which an exploit exists in the wild. About CVE-2024-4947 CVE-2024-4947 is a type confusion vulnerability in V8, Chrome’s JavaScript and.....»»

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M4 iPad Pro comes with a color-matched USB-C cable, so go for space black

Today is M4 iPad Pro launch day, so users are starting to get their hands on the new iPad and experience it in the flesh. We know that the new iPad Pro has Apple’s most advanced chip, a remarkable Ultra Retina XDR display, and other key improvem.....»»

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VMware patches serious security flaws in some of its top products

Fixes for Workstation and Fusion look to prevent hackers from mounting denial-of-service attacks......»»

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How attackers deliver malware to Foxit PDF Reader users

Threat actors are taking advantage of the flawed design of Foxit PDF Reader’s alerts to deliver malware via booby-trapped PDF documents, Check Point researchers have warned. Exploiting the issue The researchers have analyzed several campaigns u.....»»

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Most dangerous areas for whale shark-shipping vessel collisions revealed

Researchers have found that heavily used shipping lanes pass through crucial whale shark feeding grounds, posing a threat to this endangered species......»»

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Method accelerates the development of sustainable biomaterials from years to minutes

A study, published in Advanced Materials on May 6, 2024, led by VTT's researchers, introduces a transformative approach that integrates synthetic biology with advanced machine learning and computational techniques to significantly accelerate the deve.....»»

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Key questions to ask when tailoring defensive stacks

In this Help Net Security video, Scott Small, Director of Cyber Threat Intelligence at Tidal Cyber, outlines the questions you need to ask your security team when tailoring a defense stack against your current threat landscape. Small talks about what.....»»

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Ransomware statistics that reveal alarming rate of cyber extortion

In this article, you will find excerpts from various reports that offer statistics and insights about the current ransomware landscape. Global ransomware crisis worsens NTT Security Holdings | 2024 Global Threat Intelligence Report | May 20.....»»

Category: securitySource:  netsecurityRelated NewsMay 15th, 2024

Researchers propose deep blue OLED design exhibiting BT.2020 color gamut

A research team proposes a novel design in deep blue organic light-emitting diode (OLED) which realizes a series of highly efficient luminescent compounds closely aligned with the BT.2020 blue light standard. The study was published in Advanced Mater.....»»

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Tiger beetles fight off bat attacks with ultrasonic mimicry

Bats, as the main predator of night-flying insects, create a selective pressure that has led many of their prey to evolve an early warning system of sorts: ears uniquely tuned to high-frequency bat echolocation. To date, scientists have found at leas.....»»

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Here are all the biggest Gemini announcements from Google I/O 2024

Gemini 1.5 Pro looks a lot more capable and will be available starting today to all users of Gemini Advanced......»»

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Bitdefender for Windows review: premium protection for all your devices

We tested Bitdefender's antivirus and advanced security plans for Windows to find out how good it is and whether it's worth the cost......»»

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Study uncovers technologies that could unveil energy-efficient information processing and sophisticated data security

Advanced information processing technologies offer greener telecommunications and strong data security for millions, a study led by University of Maryland (UMD) researchers revealed......»»

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Model suggests subluminal warp drives may be possible

A team of physicists from the University of Alabama in Huntsville and the Advanced Propulsion Laboratory at Applied Physics, in New York, has developed a model that shows it might be possible to create a subluminal warp drive......»»

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Critically endangered bird at a greater risk of being taken for captivity than harmed through loss of habitat

Research by Royal Holloway, University of London and ZSL has found that a critically endangered bird's biggest threat is being taken from its habitat to be used as a caged bird for its beauty......»»

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Are you meeting your cyber insurance requirements?

Cyber insurance policies are specifically designed to offer financial protection to organizations in the face of cyber attacks, data breaches, or other cybersecurity incidents. While they can provide a sense of security, it’s crucial to be awar.....»»

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Black Basta ransomware group is imperiling critical infrastructure, groups warn

Threat group has targeted 500 organizations. One is currently struggling to cope. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) Federal agencies, health care associations, and security researchers are warning that a ransomware group tr.....»»

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