This is the new spaceship that will take humans back to the moon

The completed Orion spacecraft, built by NASA and ESA, is seen fully stacked in a newly released photo. This craft will fly around the moon on the Artemis II mission. Next year, NASA will blast astronauts back to the moon. This is their 21st-ce.....»»

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Space photo of the week: NASA sees a "Platypus" move on Jupiter"s moon Europa

Space photo of the week: NASA sees a "Platypus" move on Jupiter"s moon Europa.....»»

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Boeing won"t fix leaky Starliner before flying first crew to ISS

Boeing is set to launch its first crewed space mission in June without fixing a small helium gas leak on its troubled Starliner spaceship, officials said Friday......»»

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Slow Response to Bird Flu in Cows Worries Scientists

The H5N1 virus is a long way from becoming adapted to humans, but limited testing and tracking mean we could miss danger signs.....»»

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Desert locusts" jaws sharpen themselves, materials scientist discovers

Sharks lose teeth all their lives, replacing them in a kind of endless rotating Rolodex, while humans, of course, get only our two sets. Beavers' teeth, notoriously, grow all their lives and have to be worn down to prevent injury......»»

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Goodbye, humans: I’ll talk to ChatGPT more than people pretty soon

Texting is probably my top means of communication during daytime hours. I talk to family, friends, and coworkers mainly by text. It’s not just iMessage … The post Goodbye, humans: I’ll talk to ChatGPT more than people pretty soon ap.....»»

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Finding the age of a contact binary "moon"

There are millions of asteroids floating around the solar system. With so many of them, it should be no surprise that some are weirdly configured. A recent example of one of these weird configurations was discovered when Lucy, NASA's mission to the T.....»»

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Researchers reveal dynamic structure of FLVCR proteins and their function in nutrient transport

It is known that malfunctions of the proteins FLVCR1 and FLVCR2 lead to rare hereditary diseases in humans that cause motor, sensory and neurological disorders. However, the biochemical mechanisms behind this and the physiological functions of the FL.....»»

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Birdsong and human voice built from same genetic blueprint

Humans have long been fascinated by bird song and the cacophony of other avian sounds—from coos and honks to quacks and peeps. But little is known about how the unique vocal organ of birds—the syrinx—varies from species to species or its deeper.....»»

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Constantly on the hunt for food: Harbor porpoises more vulnerable than previously thought to disturbances from humans

Summer is coming and that means more boats in the sea. Danish coastal waters are especially cluttered with small boats in the summertime: Locals water skiing, going fishing or just riding around the beautiful bays and fjords......»»

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A rare find in ancient Timorese mud may rewrite the history of human settlement in Australasia

Humans arrived in Australia at least 65,000 years ago, according to archaeological evidence. These pioneers were part of an early wave of people traveling eastwards from Africa, through Eurasia, and ultimately into Australia and New Guinea......»»

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New warp drive concept does twist space, doesn’t move us very fast

While it won't make a useful spaceship engine, it may tell us more about relativity. Enlarge / The Enterprise, caught in the wake of a temporal vortex, witnesses the Earth, assimilated long ago, in the altered timeline. (credit:.....»»

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Researchers investigate properties of novel materials for electronics operating in extremely hot environments

The scorching surface of Venus, where temperatures can climb to 480°C (hot enough to melt lead), is an inhospitable place for humans and machines alike. One reason scientists have not yet been able to send a rover to the planet's surface is that sil.....»»

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Australian study proves "humans are planet"s most frightening predator"

Australia lacks fearsome large carnivores like lions and wolves, and the relative lack of fear that marsupials like kangaroos and wallabies show to dogs (and other introduced carnivores) has been attributed to a lack of evolutionary experience with l.....»»

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Excavation reveals "major" ancient migration to Timor Island

The discovery of thousands of stone artifacts and animal bones in a deep cave in Timor Island has led archaeologists to reassess the route that early humans took to reach Australia......»»

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New 3D models reveal how warming climate affects underwater ocean tides

Few things in nature are as predictable as ocean tides. Driven by the moon's and sun's gravitational pull, these persistent, short-period, and large-magnitude phenomena are apparent in nearly all types of oceanographic and satellite observations. The.....»»

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Appropriate exercise is an important part of crew health during space missions

Future missions to the moon and Mars must address many challenges, including preventing loss of bone and muscle tissue in astronauts. Research on the International Space Station is helping to address this challenge......»»

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Another short delay for Boeing Starliner, now targeting May 25

NASA and Boeing need more time to make sure a helium leak on its CST-100 Starliner is low enough risk to send humans into space......»»

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Stunning images of Jupiter’s moon Europa show it has a floating icy shell

NASA's Juno mission has imaged Jupiter's intriguing moon Europa, a top target of habitability research due to its liquid water ocean beneath a thick icy crust......»»

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How hunting may have turned humans into long-distance runners

Researchers have discovered hundreds of historical accounts of humans hunting prey by chasing them down over long distances, which some believe is why we evolved our unique talent for endurance running......»»

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Why so many animals, including our pets, have a third eyelid—yet humans don"t

Our family dog used to have a rather noticeable extra eyelid that became especially apparent when he dozed off, usually upturned on the rug. This is the fleshy curtain seen at the corner of each eye, closest to the nose. It's also commonly called the.....»»

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