The Titan Submersible Disaster Shocked the World. The Exclusive Inside Story Is More Disturbing Than Anyone Imagined

A year after OceanGate’s sub imploded, thousands of exclusive leaked documents and interviews with ex-employees reveal how the company’s CEO cut corners, ignored warnings, and lied in his fatal quest to reach the Titanic......»»

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Brazil"s Pantanal wetlands see record fires even before dry season

Brazil's Pantanal, one of the world's largest tropical wetlands, is seeing record fires in June, even before the arrival of the dry season, satellite data showed Friday......»»

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Opinion: Animal welfare labels are a hollow money-maker for supermarkets

The 200-year-old Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the oldest such charity in the world, is under fire for endorsing welfare standards on RSPCA Assured farms investigated by Animal Rising activists. More than 40 of these farms,.....»»

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Latin American cattle block road to Paris goals

Dense forest and patchy regulations mean Latin America is struggling to shake off its mantle as the world's leading emitter of greenhouse gas from livestock production......»»

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New AI-driven tool improves root image segmentation

In a world striving for sustainability, understanding the hidden half of a living plant—the roots—is crucial. Roots are not just an anchor; they are a dynamic interface between the plant and soil, critical for water uptake, nutrient absorption, a.....»»

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Study challenges popular idea that Easter islanders committed "ecocide"

Some 1,000 years ago, a small band of Polynesians sailed thousands of miles across the Pacific to settle one of the world's most isolated places—a small, previously uninhabited island they named Rapa Nui. There, they erected hundreds of "moai," or.....»»

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Terrifier 2 novel to release this fall during Terrifier 3’s theatrical run

Cineverse and Bloody Disgusting are teaming up with Titan Books to release a Terrifier 2 novel, which arrives this fall......»»

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New accessory setup in iOS 18 is good for us, and for Apple

When Apple first launched AirPods back in 2016, it also introduced a whole new accessory setup process, designed to avoid the usual pain point of Bluetooth pairing. For almost eight years, it seemed like the company wanted to keep this exclusive t.....»»

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New research focuses on use of cactus pear in biofuel production

As much of the world prepares for hotter and drier growing seasons as the result of climate change, a research team led by University of Nevada, Reno researchers has identified several varieties of cactus pear that are particularly well-suited to pro.....»»

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Sony details its impressive Vision Pro competitor

Sony has shared more details about its new enterprise XR headset at the Augmented World Expo (AWE) this week......»»

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What happened when NASA simulated an asteroid hitting Earth

NASA ran the world's most dramatic roleplay, simulating what would happen if a dangerous asteroid were spotted on a collision course with the planet......»»

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YouTube Wants to Fight Misinformation with Upcoming Feature

It will function similarly to X/twitter's "Community Notes" feature. The post YouTube Wants to Fight Misinformation with Upcoming Feature appeared first on Phandroid. In a world where misinformation and misleading content on the inter.....»»

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Researchers describe how to tell if ChatGPT is confabulating

Finding out whether the AI is uncertain about facts or phrasing is the key. Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson | Getty Images) It's one of the world's worst-kept secrets that large language models give blatantly false answer.....»»

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Interactive map shows future climate of your city based on emissions scenarios

The impacts of climate change are being felt all over the world, but how will it impact how your hometown feels? An interactive web application from the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science allows users to search 40,581 places and.....»»

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There’s no iPad app yet, but here’s what’s new with Journal in iOS 18

One of Apple’s newest apps, Journal, arrived late last year in iOS 17.2 as an iPhone exclusive and with unique value to offer. The standout feature, personalized suggestions, made it easier to just start writing by bringing in other device activity.....»»

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Longtime Bosch North America president Mike Mansuetti to retire, succeeded by regional mobility chief

Mike Mansuetti, the longtime head of Bosch's North American business, will retire this year and will be succeeded by Paul Thomas, the company's head of mobility in the Americas, the world's largest auto parts supplier said......»»

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Apple TV deal for 2025 FIFA Club World Cup now seen as unlikely as talks falter

Earlier this year, it was reported by The New York Times that Apple was nearing a deal to exclusively stream the 2025 FIFA Club World Cup tournament. However, months have gone by with no official news, perhaps hinting that the companies weren’t.....»»

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Crown Equipment cyberattack confirmed, manufacturing disrupted for weeks

Ohio-based Crown Equipment, which is among the largest industrial and forklift truck manufacturers in the world, has become a victim of a cyberattack “by an international cybercriminal organization,” the company has finally confirmed to i.....»»

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Apple"s talks with FIFA have faltered, Club World Cup tournament at risk

Discussions between Apple and FIFA over TV rights for a new soccer tournament have stumbled, putting the future of the high-profile competition in doubt.Apple has regularly paid out for rights to sporting eventsIn April, it was reported that Apple wa.....»»

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ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter image exposes iron, magnesium and aluminum on Mars surface

Rusty in appearance and magnificent in detail, a new image of the Mawrth Vallis region on Mars reveals a world rich in iron, magnesium and aluminum......»»

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Community-led disaster resilience model benefiting those that need it most

A new report from Monash University's Fire to Flourish program has identified how a community-led approach to disaster resilience is delivering positive impacts for affected communities......»»

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