The Spaceport at the Edge of the World

A tiny Scottish village is betting its future on rocket launches. But the plan may threaten the fragile landscape—and a tenacious billionaire’s ambitions......»»

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This $350 wearable is one of the strangest gadgets I’ve ever used

The world is an anxious place, but can a wearable help you to manage that? I took one for a spin, and I'm still none the wiser......»»

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Before CarPlay, Apple previewed ‘iOS in the Car’ with a very different design

CarPlay has graduated from a niche upgrade option to a mainstream standard feature in new cars, replacing clunky radio user interfaces with a design very familiar for iPhone users. But before Apple set CarPlay loose in the wild, the world was shown a.....»»

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World resource extraction could surge 60% by 2060, UN warns

Extraction of Earth's natural resources could surge 60 percent by 2060, imperiling climate goals and economic prosperity, the UN said Friday, calling for dramatic changes in energy, food, transport and housing......»»

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Spain"s Tragic Tower Block Fire Exposes the World"s Failing Fire Regulations

A deadly tower block blaze in Spain has focused attention on notorious flammable building materials—but around the world, there's little momentum to stop using them......»»

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Research explores the cooling effects of "scuba-diving" in lizards

Anoles are the scuba-diving champions of the lizard world, able to stay underwater for more than 16 minutes. For animals whose body temperature depends on the environment, time spent in a cool running stream can have some tradeoffs......»»

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AI reveals secret roads endangering the world"s rainforests

Satellite images analyzed by AI are emerging as a new tool in finding unmapped roads that bring environmental destruction to wilderness areas......»»

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M2 iPad Pro vs M1 iPad Pro: How do they compare as we wait for M3?

The most recent iPad Pro with M2 chip took performance another step forward, but what has changed from the previous iPad Pro when it comes to real-world use? Follow along for an in-depth look at the M2 iPad Pro vs M1 iPad Pro as we wait for the 2024.....»»

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Two new Apple Watch ads highlight real-world life-saving features

Apple has shared two new videos of true stories where the Apple Watch has saved a wearer's life via heart monitoring and crash detection.Image Credit: AppleThe first ad, published by Apple Australia is "Lexie's Heart." It tells the story of Lexie Nor.....»»

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Cutting-edge tracking technology proves Australian whale shark tourism leads the world

Using technology akin to a "fitbit" for sharks, a team of researchers has tagged and tracked whale sharks to study the effects of tourism at Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia for the first time. In a resounding endorsement of local tourism practices.....»»

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The best cooler for the 7800X3D isn’t as powerful as you’d think

The 7800X3D is the best gaming processor in the world, not just because it's fast, but because it's efficient. Here are the best coolers to keep it chilled......»»

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Scientists and government agencies are targeting mosquitoes with bacteria

Dengue fever is one of the most common tropical diseases in the world, affecting several million people every year......»»

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Top tech of MWC 2024

Mobile World Congress 2024 has been packed with exciting new products, and it was tough choosing the best. Here are our six top picks from the show......»»

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From edge of extinction to Australia"s croc "paradise"

If you want a snappy death, one expert's advice is to leap into a river near the Australian city of Darwin—within minutes, you'll be in the jaws of one of the hundreds of crocodiles that stalk its murky waters......»»

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USB-A vs. USB-C: What’s the difference?

We live in a world of USB-A and USB-C tech, but which cable and port type is the best? This guide should help answer that question, and several others......»»

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Google Pixel 8 Wins “Phone of the Year” at MWC 2024

Google's Rick Osterloh likewise posted about the award on his official social media page. The post Google Pixel 8 Wins “Phone of the Year” at MWC 2024 appeared first on Phandroid. As Mobile World Congress 2024 closes its doors.....»»

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A (very) close look at the A17 Pro chip powering the iPhone 15 Pro models

The A17 Pro chip powering the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models was the first in the world to use a 3-nanometer process, and Apple is already looking ahead to a 2nm chip in 2025, and a 1.4nm one beyond that, perhaps as early as 2026. A new report t.....»»

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How to turn on FSR on the Steam Deck for smoother, better gameplay

Looking to improve your resolution and performance on the Steam Deck? Enabling FSR can make the world of difference. Here's how to do it......»»

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I saw the world’s most advanced robot – and it’s uncanny

The advanced Ameca robot might not have emotions, but its facial impressions are next-level......»»

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MWC 2024 — all the B2B news and announcements from Mobile World Congress

TechRadar Pro was at MWC 2024 - here's all the biggest news we saw......»»

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Emergency Planners Are Having a Moment

Governments, businesses, and even militaries pay for the help of experts to help them prepare for the worst. In a world lurching from disaster to disaster, they're doing so more often......»»

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