The Lord of the Rings: Gollum review: you shall pass on this bizarre adventure

Tom Bombadil is no longer the weirdest part of J.R.R. Tolkien history after The Lord of the Rings: Gollum......»»

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App Store Review Guideline updates go after fake apps, bad ads

Apple has refined its App Store Review Guidelines and other developer-related documents, with changes taking aim against inappropriate advertising, apps that impersonate others, and Safari extensions.In an email to developers sent out on Monday, Appl.....»»

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Degradable polyethylene plastics from the nonalternating terpolymerization of ethylene, CO, and polar monomers

In a study published in the journal National Science Review and led by Dr. Zhongbao Jian (State Key Laboratory of Polymer Physics and Chemistry, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, CAS), E/CO/PM terpolymerizations were carried out with seven p.....»»

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Optical memristors review: Shining a light on neuromorphic computing

AI, machine learning, and ChatGPT may be relatively new buzzwords in the public domain, but developing a computer that functions like the human brain and nervous system—both hardware and software combined—has been a decades-long challenge. Engine.....»»

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Onyx Boox Tab Ultra C review: you’ve never used a tablet like this

The Boox Tab Ultra C takes a humble e-ink tablet and adds a dash of color, a Qualcomm processor, and Android. What's not to love?.....»»

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7 bizarre facts about Spider-Man you should know

Since Spider-Man has been around in Marvel Comics for over sixty years now, fans has naturally learned some pretty bizarre things about this iconic hero......»»

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Which Marvel villains should be in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 4?

Tom Holland is expected to return in an upcoming fourth Spider-Man movie, and we have a few ideas of who he should fight in this new adventure......»»

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How we test turntables and record players

From unboxing to setup to testing out all their features by playing loads of records, here's how we test and review turntables at Digital Trends......»»

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More robot vacuums, Zens travel charger, & Bird Buddy review on the HomeKit Insider podcast

Lots of new smart home products, an innovative charging system, security concerns, and much more home automation news, all on this week's jam-packed episode of the Homekit Insider podcast.HomeKit InsiderThis week, Level Lock introduced its latest pie.....»»

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Kingston IronKey Vault Privacy 80 review: Protect your files on an SSD with a touchscreen passcode

Any small external drive can back up your files, but most aren't particularly secure. Kingston's IronKey Vault Privacy 80 SSD, on the other hand, adds a passcode via its touchscreen to protect its contents.Kingston IronKey Vault Privacy 80For a littl.....»»

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Google Pixel 6a review: cheap, small, and packing a big punch

The Google Pixel 6a is here. It has a fresh design, a custom Google chipset, and it now costs just $349. Is it a good buy in 2023? Here's our full review......»»

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Dell XPS 17 (2023) review: still great, but going a bit gray

The XPS 17 9730 isn't any faster than its predecessor unless you're gaming, and its design remains the same......»»

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Week in review: MOVEit Transfer critical zero-day vulnerability, Kali Linux 2023.2 released

Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news, articles, interviews and videos: MOVEit Transfer zero-day attacks: The latest info Progress Software has updated the security advisory and confirmed that the vulnerability (still wi.....»»

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Huanuo lap desk review: Comfort and convenience for MacBook users

If you're a MacBook user, the Huanuo lap desk could allow you to work comfortably from your couch or bed, providing a convenient alternative to sitting at a traditional desk.Review: Huanuo lap deskWhile working on your MacBook from a couch or bed may.....»»

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Baseus Blade Laptop Power Bank Review: Empower your mobile workstation

The Baseus Blade 100W Power Bank is a robust and highly informative battery charger, designed to meet the demanding power needs of all your mobile devices.The need for a battery charger has risen from a simple convenience to a necessity, with it beco.....»»

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More than 400 Grail patients incorrectly told they may have cancer

Life assurance customers pause review relationship with early-detection biotech. Enlarge / Grail is a subsidiary of Illumina, the world’s biggest gene sequencing company. (credit: Grail) More than 400 patients who sig.....»»

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The Boogeyman review: simple horror done right

The Boogeyman offers a simple but entertaining twist on a familiar story......»»

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Monoprice Pure Outdoor Emperor 25 portable fridge review: Affordable option for weekend trips

Monoprice is making portable refrigerators that can charge your devices on the go more affordable with its Pure Outdoors Emperor 25 model, undercutting the competition while striking a good balance between cost and features.The Emperor 25 from Monopr.....»»

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How to play Diablo 4 with friends

Most players will want to adventure with their friends while exploring Sanctuary. Here's how you can get your party started with all your friends in Diablo 4......»»

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Monster DNA Go review: less than meets the eye

The Monster DNA Go are priced right and look OK, but these wireless earbuds under-deliver on their promises......»»

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Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse review: an animated superhero extravaganza

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is an atomic, rainbow-colored blast of pure wonder that raises the bar for modern superhero movies......»»

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