Should firms be more worried about firmware cyber-attacks?

Microsoft says firmware cyber-attacks are on the rise, but enterprises are not paying attention......»»

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US Unveils Plan To Protect Power Grid From Foreign Hackers

The White House unveiled on Tuesday a 100-day plan intended to protect the U.S. power grid from cyber-attacks, mainly by creating a stronger relationship between U.S. national security agencies and the mostly private utilities that run the electrical.....»»

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Are Apple and others" tech launches a better watch because of Covid?

The pandemic has forced firms to unveil new products via virtual events, rather than live on stage......»»

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New research finds tourism sector at risk from "lone wolf" terror attacks

A groundbreaking piece of research has called for the tourism sector to urgently address shortcomings in its terrorism risk management—particularly with regard to the threat posed by dynamic 'lone wolf' attacks......»»

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Capacity utilization, expansion for mature processes now top concern for OSATs

Taiwan's backend houses are relatively conservative about capex expansions, compared to foundry houses and fabless firms' eagerness in inceasing spending, according to industry sources......»»

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Highlights of the day: Fabless IC firms diversifying foundry sources

Industry-wide shortage of foundry capacity has sent fabless IC design houses scrambling for support. They are now diversifying their foundry service suppliers in order to secure support. Foundry houses and fabless IC firms may be eager to increase th.....»»

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Once VMware is free from Dell, who might fancy buying it?

If you accept that VMware is in play, the prospective price tag means that the number of firms that could afford such a purchase are few and far between. TechCrunch has spilled much digital ink tracking the fate of VMware since it was broug.....»»

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US House Committee Approves Blueprint For Big Tech Crackdown

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Associated Press: The U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee formally approved a report accusing Big Tech companies of buying or crushing smaller firms, Representative David Cicilline's office s.....»»

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Unconventional takes on pandemics and nuclear defense could protect humanity from catastrophic failure

From engineered pandemics to city-toppling cyber attacks to nuclear annihilation, life on Earth could radically change, and soon. Scientists will forecast the fate of the planet at a press conference during the 2021 APS April Meeting......»»

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Backdoored developer tool that stole credentials escaped notice for 3 months

AWS credentials and private repository tokens could allow self-perpetuating attacks. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) A publicly available software development tool contained malicious code that stole the authentication credentials that apps nee.....»»

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NATO prepares for world"s largest cyber war game

Military cyber security specialists are preparing for the largest cyber war game in the world, which kicks off tomorrow as the fictional NATO member state of Berylia comes under attack......»»

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Enterprise security attackers are one password away from your worst day

IT organizations must shift their enterprise security strategy to detect credential-based attacks before they become a problem. Ralph Pisani Contributor Share on Twitter Ralph P.....»»

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Congressmen ask Biden admin to keep chip design software away from China

And no fab should use American tools to sell advanced chips to China, they add. Enlarge (credit: China News Service | Getty Images) Don’t let American companies sell semiconductor design software to Chinese firms, two members of Congress are.....»»

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Medtronic partners with cybersecurity startup Sternum to protect its pacemakers from hackers

If you think cyberattacks are scary, what if those attacks were directed at your cardiac pacemaker? Medtronic, a medical device company, has been in hot water over the last couple of years because its pacemakers were getting hacked through their inte.....»»

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Increased hybrid working and redefining the way professional firms do business post-pandemic

The move to hybrid working will have significant and unintended consequences for professionals and professional work......»»

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TSMC reportedly raises quotes for mature processes

TSMC has adjusted upward its quotes for mature processes, prompting suppliers particularly LCD driver IC firms to also raise their chip prices, according to industry sources......»»

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Intel, Nvidia, TSMC Execs Agree: Chip Shortage Could Last Into 2023

How many years will the ongoing chip shortage affect technology firms across the world? This week, multiple tech executives offered their own dismal estimates as part of their usual public financial disclosures, with the worst one coming in at "a cou.....»»

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US government strikes back at Kremlin for SolarWinds hack campaign

Treasury Department says it's sanctioning 6 Russian firms for supporting the hacks. Enlarge (credit: Matt Anderson Photography/Getty Images) US officials on Thursday formally blamed Russia for backing one of the worst espionage hacks in recent.....»»

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Intel, Nvidia, TSMC execs agree: Chip shortage could last into 2023

Companies reeling from natural disasters and massive demand from OEMs, consumers. (credit: Intel) How many years will the ongoing chip shortage affect technology firms across the world? This week, multiple tech executives offered their own dis.....»»

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US imposes sanctions on Russia over cyber-attacks

Dozens of entities are targeted over attacks including alleged interference in the 2020 elections......»»

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The looming software kill-switch lurking in aging PlayStation hardware

Dying internal batteries and online timer checks make a disaster waiting to happen. Enlarge / These consoles could eventually be large paperweights if Sony doesn't fix a problem looming in their firmware. Unless something changes, an issue lu.....»»

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