Sanctioned Huawei keeps on losing money, just not as quickly

As per the SCMP, Huawei reported revenue of 301.6 billion yuan, or around $44.7 billion, for the first half of 2022, marking a 5.9% year-on-year drop. That's an improvement over the first quarter results, which saw revenue down 13.9% YoY. Its profit.....»»

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This dangerous hacking tool is now on the loose, and the consequences could be huge

A dangerous hacking tool has just been cracked and is now spreading quickly, potentially putting countless people at risk......»»

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Out-of-service satellites must be removed within 5 years, FCC says

Satellites that are no longer in service must get out of the sky far more quickly under a new rule adopted by US federal regulators Thursday — and it's all in the name of combating the garbage in Earth's orbit......»»

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What the Disease Feels Like, and Presidents Can"t End Pandemics: COVID, Quickly, Episode 39

On this episode of the COVID, Quickly podcast, Josh Fischman gets COVID, and President Joe Biden says the pandemic is over......»»

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We tend to underestimate our future expenses. Here"s one way to prevent that

When asked to estimate how much money they would spend in the future, people underpredicted the total amount by more than C$400 per month. However, when prompted to think about unexpected spending in addition to typical expenses, people made much mor.....»»

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U.S. light-vehicle sales expected to stagnate with pent-up demand "quickly disappearing"

Cox Automotive lowered its sales forecast for the third time this year as rising interest rates now threaten to stall demand for new vehicles......»»

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How to leave a team on Microsoft Teams

Is it time for you to leave Microsoft Teams or switch to a new team due to changes? Here's how you can quickly leave an old team and what happens to your info......»»

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The Government is Racing to Put Your Toilet Under Surveillance--For a Good Reason

A relatively new type of snooping—we will call it poop snooping—could help us all react more quickly to new coronavirus variants or to future pandemics......»»

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Solar geoengineering might work, but local temperatures could keep rising for years

Imagine a future where, despite efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions quickly, parts of the world have become unbearably hot. Some governments might decide to "geoengineer" the planet by spraying substances into the upper atmosphere to form fine.....»»

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How to mark all messages as read in iOS 16

That unread messages tally can get out of control. Here's how to deal with them all in seconds, by quickly marking all text messages as read in iOS 16.While notification badges are helpful to highlight things that need immediate attention, they can s.....»»

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Motorola’s got some killer deals right now if you want to save yourself some money

If you’re a Motorola fan and want to get your hands on one of their phones, then now’s the best time to do so as Motorola is running their Autumn deals which will give you some crazy savings. The post Motorola’s got some killer deals right now.....»»

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Cloudflare announces Zero Trust SIM to help organizations secure mobile employee devices

Cloudflare announced the development of the Cloudflare Zero Trust SIM, a solution that secures every packet of data leaving mobile devices. With the Zero Trust SIM that Cloudflare is developing, organizations will be able to quickly and securely conn.....»»

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What the Disease Feels Like, and Presidents Can"t End Pandemics | COVID, Quickly, Episode 39

Josh gets COVID, and Biden says the Pandemic's over. .....»»

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How to reset your Apple AirPods

Are you running into issues with your AirPods and want to reset them? Or maybe you’re giving them away or selling them off? Then here’s how you can reset your AirPods quickly and easily. The post How to reset your Apple AirPods first appeared on.....»»

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Huawei is bringing its Mate 50 series to international markets

Huawei launched their Mate 50 series last month and for those not living in China, there’s good news as the company will be launching the handset in more markets. The post Huawei is bringing its Mate 50 series to international markets first appeare.....»»

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The Seven Best Steam Deck Alternatives Right Now

The Steam Deck is a leading handheld gaming device, but these seven alternatives from other top manufacturers give it a run for its money. The Steam Deck is a leadin.....»»

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DEAL: Now might still be a good time to pick up the Pixel 6 Pro

The Pixel 7 will be launching soon, but if you want to save some money, then check out this awesome deal for the Pixel 6 Pro. The post DEAL: Now might still be a good time to pick up the Pixel 6 Pro first appeared on Phandroid. Google will.....»»

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Huawei’s Mate 50 Pro is here with an insane 200x zoom

Months after its launch in China, Huawei's bringing its impressive Mate 50 Pro to Europe. There's still no Google Play though......»»

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Huawei MateBook X Pro 2022 review: The XPS killer

The Huawei MateBook X Pro is one of the best Ultrabooks you can buy today — providing convenience that the Dell XPS 13 Plus omits and standing up to the M2 MacBook Air with a gorgeous display, 12th Gen Intel power, fan.....»»

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Former dealership employee accused of stealing $1.3 million

A former employee of Pine Belt Nissan of Toms River, a dealership in New Jersey, has been charged with money laundering and theft via an advertising scheme, with prosecutors alleging he stole more than $1.3 million......»»

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Don’t miss out on the Autumn Sale and genuine lifetime Windows 10 license for just $12

VIP Key Sale is hosting an Autumn Sale where if you’re looking to save money on a genuine lifetime license for Windows or Office, you’ll be able to do so at a fantastic discount. The post Don’t miss out on the Autumn Sale and get a genuine life.....»»

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